8 replies on “Lilbits: Windows 11 gets a Black Screen of Death (BSOD), requires Microsoft account for setup (unless you pay for Win11 Pro)”

  1. I literally can’t stand Windows 11…it doesn’t make any sense to me. I actually installed Linux on my computer over the weekend. I’m now a linux advocate. Will never use a Windows product again. This Microsoft seems completely clueless as to what they’re doing unless there goal is to piss off and alienate their user base? That’s one job they can do correctly.

  2. While I had already been curious about trying Linux, it was Windows 8 that really motivated me to make the commitment to attempt switching. I hated Windows 8. Microsoft seems to love creating PR disasters for themselves. To those considering going down the same path I did, Linux was easier to set up and learn than I expected. It’s even easier now. Yes, there can be some speed bumps with hardware and software issues, but then Windows always seemed to get in my way, so I’d still rather jump through the Linux hoops. When I’ve needed to solve problems, I usually found the answers I needed on the internet. I’ve had friends try it(Mint) and they liked it. I put my parents on Mint and it’s been lovely because they ask far fewer questions than they did with Windows and their machines run faster. I’m glad I made the switch. Mint is a good starting point for people, though I liked earlier versions more. People seem to like Manjaro. I’ve used Xubuntu as well which is another good one to start with. I’m currently on Devuan which I like a lot, but I think that requires a bit more post-installation work that beginners won’t want to deal with.

    1. Just as a follow up, some of the issues I’ve had with recent versions of Mint are probably more to do with changes to the Cinnamon desktop among other things. I probably should have considered switching to the XFCE version. I really like the XFCE version, but that has its own issues so it’s hard to recommend which way to do. Cinnamon annoys me with its default setup now, but it does other things well.

  3. And Microsoft is raising and raising the hate of the users. Statistics are burning up and they are finding more and more ways to fan the flames on purpose. Each new feature is a comburent, they know and they laught about it because in their innermost part of their hearts, they know people will be using their OS regardless of they are laughing at the user on their face or not.

    What they are doing is just a recreation, a plus if you allow me to say, to make fun of somebody without any side effects, which is a superb move in my humble opinion, not many people / companies can do that 🙂

  4. Windows 11 is Vista 2.0: The Next Disaster! This OS is dead on water—too many prerequisites—alienates current users.

  5. I like the black screen of death. Atleast it fits the rest of the color scheme I use. 😛

  6. Linux Mint is a great alternative to Windows 11 and it can run on older hardware without a Microsoft account.

    1. I was about to post just that… Microsoft you have been an interesting option for my home PCs but between Chromebooks/ChromeOS and Linux I think it’s time to say goodbye!!

      Mint, Zorin, Ubuntu… all of them should give beginners all they need to get started…

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