Lenovo still hasn’t officially notified customers who placed orders for the IdeaPad S10 netbook in August that shipping has been delayed. But the company did change the order status for anyone who took the time to look it up on their own. And Lenovo did take down the order button from the product page for a few weeks. Now it’s back and Lenovo says the IdeaPad S10 will ship within 2 to 3 weeks.

Only the white model is available. And when I checked my order status page today it still tells me that the S10 I ordered on August 19th won’t ship until November 18th. I think I ordered the black model yet.

Anyway, I’d take the 2-3 week shipping estimate with a grain of salt. But if you’re brave and/or patient, it looks like you can place an order again.

Thanks Bob and Daniel!

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28 replies on “Lenovo is taking pre-orders for IdeaPad S10 again”

  1. thanks, bb. let me ask, does it run as hot as engadget claims?

    if this is the machine and feature set you really want, i call for patience–especially since the type A customers all cancelled their orders when the news first came out. i also ordered my s10 on 8/19, and had an original ship date of 9/23. i, too, am very disappointed in the delays, but my new date is NOT november 19, as everyone had warned it would be, but october 21. i fully believe that i (and everybody else!) may receive it even sooner than that. the lenovo forums have an ideapad s10 order & delivery thread that i suggest you read. those estimated ship dates are conservative, frustratingly and confusingly so. they’re only a guess, and they aren’t updated to reflect changing realities. the situation is annoying and lenovo hasn’t lived up to their reputation, but having seen most of the competitors, i can’t see myself settling for an asus or msi. they just feel too cheap. i considered going for a dell, but i’ve had too many problems with my current latitude to give them any more money.

    1. o,, well ,how to say..it can run the ordinary programmes very well… it’s good to use it to surf internet. but if u want to play some new 3D games, it’s a bit…u know.. it can’t be the one that u want it to do anything ‘huge’. i could say..so i got two notebooks, it’s the second one. if i want do some thing simple.. i would use it. it’s easy and relax to use… the design is perfect…. especially the keyboard..its very comfortable to use……as it says on the website it is full-size..
      if u don’t want it in such a hurry.. i suggest u should wait for couple days..

      oh,by the way, one of my chinese friends told me it sells very well in china…..so maybe the company set the main selling region in china? but they would flood our market later, when they build enough and ship to us… waiting is really annoying……
      any way i don’t think Asus e-pc is better than this one…

  2. Thanks for the update folks. I also ordered on 8/19 with a supposed ship date of 9/23 (today). Last week I jumped on a chance to buy EEE 1000H 160GB version for $479 at ZZF and it arrived the next day despite the 3-day shipping. Talk about a huge contrast to the month — months! — long wait for the S10. Now I just gotta remember to cancel my order.

    1. Good choice. The only area I have found the 100)H to be even slightly deficient to the Aspire One (or HP Mini-Note) is the keyboard – right shift key and tactile feedback. All other features are at least as good or better than the competitors’ offerings. You get bluetooth, Super Hybrid Engine (performance/battery modes), a great touchpad (probably the best of the netooks), user configurable fast change keys, wireless “N”, and a real 6 cell battery (availabe now!) that does not stick out the back.

      Don’t forget, Asus has had some time to work out many of the bugs of these little netbooks. Companies like Dell and Lenovo (both of which I use for laptop business purposes) are a bit late to the table and have nothing much new to offer. Heck, most (all?) can’it even equip their uinits with 6 cell batteries yet! A netbook is supposed to be portable. IMO bettery life is one of the most important features of these machines.


      1. my frind brought me a S10 in beijing during the olympics….. it’s looks and feels very great….. not like the Asus box…. but one thing is i don’t know chinese…. all i can do is trying to figure out what does the chinese words mean… who knows how to change the system langue??? help please…..

        believe me this S10 is greater than what u thought was….

  3. I don’t understand why they say the laptops are “upgradeable” to 2GB RAM, or a 6-cell battery, yet not only do they not offer the configuration for sale, they don’t even sell the parts to do the upgrade yourself! Lenovo: This netbook could be on the top of the heap if you only ENABLED YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BUY WHAT YOU SAY IS AVAILABLE.

    1. It’s because of the licence restrictions for the continued sale of XP. Microsoft limits the hard drive sizes and memory available. You can’t sell an XP Home system with more than 1GB

      1. they do sell the matching memory. check their site.

        the asus keyboard, by the way, is total crap.

  4. Hmm . So for $40 less than an Asus 1000H I can get 512 MB less memory, 80GB less hard drive space, a smaller 3 cell battery, no wireless “N”, no over or under clocking features – and still get to wait for another 1- 3 months until it is built?

    1. that’s exactly what i was thinking, but this netbook does look good though.

      1. And it’s smaller and lighter and probably has a very good keyboard and doesn’t look alarmingly glossy 🙂

        1. It’s hard to know without hands-on experience. I’m trying to wait until late fall, hoping some next-generation update, maybe a dual core processor, bigger & cheaper SSD, etc, will make the decision more compelling.

          But it’s obvious now that it will be late fall before Lenovo’s *first* generation comes out.

      2. yeah, it looks much much better than the Asus… believe me , THINKPAD is better than Asus..en?

  5. If you actually try to place an order through the back door portal and go almost to the end before entering a credit card number you find that:

    White S10: Estimated ship = 10/13/08

    Black S10: Estomated hip = 10/20/08

    But if those that already placed orders back in August are being told November and December I don’t believe the estimated ship dates.

    1. but why does everybody assume the november dates are correct? by several accounts, they have clearly said they are conservative estimates, and lenovo is known for this.

  6. It’s rather amusing that black (which is the color I ordered) is slated to be available in December…

    1. Sorry- I should clarify my statement- my order status still shows 11/18, but the graphic above shows that the color will be available in December.

  7. It doesn’t make sense that those who ordered in August have been given a November 18 ship date, yet the web site gvies 2-3 week delivery on the white ones ordered today!
    I don’t know what to believe any more. I am disgusted with this whole industry niche.

  8. When I canceled my order the guy told me due to high demand it was delayed til November. He also said that if I changed my mind and wanted one that they will be shipping in November and can get one after a week in Nov. So apparently at least from the rep it sounds like they will have a good supply then.

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