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  1. Googles slow and less updates than others make me say no way keep it until you wise up, also battery life has been below standard

    1. I like the way that you think, but I’m sure that was probably not the intention. Perhaps it was thought up to just make it easier to check to see if you have symptoms instead of doing one of those home test. I dunno.

      Totally not dystopic, though! /sarcasm

      1. Being able to take your own temperature or the temperature of other objects without having to keep a separate thermometer around is really just a convenience. And there’s a lot of thermometers lying around still regardless. Getting worked up about this is a distraction by a triviality. The google/apple partnership for contact tracing and medical product consumption certificates are far more dystopian, and still in place. They’re just less visible, especially when people with authority have quit talking about them…for now.

        1. Sure, there’s a lot of things big tech offers that makes our lives more convenient, but they almost always have a nefarious purpose behind the “convenience” factor so I don’t understand why pointing this out is some kind of worked up trivial distraction. It’s possible to be concerned about two or more things at once.
          Also, until we’re all forced to carry around a smart device that’s constantly taking our temperature and sending our vitals back to Klaus Schwab I’m hardly worked up about it.