Earlier this week the US government extended its order prohibiting US companies from using telecommunications equipment from Huawei or ZTE by another year. Now the Trump Administration has introduced a new executive order that could make things even more difficult for Huawei.

US companies were already blocked from selling equipment and intellectual property to the Chinese phone maker, which is why most of the latest Huawei smartphones don’t include the Google Play Store. But Huawei has still put out some impressive hardware since that ban went into effect — at least partially due to the fact that the company designs its own Kirin processors rather than buying chips from US-based Qualcomm.

But according to Reuters, the new executive order would block companies located outside the United States from selling chips to Huawei if they use US technology to do so. And that could mean that TSMC, which is based in Taiwan, would have to stop manufacturing Kirin chips for Huawei.

Theoretically TSMC could ignore the US order, but the company would probably risk losing business from US companies if it did that.

Meanwhile, xda-developers figures that if Huawei decides to take its business to another semiconductors manufacturer… there just aren’t really very many good options available.

Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web.

OnePlus 8 Pro Color Filter X-Ray featured

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9 replies on “Lilbits 399: Huawei’s chips, OnePlus x-ray cam, and Facebook gets GIPHY”

  1. The most practical use I’ve seen for GIPHY is to refuse to actually talk to people and still look like the coolest thing in the room.
    You can’t argue with a billion jillion 3 second movie clips where some actress says some sassy one liner for them. Literally, you can’t, they’ll just post another one.
    And still look smarter than you.

  2. Trump is only hurting USA economically in long run. Motorola, and other US manufactures no longer sell components to Huawei hurting American business here. if Huawei creates their own app marketplace and OS, Google is the only loser there. Huawei will survive and thrive. Even if the ban is lifted, they will not come back to source components from US. China should play same game and block Apple products from being sold there. Trump is going to wreck US permanently as his decisions are not rational.

    1. I assume you know enough to say what should have been done instead.
      Fell free to elaborate so people don’t have to make more stupid decisions.

    2. China is gonna pay for all deaths and suffering they are causing, and sociopath rats like you are the next On line to get fucked

      1. Cool, even Infowarriors and Q Anon nuts read this blog, apparently…

  3. Hard to feel sympathy for Huawei, especially when it is known they have close ties to the CCP. And there isn’t any doubt that CCP wants the ability to spy on other nations through 5G Backdoors, like some nations. Nor that CCP is complicit in mass information manipulation to its own people, and to foreign entities.

    I doubt CCP will suffer much financially even if Huawei is bankrupt.
    The biggest blow is that China is finding it harder to use and imitate technologies and innovations created in Western Nations. Which is a win for Western Nations protecting their Intellectual Property and a win for Chinese People (not CCP) for they now have the opportunity to innovate themselves, and step up to the global market fairly.

    1. You say it is “known” they have close ties to CCP, but there is no clear evidence for it, except that the owner was in military 40 YEARS ago. The country leadership changed 5 times since.

      Even if they do, so what ? What about companies in USA that are lobbying various politicians, funding presidential campaigns with millions of dollars ? They don’t do it for nothing, they expect something in return. Cooperation between politics and private entities exists everywhere. Should China and others stop buying Boeing airplanes, because they work for US military ?

      Speaking of “no doubt”, WikiLeaks showed USA spies on everyone and they don’t want other countries using Huawei, because then they lose that ability.

      As for mass information manipulation of Chinese people, what about mass manipulation of American people and American allies? The most simple example is how they were manipulated by the government and media to believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to support the war. Weapons were not found, but what we got instead was a destabilized region that led to formation of ISIS, destruction of Iraq and Syria, and the biggest refugee crisis in recent history, that led to Brexit and destabilized the EU. Why should I believe what they say about China or anyone else?

      1. I don’t think the CCP, nor Huawei deserve the benefit of the doubt. We consumers don’t have to be bound to bureaucratic due process when it comes to allegations. The CCP is guilty of enough to cause me to never believe anything they say. Huawei’s participation with censorship in China is enough for me to avoid them as a consumer. I don’t need any proof of their more serious allegations for me to generally distrust them.

      2. You are correct. Why worry bout China when USA just voted to allow to search anyone’s browser history with no oversight or court order?

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