Reddit is one of the world’s most popular websites… but for years many of the folks reading and participating in discussions on Reddit have relied on third-party apps that offer a different user interface, advanced features, accessibility features, and/or an ad-free experience.

Now many of the developers of those apps have announced they’ll be shutting down on June 30th. That’s because Reddit recently announced it was going to begin charging for access to the API used by these apps… which would be fine, except many developers say that they weren’t given enough advance notice to plan accordingly, and the prices Reddit plans to charge are untenable.

Apollo (Reddit app for iOS)

This story has been picking up steam on Reddit and other corners of the internet in recent weeks, and many of the biggest subreddits (or communities) on Reddit have announced plans to go dark for 48 hours in protest, starting June 12th.

But that may not be soon enough for developers of some of the most popular third-party Reddit clients. The developer of Apollo has written a lengthy explanation of what led to the decision to shut down. But the developers of other apps including Reddit is Fun and Sync for Reddit say they’re also closing up shop before Reddit’s new API pricing kicks in.

This could be the end of all third-party Reddit apps. Maybe Reddit was trying to milk more money out of these apps. Or maybe the plan was to force them to shut down. But it’s the users who are caught in the crossfire.

Here’s a roundup of recent news from around the web.

Apollo’s shut down notice [/r/ApolloAPP]

Developers of several popular third-party Reddit apps including Apollo and Reddit is Fun say they’ll shut down June 30th due to Reddit’s API changes. They say it would cost millions of dollars to continue to operate their apps.

Android 14 Beta 3 and Platform Stability [Android Developers Blog]

Android 14 Beta 3 is here, and it brings “platform stability,” meaning it’s pretty much what the final version will look like, although there may be some bug fixes between now and then. It also brings customizable lock screen clock color & sizes. As usual, Mishaal Rahman also dug in and found a bunch of other small changes that Google didn’t mention in its announcement. 

postmarketOS v23.06 [postmarketOS blog]

postmarketOS v23.06 is the latest version of the Alpine Linux-based operating system, with support for 31 devices (mostly phones and tablets. It’s the first stable build with a GNOME Mobile option, as well as Phosh, KDE Plasma, and Sxmo.

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  1. The excellent Android app RedReader will continue to live on…

    Update 4: RedReader granted non-commercial accessibility exemption

    Hello everyone, after a few days of discussions with Reddit I finally have an update to share on the current situation.

    It has been agreed that RedReader falls under the exemption for non-commercial accessibility-focused apps, due to the work that has been done to optimize the app for screen readers, and the app’s high level of usage within the blind community.

    Read the rest here:

  2. I’m a lurker and not a participator there. Like another commented here, I’m asocial as well. I’ve found some valuable information on occasion and even some great music and book recommendations in a couple genres I’m interested in, but that’s all.

    There’s more to life than social media, but the kids that grew up with smart phones and tablets know nothing else, which is sad. Go outside and go for a walk, enjoy nature, get a job, or something. Reddit is full of childish narcissistic pre-adults and it’s annoying, but there’s a few gems to be had there in a couple subs. But I’d never participate actively. This is actually the only forum I ever post at. 😛

    As with Reddit shooting themselves in the foot over this new policy change, by all means. I couldn’t care less. Go under for all I care. I have better things to do with my life than spend it on social media.

  3. We are so lucky to be able to witness Reddit kill itself, what a unique life experience. And no mess to clean up afterward.

    1. Couldn’t happen to a worse website filled with whiny teens and young adults that for some reason can grasp basic concepts.

      I remember back in the beginning of the pandemic “discussing” the Fed’s unlimited QE on reddit, remarking that it would cause massive inflation, based on a lifetime in finance, and degrees in econ. I was met with derision and browbeaten with “look at M2.” Duh of course it isn’t going to be instantaneous.

      Anyway, I left and won’t go back. It is an echo chamber.

  4. FYI: the reference implementation of the Reticulum API has just been completed

  5. No matter how much it torments you, now matter how much you torment yourself over the upvotes and downvotes, you cannot leave reddit. Or twitter, or facebook, or discord. Because that’s where everyone else is.
    And when you control the few places where everyone is, you can control what everyone has to think.

    1. Does one have to be where everyone else is? I mean, I’ve never been on Twitter, or Facebook, or Discord? Granted, I;m old and asocial, but it is possible.

      I’ve only recently begun experimenting with social media, on Mastodon and Akkoma.

      1. Sarcasm: Well, yeah, if you want to change people’s minds about issues that are important to you and you theoretically live in a theoretically democratic society where it is your responsibility to ensure that other people see things your way so that the policy changes you want get passed and you can rub those stupid losers’ faces in it while everything gets worse anyway.
        Not sarcasm: I recommend you leave for sites without quantitative feedback while you still can. Only stress awaits you otherwise.

          1. You’re going to think I’m insane, but Email, with PGP. And Matrix or something when instant messaging or live broadcast is required.
            I’m not even joking. Communicating over end to end encrypted email, using mailing lists when need be, would resolve pretty much every problem I think social media (even federated attempts) has (or will once AI spambots really take off). The only issue is the sheer inconvenience and confusion and manual management of everything, which guarantees no one will be able to ask anyone else to do it.

        1. I’m not an in-your-face sort. I like the vibe of Mastodon, which is “play nice.” I’ve had one argument in the four months I’ve been active. We employed another motto – “mute freely” – and became invisible to each other. If someone is rude or annoying, I simply make them disappear.

          Some folks find this boring, which may help to explain why less than 15% of the people who make a Fediverse account are active two months later.

    2. I never really used much Twitter, Facebook or, God help me, Discord (how do you even keep track of a discussion on that place?), but I guess I might be an exception? In general you might be right, but personally I think that we’re, to a larger degree, moving more and more towards perfectly insulated echo chambers. And I guess it’s a pity for everyone.