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etau208 blackThe Lite-On eTAU208 USB DVD/CD Writer is a slim and light disc burner. Best of all, it’s USB powered, which means you don’t need to carry around a separate power cable. Just plug it into your netbook, insert a disc, and the DVD burner powers up.

As someone with a huge USB DVD burner that’s pretty much anchored to my desk, I love being able to just throw a light weight disc drive in my bag when I might need it on the go. The eTAU208 can get a little noisy, and the plastic case feels a little flimsy. But I wouldn’t really expect much more from a portabl DVD burner that sells for as little as $50.

Lite-on sent me an eTAU208 disc drive to review in October, and now that I’m done with it I’m ready to pass it on to one Liliputing reader.

This contest is open to readers anywhere in the world. To enter, first read the official contest rules and then leave a comment below letting me know what you currently do in order to transfer data to and from a netbook without an optical disc drive.

This contest will run through 12:01AM Eastern Time on December 5th.

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103 replies on “Liliputing Holiday Giveaway: Lite-On eTAU208 USB DVD burner”

  1. Currently I use a usb stick.A CD would have other uses than copying data.

  2. Hi,

    I am currently do in order to transfer data to and from a netbook without an optical disc drive. Whenever I want to install a game, I need to transfer the .ISO file with a usb flash drive or by wifi.

  3. It is powered directly from the notebook through the enclosed USB cable, so there is no need for an AC adapter or nearby outlet.Reading speeds are 8X for DVD-ROM and 24X for CD-ROM.

  4. I just relate my messages to my wife and tell her to keep them secret and the messages travel fast. However, I have to use a thumb drive for complex files, photos, and etc.

  5. If it is too large of a file for my e-mail programs, I will move it between my desktop and notebook with a flash drive. It’s a slow process but it’ll do until you send the Lite-On, please hurry.

  6. Well I’m doing a lot of transferring of files right now between various laptops of my colleagues and mine via an 8-GB OCZ Rally2 thumb drive right now. My work laptop died, so I decided to grab up a netbook on Black Friday (like an idiot) in the meantime because I wanted a machine for e-mail, web surfing and spreadsheets until my boss could get me a new laptop. Now my boss wants to buy my netbook for me (at the greatly reduced price that I bought it for, of course), so I’m stuck trying to access all of my old files from my colleagues, which I can only do while they’re in the office (which is seldom) and load up our plethora of bidding software, and a full Microsoft Office suite, without the use of a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. I could really use an optical drive right about now to cut down on lost productivity time. Thanks!

  7. I have a network connection between my main computer and my netbook — for installing a new OS, I use a sandisk cruser usb stick (there is a tool to make the U3 usb sticks be recognized as CD-roms)

  8. Currently, I share my desktop computer’s DVD drive when I need to install software from a CD/DVD. For movies, I burn the DVD to the hard disk and then transfer 8 GB of data over my home network. It’s a slow process. An external DVD drive would be a handier way to install software or watch movies on the road.

  9. Nice review, sweet contest. I usually create cd images and mount them in daemon tools. otherwise unpack to USB as most do and run it like that. An external drive would be quite handy.

  10. Since my wireless router died a couple weeks ago, I use the left over space not taken by music in my ipod to transfer data at the moment…

  11. Mostly I use an external USB HD or go over the network. But this would come in very handy for trying out lots of new live Linux cds on my netbook without the hassle of having to make bootable thumbdrive versions of them first.

  12. I have two desktop workstations attached to a wireless home network. I have marked the ODD on one workstation as a shared drive. When I want to install an application from disk to my Aspire One, I load the disk into my shared ODD, access it on my home network with my One and load the application.

  13. Count me in. I also have a huge external DVD drive anchored to my desk; a portable drive would be great.

  14. Yey! I want in.

    From my Lenovo netbook, I use the WiFi network to transfer files to my desktop. Some USB Flash drives are slow, and what the heck, the technology is available, so I use it.

  15. I currently transfer to a USB drive to use on netbook, or map DVD drive from my desktop PC.

  16. 8GB USB Flash drive, or I use a network share on a server or another PC/Laptop.

  17. I’m currently using USB sticks and UltraISO to provide this capability. A real burner would be excellent!

  18. To transfer data I currently use the external HDD (Samsung S1 mini) and sometimes send urgent files to my Gmail account, so I can access them everywhere. But this slim DVD drive would be nice to create copies of the DVDs with promotional movie about a youth organization, which I founded in 1997, and it helped 17,000 young people. If we can attract some funding for the new programs using DVD made with the help of this DVD-drive, it would be extremely useful πŸ™‚

  19. I use my dropbox folder, or use an 8gb thumbdrive to copy files to and from my desktop to my netbook, or to try a different linux OS. This would come in handy as I have a ton of distros on CD/DVD!

  20. I rarely use optical media…except to burn it and put it away. Data transfer is usually via USB drive or, more often, network.

  21. My solution to adding media to my netbook is to use WIFI as a first choice and using a flash drive if WIFI isn’t feasible. The external DVD solution is a very good one. I used a similar approach on a Dell Latitude 13″ model 7 years ago. Thanks for a great contest.

  22. I will, fingers crossed, be the proud recipient of either a Asus 1201n or HP 311 or both here in a few days, and this drive would help me out a ton, since I’d need to get a lot of software onto either for both work and school in a hurry.

    Awesome give away. Love the site.


    – Mike

  23. I currently use a shared dvd drive on my wifi connection to install programs, and a usb stick to transfer files. A Portable dvd burner would be very helpful!

  24. My friends needs a new computer and I don’t have a Christmas present yet. This would be a good start.

  25. Flash media and WiFi. For the former, I have to use a (micro)SD-to-USB adaptor since my desktop lacks a native SDHC reader. The latter is much more convenient unless the source is turned off — and data in optical media is kind of like how water on the moon is locked up in permafrost.

    So let’s melt it with LASERS! Contest get!

    (I do not condone accessing your data by crashing two NASA spaceships into your DVD collection.)

  26. I currently use an EZ sync cable to transfer large files back and forth, and a usb flash drive for smaller files.

    It might be nice to be able to make dvds directly from my netbook.

  27. Remember the convoluted process to buy Windows 7 at student pricing and install it…you know, download, unpack, download tool, convert to iso, download tool, convert to flash, install…I did that! Save me!

  28. I use my 16GB Titanium Cruzer, or transfer files through my home ethernet network. I’m still trying to figure out how to fresh install an nlited WinXP and Win7 through a flash drive, though.

  29. Oooooh. That would make a great add on for my netbook. Transferring data via my sd card reader is getting really old.

  30. i’ve been using the old USB drive to move stuff back and forth. this would be great for traveling and such.

  31. Cool drive! I either use a large USB flash drive or create ISO files and use a virtual CD/DVD drive, Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive.

  32. I move files about 6GB at a time using a USB memory stick. This would be a wonderful change!

  33. I clearly should get this – villainous plans work better with routine optical backups. And it’s small enough that I can carry it with me, leaving more room on the getaway vehicle for a Frickin’ Laser Beam.

    1. But burned onto optical disk, the evidence will last more than 10 years!
      You should really >/dev/null all evidence. πŸ˜‰

  34. I use a thumbdrive most of the time, or sometimes e-mail files to myself and download them later. I have a less portable external HD that sits on my desk that I also use.

  35. Don’t have an external optical drive so I resort to using a USB drive, network drive, and hard drive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. This looks like a nice little drive to use with a netbook. Count me in on the contest!

  37. network shares
    usb drives
    and as a last resort, gmail draft attachments

    thanks πŸ˜‰

  38. normally to transfer school papers or any documents i work on i use dropbox, i like how it syncs everything automatically. If its a movie or larger file i have a dependable flash drive.

  39. I’d love to have one of these. Currently, we’ve networked a shared DVD/CD drive one of our desktop computers, and use the shared drive to setup appliations on our Asus netbook. We also use the wireless network to move data between the netbook and our other computers. The portability of the Lite-On would be very handy.

  40. I’m a college student and I currently use Windows Live Sync to sync my desktop to my netbook for my documents and school files. I usually keep my desktop throughout the day as well and use Remote Desktop to grab files from my desktop that aren’t synced through Windows Live Sync. I also use a USB flash drive for quick transfers when I’m in the room, but an optical drive would definately be great to have for backups and Windows Restore disks.

  41. Usually i’m using my usb flash drive. And now let me win this burner! πŸ˜›

  42. My current transfer setup…. For OS and software loads, I use a giant old Backpack CD drive (it’s bigger than the netbook). For Data transfers I use whatever USB flash or hard drive in my collection that has the most space. A slim DVD writer for software and backups would be a lot more optimal.

  43. i need this… a LiteOn drive will go perfectly with my GoLite backpack I carry my netbook around in… It’s fate!

  44. I just bought a slim external USB burner for my netbook last week because the usb drive and sdhc cards were not working 100% for things like booting up “live CD” distros for testing.

    Oops. I guess I just entered the contest.

    Oh, well, if I win I can pass this along to a friend who needs one.

  45. Currently I try to use my home network, but as that is configured by me (i.e. an idiot) I usually end up using a USB thumb drive to transfer everything I need over.

  46. Great gadget! Currently I do the flash-drive to desktop dance to transfer files. Not pretty but hey, how often do you burn CDs? (more often its getting stuff from CDs) That’s ehn you want this little guy!

  47. A couple of ways: Either 1) Dropbox (for smaller files), or 2) a USB flashdrive

  48. Well to install Windows 7 I created a network dvd drive on my laptop to install on my netbook. Other than that I don’t really transfer anything to my netbook on a daily basis. Occasionally I do use a WD passport hard drive though.

  49. this would go perfect with my new Asus UL30Vt that will be delivered to me today!

  50. Right now as a destitute sales person, I am forced to use my USB stick to transfer data. This USB drive would change my life.

  51. I currently do about the same as everyone does, I use a usb flash drive to transfer files and then I take it to my desktop and use the cd burner there. Sometimes I also use A-drive online storage and then bring down to my desktop from there and burn the files.

  52. I have a old steam powered USB 1 Sony CD-RW and most all of the good ISO’s are too large for it to copy or transfer Soooo it’s the old flash drive routine or over a network DUH !

  53. Flash drives + external HD drives are the easiest option, that I use most commonly. Two small flash sticks (2Gb and 8Gb) or, in case I need to send a larger amount of data, two external, lightweight 2’5” disks (160Gb and 320Gb).

    Still a cd drive would be nice πŸ™‚

  54. Ooops….don’t know what happened….been having a tough time logging in….don’t know how my post got messed up….I’ve been wanting something like this for my Raon Everun Note for a while now.

  55. If I need to get files from a CD, I share one of the DVD-ROM drives on my desktop PC over my network and either run files directly from it on the netbook, or copy files from it. Same deal with other files, unless it’s such a large amount that using a flash drive will be significantly quicker.

    It would be nice to have an external for watching DVDs, or playing around with installing or upgrading the OS.

  56. If its a small file and im in a hurry i just email it to myself or use dropbox, otherwise its a flash drive until i win. Happy Holidays Everybody

  57. I currently use a 1 GB flash drive to transfer files, or I just email things to myself. In terms of getting things from CD/DVD onto my netbook…well, that typically proves quite difficult. Something like this would be a huge help with school, work, and life in general. Thanks for the opportunity and the contest! Best of luck to everyone.

  58. Need this DVD drive to load aps on my Dell Mini9, because I didnt win the earlier crossfire cable contest!

    Thanks for opening it up to international

  59. I use an 2.5″ hdd to transfer data to my desktop system, 11Mbit b type wifi is waay too slow. I also have a 4gb flash voyager pendrive, but it takes 2 turns to fill a dvd. Sometimes I also use a crosslink cable, but thats too much of a bother.

  60. This is another nice giveaway!

    Currently, I use my 1gig flash drive in transferring files from my main PC to my netbook. It takes time to finish but I don’t have any choice given my limited budget. With this gadget, it would sure make my life easier and better. Ehem.

  61. Using an USB stick for file transfers and the free MagicISO to avoid missing a physical CD/DVD drive. The issue is burning CDs – Always have to ask someone to do that task for me – always had issues buying and external one though, as they cost (at least on the country where I am living) almost half as my current (and only pc) netbook.

    Thanks for the Giveaway and keep up the good work on the website.

  62. Currently I use a 2GB USB pen drive, upgraded from 1GB one when I found that Acer’s restore image wouldn’t fit – despite assurances from Acer to the contrary! I did try an old (and about as far from slimline as is conceivable) ZipCD drive I was kindly donated a few years back, but although it worked, it wouldn’t boot properly, so something more modern would be a very handy weapon for my armoury.

  63. Since I too own a netbook (HP Mini 5101), I am also affected by the no ODD problem. Still, my solution is the 16GB stick I have with which I transport data to and from my desktop… which is sadly in a sorry state of disuse ever since I got my little HP.

  64. I use a flashdrive, basically, but a portable DVD burner would be
    very handy.

  65. Hi,

    I use and bulky external CD/DVD from la Cie that I use as a second burner for my desktop. Not ideal but it works, of course having this little baby would be fantastic!

  66. Transfer data its annoying, always using pendrive: connect, wait until transfer ends, push right button over toolbar (save disconnect) and walk to another computer, do the same on the other computer, and start again until all you data is save… But did you try to install an new operating system without DVD drive??? A completely headache!!
    What a wonderful life if I could have a lite-on usb DVD burner…

  67. Oh please award me the prize, I currently lug my external TB HD to class which means packing my bag with more weight and carrying it via three busses to get to class, and two to return. Upon arriving to class I have to setup my HD at my computer desk, plugging in power(which means dropping down to my knees on a dusty floor to find a power source), and plugging in the HD to the computer. After all that is completed I must then ask my instructor to log the computer in to admin user, this allows me to burn items on to a disk. Greatest part of all is that I can only burn items while in class which means Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are my “Burn Days”.

    I know I won’t win but Thanks at least for the chance!

  68. Yipee a give away! I use one of the cloud services (google docs, ms skydrive) to transfer data to and from the netbook. After all it’s a “net” book isn’t it?

  69. hi… nice toy!Managing (quite) a few netbooks at work (large UK university), we normally opt for PXE installs or ISO-to-usb-boot-disk to get around lack of CD support for installing.For data xfer at home and work, I normally opt for either SMB or NFS shares, opting for USB sticks if really needed.Backups are another issue altogether. Script it to copy to a network share and hope that the machine is on when it fires.. not the best, but it works with multiple scheduled attempts. For home, I use Dropbox for critical off-site and backup to a large SDHC for not-so-important stuff.external drive would come in handy mind πŸ˜‰

      1. “scripted”… discovered it about 8 years ago now; it has its moments… πŸ™‚

  70. Till now, I used my shared DVD-ROM on my PC if I needed smth to install on my netbook, and had to plan in advance if I need some data and transfer it via usb when I travel. With this usb burner, traveling will be much easier -finally no more planing ahead!

  71. to transfer data without optical disc drive, I use any kind of flash drive or sd card. that’s i think is the most practical thing to do…

    count me in.

  72. Currently, we use network shared folders to push and pull data from machines with no optical drives. This USB DVD would be a great tool.

  73. My current process is to either 1.) transfer anything I need from my main PC over the network with HomeGroups, or 2.) buy my buddy some beer in exchange for borrowing his external drive. Neither is an ideal situation, so here’s hoping I win!

  74. Nice giveaway! Count me in, please. Currently, in order to transfer data, I need to find a desktop or a laptop with optical disc drive, create an .ISO file, and transfer it to netbook with USB flashdrive. Not very convenient, as you can guess, but I have no choice. Hopefully if I can win, it will rectify this situation πŸ™‚

  75. Small, slim, light and low-power might still mean: “anchored to desk” – –
    It should also fit in well with your O!Play in size, style and “low power” –

    Oh, but wait, you gave your O!Play away already. πŸ˜‰

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