The One Mix 2S Yoga from One Netbook is a tiny laptop with an Intel Core m3-8100Y Amber Lake processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a touchscreen display, pen support, and a… kind of lousy keyboard. You can’t have everything, right?

Still, over the past year or two we’ve seen a handful of tiny laptops from Chinese companies including One Netbook, GPD, and TopJoy, and the One Mix 2S Yoga is the most enjoyable to use that I’ve tested to date.

Sure, I prefer the GPD Pocket 2’s keyboard, but the One Mix 2S Yoga has a faster processor and storage and it’s more versatile thanks to its 360-degree hinge that allows you to use the computer as a tablet.

The only catch? With a selling price of around $670 and up, it’s kind of of tough to justify buying this device which is clearly a secondary computer — it’s unlikely to replace your primary laptop or desktop.

Let’s take that price out of the equation for a moment though — it’s time for a giveaway.

The folks at GeekBuying provided Liliputing with a One Mix 2S Yoga to review. Now that our review is complete, we’re going to send this lightly used computer to one lucky Liliputing reader.

All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is to leave a comment on this article by 11:59 PM on Friday, December 28th.

Update: This contest has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Jerry Rioux!

Here’s some fine print:

  • This contest is only open to Liliputing readers with a valid US shipping address.
  • Please leave just one comment.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address when leaving a comment, or I may be unable to get in touch to let you know you’ve won.
  • I’ll randomly select a winner from the valid entries.
  • Once a winner is notified, that person has 48 hours to get respond. If I don’t hear anything within that time, I’ll pick a new winner.
  • Writers for Liliputing and close friends and family members are not eligible to win.
  • Neither is anyone who’s won another Liliputing contest in the past 30 days.

Thanks again to GeekBuying for providing us with this demo/giveaway unit. If you don’t win (or even if you do, I suppose), you can buy the One Mix 2S Yoga from GeekBuying for $670.

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400 replies on “Liliputing One Mix 2S Yoga giveaway”

  1. Wow, this is great! Impressive that they crammed so much into such a small package!

  2. Hello, I’m Roberto, as I wrote before I’m a bit sad because I think I lost 270 Euros for the campaign The Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC Laptop Win 10 (MI Mini PC) made by Leo Cheung on Indiegogo. It seems to be a fraud.
    Brad Linder, since it appeared on the site of liliputing the news of this contest dream every night the wonderful One Mix 2S Yoga. Please choose me for the best gift at the end of the year even if I live in Italy and I was not born in the United States of America. You of liliputing are great. Fantastic site. I wish you happy holidays and happy new year.

  3. That is one nifty piece of kit… “Merry Christmas to” *drumroll* …

  4. I’ve been drooling over this one since I first saw it on the Liliputing Facebook page. I still miss my old Psion 5mx, and this gives me serious retro cravings!

  5. How fun! I’ve really been enjoying following this latest round of tiny laptops, and I think the One Mix 2 might be my favorite of this crop!

  6. Hello Brad Linder, I’m Roberto and I live in a town near Turin (Italy). From when the news came out I dream of that wderful mini pc. I wanted to ask you if I could participate in the competition too. You are great. Fantastic site. Hello and happy new year.

  7. To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour. (Blake)

  8. One of them I ordered from geekbuying right after your preview. Unfortunately a family package of atomizer was delivered instead of the laptop and the guys at geekbuying claims that this wasn’t there fault. Anyway, somebody is now playing instead of vaping and I cant win, because I’m outside of the US. To all the others – good luck!

  9. Looks like a nice little machine, enjoyed your review, hoping to have some luck!

  10. I’ve been excited about this since it was announced. Even scoured and Google translated the f**k out of Chinese forums and sales sites. I didn’t end up getting one of these for Christmas, so I’m glad to see you’re offering one of these as a giveaway.
    I’m curious if you’ve noticed the random video clips that show up on Youtube RE: this notebook. They’re poorly edited clips of release footage or other reviewers footage with Arabic music dubbed over everything. Never came across that on YT before…

  11. I love the idea that full os machines are getting smaller and smaller. From my original Note phone to these handheld PCs, it really is going to meet somewhere cool in the middle.

  12. I’ll throw my hat into the ring with the rest of the freeloaders, then fight them to the death.

  13. Looks like a fun little machine, not sure about my typing speed on that keyboard… but it’s not for writing novels!

  14. Wonder what direction these will lean towards in the future esp since we have smartphones.

  15. hello I’m Roberto, I’m a fan of the liliputing site and these wonderful mini pc. I do not know if I will be chosen for One Mix 2S Yoga. Sorry for the request: on 27 December 2018 will be sold the gpd pocket 2 with Intel® Core ™ m3-8100Y (1.10 – 3.40 Ghz), Brad Linder can you give us a new year’s gift to liliputing readers? I make this request because I’m a bit sad. I think I lost 270 euros for the The Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC Laptop Win 10 (MI Mini PC) campaign made by Leo Cheung because it seems to be a fraud.
    Sorry again for the request. You of liliputing are great. Fantastic site. I wish you happy holidays and happy new year.

  16. I am loving this new resurgence of netbooks. All I need them for is a portable ssh client and light web browsing anyway.

  17. Merry Christmas to all yee Liliputer’s out there! I ❤ Liliputing!!!

  18. Brad, please enter me for a chance to win this beautiful machine.



  19. What a great way to start 2019! Thanks for the giveaway, and thanks for your forever interesting website dedicated to the small side of computing. Good things come in small packages…..

  20. I love that these kinds of devices are making a comeback, this time with the technology to back up their crazy goals. Throwing my name in the hat too, because Christmas miracles might exist? Merry Christmas to all!

  21. I didn’t realize that there was still a strong enough market at this price point. It does seem a bit expensive for the feature set. But who can turn down a chance to get one in a giveaway?

  22. I’m looking for a little something running Win 10 to control a laser etching machine. Might fill the bill, and the price is right. Happy Holidays all!

  23. Thanks for your review, and I would like to participate to the giveway. 🙂 Good luck everyone

  24. I’d love to get my hands on one of these, want to experiment with installing a internal 4g modem to it.. I’d fully document the progress to keep everyone interested informed

  25. If I got one of these for free it would really help me decide which mini laptop to get!

  26. Very interesting, I’m glad these “netbooks” and “UMPCs” are making a limited comeback

  27. This would definitely be awesome to have while traveling around a lot!

  28. Neat. I’ve always wanted a UMPC. It’d be nice to have something small and lightweight to carry around.

  29. Thanks for the give-away, Brad. Looks like a fun computer to carry around.

  30. I’d probably need to practice my yoga to touch-type on that! 🙂

  31. Well, if I don’t win the other one I wouldn’t mind winning this one. 😉

  32. Looks like the perfect stocking stuffer… .uhhh for next Christmas.

  33. Man ice been wanting a mini Yoga any of the mini laptops, I’m hoping they come back now that the mobile devices today the devices are fast compared 10 plus years ago, man back then there as all kinds of mini umpc computers but slow as hell, but to days mini umpc mini laptops or netbooks are awesome……

  34. Finally, something to replace Acer One Netbook. Yeah I still use it,.

  35. Hello, I’m Roberto, I always connect to the liliputing site to find out which mini pc are on the market like gpd win or One Mix 2S Yoga. The One Mix 2S Yoga mini laptop is wonderful. you of liliputing are great, fantastic site.

  36. Ahhhh, been wanting something like this ever since Windows 2-in-1s became a thing!

  37. Oh my, and I thought the last version was a great give away. this would just be heaven!!

  38. This device looks intriguing. I am quite curious to get my hands on one.

  39. Thanks for the contest!

    I bought a GDP Win 1 and I think this form factor definitely has legs. We just need to keep iterating like we have been. Each device is getting better and better. I would really like to see something with a Ryzen/Vega apu.

  40. It would be really cool to win this. I would put it to good use.

  41. Santa, please leave this under my tree! I don’t mind if it is a bit after Christmas.

  42. Starting as Gandalf (as Gandalf), Ring (One Mix S2 Yoga), Frodo (sportniik), Bilbo (Brad Linder)

    Gandalf: “Bilbo, the Ring is still in your pocket. Leave the Ring to the Frodo!”

  43. Looks hella dope, don’t see too many netbook style machines anymore. At least this has sufficient horse power!

  44. Very nearly ordered one of these last week. I’m still torn between this, the pocket 2, and whatever gets announced at mwc or ces. Winning a review init would clench it, though 🙂

  45. More powerful than my old Acer nettop.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  46. More powerful than my old Acer nettop.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  47. Still more powerful than my old Acer nettop.
    Add me to the drawing, please

  48. Thanks for the giveaway. I just rewatched the review.This seems like very nice pocket-sized computer to carry around when a larger laptop or tablet is inconvenient. I don’t think the keyboard would be a problem for me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  49. That would make an awesome Christmas present! G’luck all and Happy Holidays!

  50. I hope the clamshell pc design is expanded to some of the bigger manufacturers like Samsung, etc. I would really like to have one of these with built in 4G (5G?).

  51. I’ve used a smaller keyboard (Nokia Communicator). This could be really good!

  52. It is like a modern version of the IBM PC 110; without the optical drive. The PC 110 could run different operating systems. It would be neat to see what operating systems could run on it.

  53. I could definitely put this into service, both as a portable writing machine and for running the laser cutter in my garage.

    Still, I really wish One or GPD would release a Chromebook in this form factor…

  54. Longtime reader here, this thing is sweet! I would love to hold one in my hands.

  55. This would definitely replace the Vostro A90. Wonder if this could be hackintoshed?

  56. Been a reader for a long time and love the blog. I’m traveling a bunch the next months so I’d love to join the contest. Would be great to work on the go with this. Good luck everyone.

  57. Dear Santa,

    I’ve been very good all year long and all I want for X-mas is a, “One Mix 2S Yoga”.

    Thank You!

  58. This looks like a great little portable system and I’d love to have one.

  59. Nice looking kit. I agree on the GPD bu the speed of the Yoga is … hm… Merry Christmas!

  60. This little guy could really make my life easier. I do take occasional after-hours support calls for a website, and sometimes I leave the house without my laptop because it’s just too big.

  61. Ooh even better as a giveaway! Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Hanukkah to everybody, whatever your beliefs (this way I include atheism 😁)

  62. Small computers means I don’t have to carry a backpack when I’m on call, which is nice. I’m always on call.

  63. Well, if I’m in the market for a free, lightly-used One Mix Yoga, I’d be crazy to pass up a free, lightly-used One Mix 2S Yoga.

  64. I could use a new 7 inch tablet and if it’s also a low power windows computer even better.

  65. This is the device I would buy to travel with. Love the concept!

  66. These tiny things look like they would work great for portable Ham Radio operations!

  67. wonder how quick you can get used to that pointing device.

    I’m curious if there’ll be another giveaway in a few days.


  68. Throwing my hat in the ring (again)… Merry Christmas and good luck everyone!

  69. This is my dream computer in the 90s. I’m glad 18 years later its reality.

  70. This looks like a great rig for remote field testing of our ecosystem health iot nodes. Happy to enter into opportunity to take one home.

  71. This is a great little computer for those of us who use PowerPoint in teaching college

  72. Nice. Something dedicated to running Plex. Technology just amazes me. Magic. It’s just magic.

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