The Huawei MateBook D is a laptop with a 14 inch, full HD IPS touchscreen display, an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive.

Huawei launched the laptop this summer, and it’s currently available from Walmart for $630.

At that price, the laptop offers a lot of bang for the buck. But you know what’s an even better price? Free.

Huawei has agreed to give away a MateBook D to one lucky Liliputing reader. Read on to find out how to enter for a chance to win.

The Huawei MateBook D 14″ laptop measures 12.7″ x 8.7″ x 0.6″ and weighs 3.5 pounds. It has a backlit, spill-proof keyboard, a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, and a 57.4 Whr battery.

The notebook supports Dolby ATMOS audio and has four speakers, and it ships with Windows 10 Signature Edition software for a bloatware-free experience.

It features a USB 3.0 Type-A port, a USB 2.0 Type-A port, and a USB Type-C port that’s used for charging and data. There’s also an HDMI port  and 3.5mm headphone jack, 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 and a 1MP webcam and dual microphones.

So here’s how to enter for a chance to win:

Leave a comment on this article by 11:59 PM Eastern on September 10th, 2018

That’s it… mostly. Here’s the fine print:

  • This contest is only open to Liliputing readers with a valid US shipping address.
  • Please leave only one comment.
  • Make sure to use a valid email address when leaving a comment so I have a way to contact you.
  • We’ll pick a winner randomly from the valid entries.
  • Once we notify the winner, that person will have 48 hours to respond. If we don’t hear back, we’ll pick another person.
  • Huawei will ship the prize directly to the contest winner.
  • Writers for Liliputing and close friends and family members are not eligible to win.

Update: This contest has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Seth Roberts!

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371 replies on “Liliputing Huawei MateBook D 14″ laptop giveaway”

  1. That’s a very impressive laptop, especially for the price, and even more especially if it works and plays well with Linux or BSD.

  2. Been a long time since I used AMD Mobile processors, but would love to get back in! Looks very promising.

  3. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Would find this notebook enormously useful right now.


  4. I bought my daughter one of these for college and she loves it. Great performance and battery life and I love the detachable (and more importantly, replaceable USB-C charging cable). This one would be for me!

  5. As Liliputing announced previously, Huawei manufactures laptops under the Honor brand also. The Honor MagicBook Intel based models are currently selling on some Chinese websites in the 1036-1366$ price bracket and those with Ryzen chips around 700$.

  6. My Chromebook is about EOL…this looks pretty sweet if I were to win! Although I expected it to be Ubuntu with a name like “MATEbook”.

  7. Awesome giveaway!! Hoping for a laptop to start my journey in web development. I’ve been needing a decent computer that is just mine for years. Thanks for the chance, Liliputing and Huawei!!!

  8. The best laptop for my life. It looks amazing with the design, it is very slim. I promise my life I have to own it. If I can not win it I will save more money to buy it one day in my life.

  9. I just want to thank Brad for covering niche and budget devices here. It’s criminal how flagships get all the attention at the bigger tech sites while value gems like this one fly under the radar. Best of luck to everyone!

  10. it is very wonderful. it looks nice with the slim design and best specs for me. It is small and slim, I can go anywhere with it. I can edit video, design some artwork with it the big graphic and high resolution. My home say welcome to it and open door for you. I love it.

  11. Would be nice to have. I just wish companies would start to go for more unique designs rather than the standard “Apple-esque” look. But tried and true like the Huawei MateBook is something you can’t really complain about.

  12. Huawei has come a long way in quality. Looks like a nice laptop.

  13. Good to see a Ryzen 5 laptop. I wonder if it is spill proof. My current laptop is not.

  14. I own a Huawei Smart watch 2 and a Huawei mobile phone , the laptop will nicely add to my collection!!!!

  15. What a great looking laptop!
    And I’m actually looking for something just like this at the moment…
    But the entry-level end of the laptop market is a bit bleak.

    I want something more portable, so 14″ would be great.
    There’s no shortage of 15.6″ laptops, but that gets cumbersome.

    And the spec of this machine looks great!
    Much better than the Celerons and Pentiums I’m considering…

    I’d love to win this…really hope I do…

  16. Looks like a nice laptop. Thanks for having this opportunity.

  17. It seems like a very nice laptop. Apple form factor without the apple restrictions!

  18. It is the best laptop for me to do homework for my school. It is very slim with high resolution for desgin and easy bring it together to go anywhere. It is the best gift for me for my back to school this year. I love it.

      1. Will let you know if I win. ..:-) bUT chances are you will know at the same time as me. ..:-)

  19. Huawei mobile phone is great. The laptop is very nice, 14 inch at 3.5pound is awesome

  20. Hmmm Huawei laptop? Cool beans. I’ll try it! That’s a very respectable price actually.

  21. Love what AMD is doing with Ryzen and bet this laptop is pretty snappy for its size would love to have one.

  22. Could really use one since my 7-year-old MacBook broke and I desperately need one to get through college. Ready to switch to Windows!

  23. Does a post box which forwards to Europe counts as a valid address ? If so, I’d like to play to.
    Hell, this laptop isn’t even available in Europe…

  24. Huawei sets very low prices for their products in the US compared to Europe, for example Matebook X Pro i7 is $1500 in the US and some insane €1900 in Europe! So it makes it better just to order one online from the US.
    As for Matebook D, it’s also a good value for the money.

  25. I like the specs and design, but I’m curious if Huawei will provide proper driver support. My current laptop is also a Chinese brand, and the microphone drivers broke after the first big Windows 10 version update.

  26. Does it really only come with a 1 MP webcam? The rest of the specs look great.

  27. I’m quite glad that Chinese manufacturers like Huawei are more often opening their doors and catering to an American market.

  28. That laptop can be considered one of the best with its sleek design, good build quality, high end hardware components, and its very affordable price. Very nice

  29. This site is like an old friend that I catch up with whenever I can over years of life… And I’d like to try winning a MateBook!

  30. That is sweet looking laptop. Very clean and simple. Hoping for a review.

  31. We bought the Huawei laptop for our kids and it has been performing well so far. We are considering the same as our household computer. The SSD are fast.

  32. Huawei is a really under-rated brand…They make awesome quality products but still doesn’t get the due credit…I have a Huawei Watch & the quality speaks for itself…This Matebook looks like a tough competition for Macbooks which are too expensive for common people…Thanks for the chance…Long time reader…Fingers crossed… 🙂 🙂

  33. A friend needs a new laptop and this was going to be one of my recommendations. It’d be awfully convenient to just give them one instead.

  34. I really need a new laptop and I don’t have the money to spare right now so this would be real helpful to win.

  35. sweeeeeet! Hopefully I have a chance at winning, would be great for my studies.

  36. 14″ and Full HD enough for good working horse. And plenty of ports making this notebook a true gem.

  37. It looks like a very good laptop. It will be cool to have one for my personal projects and college.
    Best luck for all!

  38. Looks like a nice laptop. Even if I don’t win, have to say I check your site out every day. It is where I get most of my tech news first.

  39. Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

    This looks like a nice little machine. I’m curious about the keyboard. For some reason good keyboards are difficult to find on mid-range devices these days.

  40. Agree with Craig C. – looks good. Definitely would like to get my hands on one!

  41. I’d be psyched to win a new laptop. Mine is getting too old — running my IDE is getting slower and slower! Plus the stupid Dell touchpad never worked right! Best of luck to me!

  42. My son going to college, he definitely could used this one.. thank you Huawei 🙂

  43. My current laptop is eleven years old. It would be nice to replace it. 🙂

  44. Ha great timing: after checking into this model as well as others using the same APU from Lenovo and HP, an AMD 2500U laptop was looking like a very tempting option.

  45. It seems like a very nice portable laptop. Not sure about the cell phone maker’s laptop quality compare to other major PC makers.

  46. Semi-reasonable device with Rizen APU, but I miss an optical drive and Ethernet port, let alone an easily replaceable battery. It is a shame how much basic functionality nowadays is sacrificed in the name of “modern”, “stylish” and this “slimmer than reasonable” craze.

  47. I think politically, this is the right time to own Huawei! Brad, I love the site, as well as The Loving Project. Keep up the great work!

  48. Still using my first laptop. A Dell Vostro 1400 from 2007. This would really go a long way. Hope I win! Starting college in the US fall.

  49. Love the performance of the Ryzen 2500! Bet this laptop is the best deal of the year!

  50. It looks as if Huawei is positioned to overtake western markets pretty soon.

  51. Neat, a little odd that theres no builtin card reader though. Wonder how well it runs linux?

  52. I’ve been eyeing this for my middle child’s Christmas present. She only plays Minecraft and a few other games, so the Ryzen is a great choice. CPU is plenty powerful enough to run Office applications, and it can do some light gaming better than most laptops in this price range.

  53. This would be a very nice laptop to replace an aging one at work and use for school.

  54. I was so tempted to snag one of these when they went on sale a week or so ago. Maybe I’ll be glad I didn’t 😀

  55. This is a pretty nice piece of kit especially with the the signature edition windows in place of some bloated garbage

  56. I’ve been limping along between my phone and a used Windows 7 desktop that can’t even be upgraded to Windows 10. This laptop looks delicious, and I’d love to be able to grab it and go!

  57. Big fan of Ryzen APUs. I would love to get my hands on one. Thanks for running this giveaway!

  58. How about throwing a bone to a regular commenter? Who am I kidding, I’ll keep coming back(as I have for almost a decade) as long as you keep writing such fantastic articles.

  59. The Huawei P9 is my phone for two years now and I love it. It’s the best phone I ever had. It’s so good I haven’t upgraded yet. But later this year i will, and it will be Huawei again. Why? The build quality is amazing, it’s fast, good battery and above all, the best camera. I love the Leica B&w photos so much, that I can’t pick another brand anymore. So yeah, when I’m researching to buy a phone, I look for a Huawei one with B&W sensor. I already decided to upgrade to the P20 later this year. Maybe the Mate 20 can steal my attention? We’ll see.

    With all that said, to have a Huawei notebook as a companion to my Huawei Phone, would be dope!

  60. Huawei is apparently producing very nice products. They are now overtaking Apple for the second spot in worldwide cell phone deliveries, and their laptops look great. I wish them well in the US market.

  61. Honestly, I have always wanted to try a Huawei product and this seems like the perfect opportunity! I have been using an old (7 years) Toshiba Satellite laptop which I have kept alive through various upgrades to RAM, storage, moving to Linux when it could no longer handle Windows, but I would love to reinter the modern world of computing with this fine looking piece of hardware!

    Also, thank you for all the work you put into your articles. I read them daily.

  62. Huawei is sure making some appealing looking laptops these days! Would love to have one, myself…

  63. Count me in for the contest. Thanks to Huawei for changing the price / value equation!

  64. Wow! This is a super generous giveaway. I am very impressed by the Ryzen laptop parts and Huawei made a very nice machine in the Matebook D.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Brad!

  65. Looks like a decent laptop, I’d be interested to hear if they plan on bringing out a 2700U version. Wouldn’t mind winning this laptop though 🙂

  66. does it handle Civ 6 well?
    p.s. I don’t care, gimmi that!

  67. Well, I know this laptop from Walmart and can tell you that is very well built, the only think the screen looks a little bit dark but aside of that is like a mac book air without the tag price.

  68. This laptop would be helpful with my sports photography. I great machine to cull, edit and upload photos on the go. If I win it will go to good use.

  69. I love Liliputing and have been a reader for years! I would love trying out this product!

  70. I could totally use a new laptop for business trips. My Lenovo just isn’t cutting it anymore, even with the HD upgraded.

  71. very cool Brad, looks like a great amd based laptop too, not the cut down stuff amd used to have to agree too. good luck to you all

  72. Great specs in a thin mbp like package. Four cores and usb-c is a great value at $630.

  73. I was wondering why there was over a 160 comments on the topic considering the average of 5 comments per article. Then I realized that it’s a giveaway post.

  74. Would love to use Ryzen on this for scientific work. Tired of everyone saying intel (desktops) are better for bioinformatics, etc…even if it’s true!

  75. I was just telling my wife I needed to upgrade my laptop. This would be absolutely awesome!

  76. Looks like one of the best laptops for that price, but free is always better !

  77. This looks great and hits almost all the marks. Only wishing it had a better screen.

  78. I was gonna buy it via eBay but I’ll just wait for the next 15 or 20% off coupon in case I win. Huawei (and Xiaomi) makes stuff almost as good as the top of the line Apple products. Will AMD ever be given a license for thunderbolt? I would like to use an e-GPU at some point.

  79. My girlfriend need a new laptopn and this looks like exactly what she need. Pick me 🙂

  80. Love what Huawei is doing. Very much want a X Pro with that beautiful 3:2 screen, but wouldn’t kick this model out of bed for eating crackers 🙂

  81. Very interesting giveaway – Huawei MateBook D is ideal for my everyday needs!

  82. Looking forward to use this Ryzen + Vega based laptop for my basic gamedev needs with DX12 and Vulkan 🙂

  83. Would be nice to find out first-hand how the amd performing, as i gave up on laptops with those chips long time ago.

  84. Looks like a fine machine but always wary of companies I am not familiar with. I might be tempted

  85. I would like to see firsthand how AMD stacks up to Intel in the laptop realm!

  86. That’s a lot of laptop bang for $630. I recently saw a MateBook X Pro at a Microsoft Store and I thought it had amazing build quality. I can see the family resemblance and would love to have one. Pick me!

  87. I wasn’t familiar with Huawei’s products, but I got to use a Matebook X Pro – it was an impressive machine. It’d be great to win this laptop – I also have never run on an AMD machine before.

  88. You’re giving away the exact laptop I’d like to purchase. Thanks for these giveaways Brad!



  89. I’m guessing this would be an improvement over my 4 year old Chromebook with the wonky “G” key.

  90. I almost bought one to try Linux on … but if I got a free one, I’d definitely try it 😉

  91. I’ve been a regular visitor to this site for about 10 years, keep up the good work!

  92. Would very much enjoy a new laptop. Everything I’ve read on on the Huawei laptops has reflected very good value which I really appreciate. I would very very much appreciate the value of a free pc. 😁

  93. It is very very nice, but I returned the one I got for my daughter as it would not wake from sleep (I even talked to tech support and they wanted to send a replacement). I ended up getting her a Dell Inspiron with similar specs but a spinning hard drive, 16GB of memory and a larger display. It is also quite nice and $30 less.

  94. I’ve been watching this laptop for a while. The Huawei MateBook D is way better looking than the Dell Inspiron Ryzen option

  95. The timing is right, as my wife’s old 14″ is starting to die in increasingly expensive ways.

  96. I actually just bought a new Ryzen Laptop (ideapad 330s, then I used a giftcard to get an ssd since it didn’t have one). This one looks solid though. I wonder what the tdp is set to on the laptop.

  97. This looks like potentially a perfect budget laptop for thin-and-light traveling with a GPU good enough for my basic 3D CAD work while I am away from my workstation.

  98. This is a good opportunity! I’m in! I would be glad to have a laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor.

  99. Would love to replace my 7 year old laptop with this sweet unit!

  100. Still using my ancient (2009) MacBookpro. (Also a newer chromebook for light duty) This would make a good upgrade for a permanent machine.

  101. Oh please say that you’ll have a review of this for us. With Gaming and Linux and everything!

  102. Brad, I’d love to win that Huawei laptop. It’d be a great addition to my AMD powered Gigabyte BRIX. Jerry

  103. Looks like a great laptop for the price. Nice to see AMD competing with Intel again. Would love to have one!

  104. Hoping to see more AMD based laptops soon. The more options and competition we have, the better for us consumers.

  105. So how’s this like Ubuntu?
    When I got my Asus ZenBook UX305, your article about installing Ubuntu on your review machine was helpful.

  106. Haven’t had a decent laptop of my own since I sold off my MacBook two years ago. Been using a cheapie Windows tablet just to get on and read Liliputing and some hobby coding sites. Would be nice to have something as sweet at this fine laptop.

  107. I would find the Huawei MateBook D 14″ laptop extremely useful as I struggle through college

  108. Looks like a very nice laptop. I hope Huawei has a lot of success marketing in the U.S. Dell, HP and Lenovo can always use some price conscious competition.

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