The MK802 II is a tiny computer that could be easily mistaken for a USB flash drive. But under the hood it’s got the guts of a smartphone including a processor, RAM, and storage.

You can plug the MK802 II into TV or monitor to bring Android apps to a big screen. Or you can hook up a mouse and keyboard and load a full desktop Linux operating system onto the device and use it like a cheap, tiny, and kind of slow computer.

The folks at w2comp have been kind enough to provide us with an MK802 II for the Liliputing 2012 Holiday Giveaway.

MK802 II

The unit we’re giving away features a 1 GHz Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage.

It comes with Google Android 4.0 preloaded, and you can use it exactly as it is. Or you can load another operating system onto a microSD card and dual boot Android and Ubuntu or a different OS.

While Chinese device makers have released faster and more powerful mini PCs in recent months, the original MK802 is still one of the most versatile of these little computers since developers have already put a fair amount of time and effort into porting operating systems ranging from Puppy Linux to CyanogenMod 10 Android to run on the MK802. We may also see a version of Bodhi Linux for the MK802 soon.

The MK802 II features the same processor as the original MK802, but it has an improved case design with vents for cooling, a micro USB port instead of mini USB, and an HDMI connector instead of a port. That means you can plug the stick directly into a TV or monitor without any cables (except a USB cable for power).

Keep in mind… if you’re looking to use the MK802 II as a desktop computer, it’s a pretty sluggish one. But it’s still kind of impressive that it can run everything from Firefox to LibreOffice. And if you plan to use it as an Android-based media center, the user interface is a bit clunky for navigating Netflix on your TV. But hey, it will let you watch Netflix on your TV.

W2comp sells the MK802 II for $55.

But if you’d like to snag one for free, here’s how to enter:

How to win: Leave a comment by 5:00AM, 11/29/2012

You can enter to win simply by leaving a comment below — and making sure I have a way to contact you. If your Disqus account is associated with an email account, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, that should do the trick.

Entries must be received by 5:00AM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, November 29th, 2012.

Here’s the normal-font print:

  • This contest is open to anyone around the globe. I guess theoretically I could find out how much it costs to ship one of these devices back to China.
  • Please leave only one comment on this post. You’ll be disqualified if you leave more than one.
  • Winners will be randomly chosen from all valid entries.
  • Winners have 48 hours to respond after they’ve been selected. If we don’t hear back from you, we will choose another winner at random.
  • Writers for Liliputing and their friends and family members cannot enter this contest.
  • If you’ve won another Liliputing contest in the past 30 days, please let someone else have a chance. We’ll toss out your name and draw again if we find a repeat customer.
  • If you’re in a country where taxes, duties, or other fees are applied to items shipped from overseas, you’ll be responsible for covering those costs.

Thanks again to W2Comp for supplying Liliputing with this MK802 II.

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427 replies on “Liliputing MK802 II Android 4.0 Mini PC giveaway”

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  15. When you connect a USB hard drive to MK802, it may not get sufficient power. One can use a powered USB hub.

    Or make your own in this way: Take a cheap USB hub, choose a power adapter with USB output with at least 2A output. And disable host side power input by, say, putting some paper around the VCC pin in the USB female socket. The output of power adapter can then be connected and inserted using one of the USB inputs of hub.

    (But you are on your own if you end up burning! We all do experimentations…)

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