Google has spent the last few years pushing RCS as the future of instant messaging, thanks to support for features that are missing from SMS such as typing notifications, read receipts, high-res photo sharing, and support for sending messages over WiFi as well as cellular networks.

But… many Google Messages users recently noticed that they could no longer access RCS features on rooted Android phones. Now Google has confirmed to The Verge that this is intentional: the company has ended support for RCS messaging on rooted devices.

Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web.

Google is blocking RCS on rooted Android devices [The Verge]

Google is blocking Android users with rooted devices from using RCS features in Google Messages. Google says this is meant to prevent spam and abuse, but rooted users can still access SMS and MMS.

Yet another Chromecast with Google TV has appeared [9to5Google]

The latest update to the Google Home app includes references to a new device that’s likely to be a new Chromecast with Google TV model. There’s no word on specs, pricing, functionality, or release date though.

HDMI Forum Rejects Open-Source HDMI 2.1 Driver Support Sought By AMD [Phoronix]

AMD’s open source graphics drivers don’t support HDMI 2.1 output at 4K/120 Hz or higher/faster resolutions/frame rates due to HDMI Forum requirements. AMD proposed a solution last year, but it’s been rejected by the HDMI Forum.

VisionBoard keyboard incorporates a 10-inch touchscreen, leans into retro word processor style [Tom’s Hardware]

The upcoming VisionBoard mechanical keyboard has a built-in 10.1 inch, 1920 x 440 pixel touchscreen display that lets you view additional info from your PC or use touch controls without switching input devices. Connects via a single USB-C cable.

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  1. @Brad Linder FYI the Open Collective Foundation recently announced that they’re dissolving, which could have quite a large impact on several open source projects.

    Also, Replicant has a pretty interesting blog update following their visits to 37C3, OFFDEM and FOSDEM.

  2. I don’t use RCS at all, by deliberate choice, so this means nothing to me. However, I am displeased and disturbed that Google is behaving with such narrowmindedness. Bad show Google. Do better!

  3. I kind of expected NOT to be able to use a rooted phone freely over the privatized & proprietary cellular networks… just saying.

    1. Doesn’t mean its a good thing. A phone is essentially a computer. I can run whatever I want on my actual computer without “loosing” any functionality. Why is this different, aside from they think they know better than the actual phone owner?

      1. Free market capitalism makes the rules. If you deny the strong to crush the weak then you are impinging on their freedom. Nature is a free market capitalist system and lions freely the eat cattle. I don’t think any other system can exist in this universe.

        1. Insane capitalist ideologues are rapidly driving us to destruction — if only you could be sent to colonize Mars!

        2. I am very libertarian. IMO the problem is a lack of options. Android and iOS are fairly locked down and while there are a few third party OS’s, aside from sailfish, they aren’t usable as phones (UT doesn’t have volte) so people just give in.

          Were a company to put out a device similar to the pinephone but with less hardware issues, a reasonable price and FOSS software, I would jump to it in a second.

        3. You either have an overbroad, ahistorical understanding of what “capitalism” is, or an overly narrow understanding of the kinds of behaviours & evolutionary niches that are observable in the natural world.

        4. TL;DR: political theory is purely theoretical and nothing lines up with reality, so don’t take it so seriously.

          Capitalism is one of those many words, most also ending with -ism, that I’ve seen thrown around so many different ways no one knows what it means anymore. And that includes me!
          So since we’re all here making ourselves look like big stupid self-righteous morons I might as well too!
          “Capitalism at this point seems to mean any system where property, particularly essentials like housing or the means of production, isn’t issued by a feudal lord or by the state, and in general principle, anyone can obtain anything without the need to raise an army by way of just spending enough money, and can exist without the contemptible outcome of Ford vs Dodge brothers, fiat currency, or fractional reserve lending provided somebody can keep it that way. A plan to ‘replace whatever-ism’ with ‘something-else-ism’ isn’t a plan at all as one word could not possibly encompass all the rules of you will need to create a game that works within the region you can affect and can survive global competition. That’s just something you tell the stupid monkeys in your revolutionary army so they don’t bicker or panic, since it’s not like they could understand any conceivable plan (they will bicker, panic, and murder over misunderstandings anyway).”
          I’m not going to pretend the current system isn’t a mess though. But the point at which things, including the general public, went out of the control of the general public was…there were a lot of them, and they slowly got more and more out of control at each one. It’s almost like it was never in their control, and everything is stupid, fake, and pointless and it’s all your fault and everyone else’s anyway, and all that’s real is appeal to current appearances of force.

  4. Miserable. It seems that much of the impetus behind modern consumer software development is to impede consumers — “don’t be evil” and “do the right thing” went by the board long ago.

    1. The mere fact that Signal exists is proof that RCS and iMessage don’t actually need to exist. Google and Apple could just fork the server and client software and…do the exact same thing where Apple Signal never talks to Google Signal until the EU intervenes and Google gives the finger to rooted phones and custom ROM users JUST BECAUSE.
      Honestly it would be the same exact effect socially.

      1. The government of the United States should act as the guarantor of the privacy of Americans’ information rather than chief thief. All kinds of information services could be provided by a government we could trust.

        1. No government will ever betray its own biggest capital as they are one and the same… everywhere. Singling out America is beyond stupid. Everywhere in the world it is exactly the same, every government has a hierarchy based on the same rules of existence. It is unchangeable. Blame USA, UK, NATO, EU, Africa, Brazil, Russia or China, they are all the same and will operate by the same exact law of nature while pretending to be something other. They can always simply out-wait you while pretending to give you what you think you want.