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The Asus O!Play HDP-R1 is a small box that you can stream HD or standard definition video, pictures, and audio to your television set. You plug it into your TV, connect a hard drive or other storage with media via the USB port, and navigate the menus using the included remote control. It’s that easy.

There are two things that set the O!Play HDP-R1 apart from some other media streaming devices on the market. First, it costs less than $100. And second, it has an Ethernet jack that lets you stream media over a home network from a PC or networked attached storage device.

The unit I’m giving away is the same device I reviewed in October. While I’ve been following the firmware updates and other developments related to this device, I have a strict policy of not accepting and keeping any gifts from the companies that I cover at Liliputing. And since Asus doesn’t need me to return this particular unit, I’ve been given the go-ahead to offer it up as a contest prize.

Because I’m footing the bill for shipping and the box is a little heavy, I’m limiting this contest to residents of the United States and Canada. Please read the official contest rules for more information.

You know the drill. In order to enter, leave a short comment below telling me why you deserve to win. The contest closes at 12:01AM Eastern on December 3rd.

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84 replies on “Liliputing Holiday Giveaway: Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD media streamer”

  1. Pitiful human technology is no match for Meklar might! We may make an exception for this clever device however. .

  2. I need it so I can watch chick flicks. I heard that if you watch Legally Blonde 10 times in a row. You will know the meaning of life. And then I can pass the knowledge to the next generation.


  3. I would definitely like to win because it would be so easy to channel Sesame Street on it for my daughters to watch. They are huge Elmo fans, and this would effectively become the ElmO!Play device in my home! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  4. I need this because I have no cable hookup for the 50″ plasma in my room, and if I don’t win this I’ll have to smash the plasma tv because I have nothing to watch on it. Therefore I am the only logical winner.

  5. This would make a great gift for a friends man cave. It wouldn’t go to waste

  6. Well, I think this would be a great Christmas gift for my wife. We are expecting our first child and we don’t have a lot of money this year. We have been downloading her favorite shows because we reduced our cable and are not able to watch them on TV live. This would be great to help us watch True Blood on our TV instead of the computer.

  7. I deserve it because I lost my job. While it wasn’t will-breakingly important, (I am mainly a full-time student), it means I have no money for the holidays, for neither myself nor others. πŸ™ Yes, I am playing the sympathy card.

  8. I am an old school teacher getting ready to retire. This little box is just what I need to bring me hours of enjoyment when I find myself missing all the entertainment I used to have in the classroom. I would find this a little difficult to afford on my meager pension. And you can bet I will put it to good use!!

  9. I am an old school teacher getting ready to retire. This little box is just what I need to bring me hours of enjoyment when I find myself missing all the entertainment I used to have in the classroom. I would find this a little difficult to afford on my meager pension. And you can bet I will put it to good use!!

    1. I just pulled a 2″ bloody booger from my nose. Can you say trade? Huh? Let’s make a deal.

  10. I need this box to stream video to the big screen TV for the kids- getting tired of burning CDs to play in the DVD player. I read your review earlier and thought this sounded like just the right product, because there’s an ethernet port by the TV

  11. Simple. Apart being an ASUS fanboy, I was much impressed by your O!Play review earlier. So I would like to use O!Play with my new UL80v! Moreover I’ve lots of movies in my 1 TB Segate External Hard disk.

  12. I want to win this because I never had gadgets before. I visit Liliputing everyday, so please give me this. Begging…

  13. I deserve to win because I’m a nice guy and my family will enjoy this!

  14. Sweet! This would be awesome for all the US & British shows we don’t get here in Canada, plus then the kids wouldn’t destroy all the Backyardigan DVDs we buy for them. Great contest!

  15. I’ve got nothing on most of the previous posters, but I think this is a pretty cool gadget and one that I’ll use. I’d love to win, and so I’m hoping to be chosen.

  16. I’ve got nothing on most of the previous posters, but I think this is a pretty cool gadget and one that I’ll use. I’d love to win, and so I’m hoping to be chosen.

  17. Because it will be greatly appreciated and it will be the first step for me into home theater. And I will gladly provide feedback on my learning experiences with the media streamer. As a “newbe” I am the perfect foil for a home user.. .. and did I say that I’m not sure what it is – like a DVR, but not?

  18. I’d like this because it would save all the dvd’s from my 5 year old son. And it will be fun to teach the wife how to use it. Or maybe the 5 year old can teach her…

  19. I think I deserve to win because, well, I would use it everyday! I need one of these streaming box deals for the living room, and it looks like this’ll fit the bill, especially because they’re working on XBMC/Boxee on the thing.

  20. Hi. I should win because I like Asus and black boxes and getting things in the mail. I’m sure my dad will find it useful, too.

  21. I should win because I never win anything. Winning this would restore my faith in the goodness of all humans and in the laws of statistics.

  22. Please accept my entry into your Liliputing Holiday Giveaway of the Asus
    O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Streamer.What a wonderful gift to make available.Unfortunately I don’t deserve to win any more than all the other entrants,so In the spirit of this Holiday season,Good luck to Everyone,Have a Merry Christmas& a Happy New Year and a Happy Holiday however you may celebrate It.

    Have a Great Day.


  23. I’ll be hosting some get togethers with friends and family over the holidays and a device like this would be just perfect for watching movies and videos!

  24. I promise you that if I get this, I will do ABSOLUTELY nothing productive with it. Entire days shall go by with nothing resembling productivity occurring.

    Therefore, in your continued attempts to prevent me from conquering the world, this may be your best strategy, Brad!

    (Now, where’s my index card with my villainous catch-phrases?)

  25. Almost everyone wants one of these, I just want it more than them. I really, really want one. Really.

  26. I’ve been dreaming of owning one of these since I have to share my PC all the time. Please remember (to send one to) me.

  27. I was born on Christmas day and I always get cheated when it comes to presents. ‘Here you go, it’s both your Christmas and birthday present!’ Ugh.

    Also, I’m a technical writer and if you want I will write an article about my experiences with the device.

  28. I need to win this – I have the most noble cause. My wife is crippled, my children are on the brink of starvation… I need the O!Play to help avenge the death of my father, murdered these twenty years.

    And I need it for watching movies (like “The Princess Bride”) and other stuff streamed from my computer, because we’re getting rid of of our satellite dish (there’s not a lot of money in revenge).

  29. I have many movies on my desktop that I would like to watch on my living room HDTV.

    When I tried to read the “rules” I got an error message: “not allowed to access drafts” or words to that affect.

  30. I don’t necessarily deserve to win, but I’m sure I could find a use for it.

  31. I deserve to win because I need something to play my 500+ cd collection through my sound system.

  32. The Asus O’Play would provide network streaming capability that our Roku player lacks.

  33. My HTPC just had the processor burned out, after the fan motor died… resulting in the disgusting smell of burnt plastic in my living room. Now I need something to watch my DVDrips on…

  34. I would love to have something like this as I am rapidly burning out my dvd drive writing shows to watch on the upstairs tv.

  35. I’ve been a faithful reader since Day 2. Also, streaming from my old PC is wasting a lot of watts.

  36. I deserve to win because I’ve been a faithful Liliputing reader since day 1 πŸ™‚

  37. It’d would be a nice christmas gift for myself. I would love to be able to easily watch different vidoe formats on my tv.

  38. My very large tv has been made obsolete since I’ve cut off my satellite and cable subscriptions. I now watch tv shows or movies on my tiny 17″ computer monitor. This media streamer will give my tv new life!

  39. I should win this because it will stave off my desire to build a $1K media center PC, which in turn will help keep food on the table for my kids. Besides, I’m sure there’s lots of great HD family content out there that would provide hours of babysit..er, I mean entertainment. So you see, it’s all about the children and not me, really.

  40. I have been reading Liliputing since before it was even called Liliputing. I read every article that comes across, and even use the ads!

    Plus, my current media center is a tank of a Celeron D. I couldn’t imagine the power savings, let alone the noise improvement. Pick me Brad, you know you want to.

  41. It’s not my birthday, and I don’t have any kids on the way, (although I was married just a few months ago) but this would def help solve my problem of getting my extensive collection of videos [legal I assure you ;-)] that are stuck on my hard drive and I’m stuck watching on a tiny 17″ computer screen.

    Plus I’m a big fan of Liliputing!

  42. I deserve this media player because I have been a good boy. Yes! I still believe in Santa Claus. Ho Ho Ho…

  43. I deserve to win since without realizing it I’ve become a champion of ASUS products at my place of work. When the others grabbed an Acer Aspire and looked down on Asus (saying the ASUS isn’t a reliable product etc) I stick with EEE PC starting from 4G and then EEE 900 which has now been upgraded with a 64 GB SSD, and from the looks of it once I’ve gotten enough money I may well spend it on another ASUS product the 1201N, but I won’t since I don’t live in the U. S. anyway just sharing my 2cents πŸ™‚ good luck to the winner. My wife’s also expecting so it will actually accompany me at nights when the baby is up πŸ™‚ but for the time being having the baby delivered safely and having a healthy baby are the only things that I care.

  44. I have been looking at various media players like this for the past couple of months. My daughter likes to watch various videos on my netbook that I have transferred to AVI and copied to flash memory cards/sticks. I would like her to have this so that she can watch them on an actual TV instead of sitting and squinting at the small 7″ screen of the netbook.

  45. This would be great for me to put some of my mom’s old family movies on a harddrive for her to watch on her tv in her room. She could watch them anytime.

  46. This would go great with the LCD we’ll be getting for Christmas this year!

  47. This would be a great reason for me to start an anime marathon on all of the series I’ve accumulated since the dial-up days but it’s just been sitting in all my externals because I don’t have a streamer like this one.

  48. I would like to win because I am expecting the birth of my first son shortly (any day, kinda scary) and it would be great to be able to use boxee in the living room, since baby would not find my office a comfortable place to be.

    1. Also waiting for my first daughter, and scared! Any day now. We were planing on getting a new TV and was wondering how I would stream things on it. My office is also a no no for baby girl.

    2. cheap way to win sympathy i think… i think you should give it to people who dont have kids cuz they have nothing else to do… these guys have their hands full as it is, so the thing would just go to waste!

      1. People that don’t have kids have more money. If you have to much free time I would like to suggest knocking boots. Great way to spend any afternoon. XD Seriously, I felt cheap writing it. Just not cheap enough to stop.

  49. I have an address in Canada. But I don’t live there anymore (too cold). Still, less expensive to ship there than Europe.
    Also, I do not see any reasons why I deserve to win this thing. But I want it. Does that make me a bad person?

  50. I’m a gadget freak. I’ve been playing with streaming media- (Hulu has been great) and the likes. I’ve been looking for a device like this. Thanks for the contest and work on the site.

  51. As one of the earliest supporters of Liliputing I think I deserve the O! Play at least as much as anyone else. I would love to have this sitting next to my Roku. Best of both worlds!

  52. because this would solve all my problems since i stopped paying for cable and rely only on downloaded shows/movies (legally of course)… you wouldnt let my tv go to wate sitting turned off all the time, would you?? what kind of man would do such a thing??

  53. I have a friend that needs this for his new TV. It would make a great gift!

  54. All the media player that would work for me (need dvd folder play with menus) are either unavailable or come with a fan. Winning one would mean I could finally use this media server I built months ago, at least without using a noisy laptop as a htpc.

    and if that’s not reason enough: I Can Has O!Play?

  55. It’ll save my movie collection from a fate worse than death by my 8 year old niece and 7 year old nephew from mishandling them to pieces.

  56. My parents’ HDTV needs a way to play some HD content so this would be perfect!

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