This blog is a labor of love. I’ve been obsessed with tiny computing gadgets ever since purchasing my first Philips Nino PDA at the turn of the century, and I’ve been obsessed with computers and technology far longer than that. But this web site is also one of my primary sources of income, so I want to not only recoup the money I spend on hosting but also make a decent living. And that means advertising.  I try not to let the advertising interfere with the content, but in the interest of transparency, I want to share my advertising policy here.

This site includes ads from a variety of sources, and I’m constantly testing out new services. I also have affiliate relationships with Amazon and several other web stores. When an ad is relevant to a post, I may include a link to an Amazon product page, but you will not find affiliate links in the bodies of unrelated posts. For example, a story that mentions a price drop on a computer may include an affiliate link to the store that has dropped the price. But when a new company announces a computer I will link to the company page, not to a web store.

Here’s a list of ad networks/affiliate programs I am currently using:

  • Netshelter – This is the company that handles most of the display ads on the site.
  • Google AdSense – Contextual text and image based ads from Google.
  • – Contextual text and image-based ads.
  • Amazon – I earn 4% to 10% commission on items sold through this site. I have also created an Amazon aStore which you can access by clicking the Store link in the site navigation menu. I do not endorse these products, nor do I handle customer service. But since many people visiting this site are looking for products like the Asus Eee PC, HP Mini-Note, or MSI Wind, I provide links to these products. Your actual transaction will be handled by Amazon or an Amazon affiliated retailer
  • Skimlinks – Some other links to retail stores may be monetized automatically by Skimlinks so that Liliputing and Skimlinks earn commissions for products that are sold after visitors click on links.

If you’re interested in placing an advertisement on Liliputing you can find more information on our Advertising page.

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