The Lenovo Ideapad S205 is one of the first thin and laptops to pack an AMD Zacate chip. Like the IdeaPad S100 netbook, the S205 is expected to begin shipping in March, but this model packs a larger display, far more power, and a heftier starting price of $499.99.

The S205 features an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display and Windows 7 Home Premium. It has 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, an integrated Webcam (0.3MP or 1.3MP), and optional 3G. It will be available with up to an AMD Dual Core E-350 processor, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, and up to 750GB of hard drive space.

The laptop measures 10.6″ x 6.6″ x 1.1″ and weighs just under 3 pounds.

You can find more images after the break.

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11 replies on “Lenovo introduces IdeaPad S205 ultraportable laptop with AMD Zacate chip”

  1. I’ve been drooling over the upcoming E120x and had finally decided.. THIS is the uberportable for me!! (inserted my own label, so as not to step on any retards feelings regarding terminology 😉 Now I see the S205 and decide I like it better, but direct from Lenovo’s New Products Showcase page: “NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US” – WTF Lenovo?!@#!$%!?

  2. So gman after reading about the release of a new and cool bit of hardware that will by one of the first computers set to use the new AMD Zacate APUs ( your only comment is about the terminology used by Lenovo?

    Why was your comment such an attack on Brad? He has not forced Lenovo or anyone else in the industry to use or not use a term for their device?

    At the end of the day it is a computer what ever the industry terminology used it is still a computer. Stop looking at the book cover and look in side!

    Following that really looking forward to this next wave of computers using AMDs latest tech, looks to be much better than the latest Intel Atoms and Nvidia ION technology pairing. There is a YouTube video of two processor cores running at 100%, a HD video being played and a basic 3D game engine running a demo all without affecting each other.
    AMD has true multi-tasking architecture in the new their first generation of their new APUs, the future for AMD looks a lot brighter.

  3. This just goes to show you conspiracies have their own internal logic. Moreover, it is nice to know ‘not everything’ is Obama’s fault.

    1. As mentioned in my post, 95% of people won’t “get it”. I’m speaking of Brad’s usage of terms on his (and I repeat his) website. These 11.6″ computers (lol) being notebooks, ultraportables etc will not be considered “netbooks”. It’s Brads logic, not mine. The fact is, the more 11.6″ computers and growing popularity means the shrinking and eventual demise of anyone calling a computer a “netbook”. Would you care about terms? No. Again, 95-98% of the public can’t make sense of my point and I’m okay with that. The fact is, my point is valid. This site will likely see about a 25% or more drop in netbook stories. Could be more, who knows. That’s the helping hand or the kiss of death for netbook.

      1. It’s not Brad’s logic, it’s logic period!

        Netbooks are by even the loosest definition not only small mini-notebooks but also low powered and low priced. Unless a product fits all three aspects then it’s not a netbook!

        No one is going to a get a netbook and expect it to be a gaming laptop or anything close for example.

        If the term Netbook ever does die out, it’ll be because they aren’t making them anymore! They’ll be making UMPC’s or other Mini/Sub-Notebooks or other new product in the size and performance category, like the switch from PDA’s to pocket size tablets for example.

  4. Brad I just wanted to thank you for slowly killing off the netbook category. As these 11.6″ netbook and premium netbooks start dominating in 2011 you can look in the mirror and say that you helped kill off the category. Yep, tis the upcoming reality. It would be like you saying netbooks are only 8.9″ in your opinion. As the 10.1″ showed up, you would be calling them laptops and notebooks and ultraportables. Your site won’t even mention netbook now because there really aren’t any 8.9″ netbooks to talk about. I’m just trying to use this as an example of how 2011 will look. Your site won’t be talking netbooks because, well, they are all 11.6″ and afterall those are netbooks right?

    As I have been expecting and been saying 10.1″ essentially sucks, and that in reality the 11.6″ size made more sense for netbooks all along. The only problem with that is, people don’t have the foresight. Again, you don’t depend on “netbooks” and if you did, it’s possible (still not likely) that you would actually consider the importance on what you call laptops on your site.

    I realize that your livelihood with liliputing is far more reaching that just “netbook” but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking about your sites influence. I realize that in the end, what you decide to do means nothing to killing off your own site. You are far more reaching at this point than to depend on “netbook”.

    I don’t expect 95% of the people reading this comment to understand it. You will though because you have a great site and you know a bit about how the world of rankings and keywords works. I see this as a bigger deal than you do obviously. Those site that have been built on “netbooks” are asinine because they don’t even get it. They don’t want to consider 11.6″ a netbook? Bye bye then. It’s a collection of idiots who really don’t see their own fall. To think that 10.1″ is the ideal size, when HD display sucks on that resolution (even though we all know HD display is the future) is again asinine.

    I know I can’t change how people think or what they do. I may know better and I may see that somebody is going to cause a collapse, but people generally stick to their own guns. They know best. I obviously have the benefit of a bit of foresight. You can look back and I can and will point the finger and say who contributed to the evaporation of “netbooks”. I would unfortunately put you right at the top of that list. I mean that with respect if that makes sense. You know what you are doing and again, you have NO dependency on netbook and whether it lives or dies. You obviously stick to your guns and do not see netbook as a secondary computer even though in reality, netbooks are simply a secondary computer. The criteria by which you have used and continue to use is shallow and extremely short sighted. The only criteria that makes sense across the board is netbook meaning secondary computer. It’s pretty safe to consider anything 12″ and under as secondary because I bet, if you test in your own environment, that 12″ or 11″ laptop is NOT your computer at home. Do I use my 12.1″ when I have my 24″ widescreen? What do you think?

    My fight is futile. I will sit back and watch. There are a few sites out there that deserve to shrivel up like the “netbooks”. Not saying your is one of them, but those that depend on netbooks as their traffic source are not awash in blah. I can at least respect the fact that your site is at least about lil computers and not netbooks. For that, I’ll cut you some slack.

    In closing Brad, as these 11.6″ come to market in 2011 and the 10.1″ become less and less common like the 8.9″, I will hold back my opinions about your role in the slow killing off of netbooks. It’s ironic that what you helped build in netbooks, you help extinguish and kill off. It’s sometimes easy to forget where you come from. Oh well I give up.

    Happy new year everyone! High five’s everyone!

    1. No role gman, this site doesn’t make news it just reports the news. Brad and others can’t help if there is little to no new netbook news.

      You’re entitled to your opinion but please realize it’s just your opinion and not fact.

      The actual facts are 10″ models are still being reported and even CULV’s are getting into the 10″ range. The Fujitsu Lifebook T580 was reported here not too long ago for example.

      Never mind Tablets and Slates also tap into the 10″ range, besides just netbooks, and the netbooks themselves are still the majority of 10″. So you’re confusing a lack of news with a lack in the market category.

      Just because there are other options doesn’t automatically mean we’re going to drop previous options and even if we do doesn’t mean something else won’t move into the same size category.

      In the end the market adapts but so long as there is demand there will be someone trying to fill it and there are still a lot of people who want small portable computers, even if they have to compromise on performance and ergonomics…

      1. With respect, I’m only talking about labels/terminology. Brad is, with his own hands (fingers) killing off netbooks because he has such a narrow definition. It’s so narrow, that by his own fault, he will help reduce the overall netbook stories or netbook presence on the web.

        No netbook news? Well, again think about it. That’s my point!! If these 11.6″ computers are considered “netbooks” or “premium netbooks” then THERE ARE LOTS of netbook stories out there. So no, I don’t agree with you. I do consider 11.6″ a netbook or a premium netbook depending on features and pricing.

        Think about it. If you considered only 8.9″ computers as netbooks, then the category is all but dead to you. Why? Obviously netbooks evolved into 10.1″. So when they move to 11.6″, Brad and others can go down as the people assisting in the death of netbooks.

        Cheers everyone!!

        1. Brad didn’t invent the definition, it’s what a lot of people consider the difference between netbooks and other similar products. Like the difference between a business computer and a gaming laptop. Labels exist for a reason!

          Just because there is some leeway in what can be considered a netbook doesn’t mean you can just lump everything into the same category and expect it to make sense.

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