Chinese device maker Kimdecent’s latest Android TV stick has one feature that’s been sorely missing from many of the little Android-powered PCs we’ve seen recently: a 3.5mm audio jack.

If you use the HDMI port to plug the Kimdecent Mk806 into an HDTV, you can just listen to audio on the televison’s speakers. But if you want to hook it up to a monitor or other display that doesn’t have speakers, you can plug in a pair of headphones or external speakers.


In addition to the audio jack, the MK806 has a full-sized HDMI port. Most of its peers have mini HDMI ports.

The rest of the specs are pretty much par for the course these days, including:

  • 1.6 GHz Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor
  • ARM Mali 400 graphics
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB storage
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • microSD card slot
  • Full-sized USB port
  • Micro USB port

The Rockchip processor means that this little PC will probably be faster than the MK802 (which has an Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 CPU). But it also means that the MK806 probably won’t support Linux anytime soon. Rockchip hasn’t been as forthcoming with support for open source developers as Allwinner.

If you’re just looking for a cheap device that lets you play Android games, surf the web, or perform other activities on a TV or monitor though, the MK806 is one of the only cheap options available with a headphone jack.

You can pick up an MK806 from AliExpress for $67.

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23 replies on “Kimdecent MK806 Android TV stick feature HDMI and 3.5mm audio”

  1. I apologize for the newbie question, but for a mini-pc on a stick like this one, what’s the peripheral of choice? A bluetooth keyboard/mouse combination? Does anyone have any suggestions? Nothing fancy, just want to be able to run apps, play games as I would on a stock android phone.

    1. I have an MK808, and I can tell you that the ideal peripherial for it is an air mouse ! it works really really well

  2. The one thing thats missing from most of these Android on a stick is and Ethernet port.

    1. It would stop being a stick with ethernet port and instead would be a brick.

  3. Well yeah an external tv tuner option would be excellent. But i guess that’s impossible ?

  4. I just wasted 82 bucks on a G-Box Dyno which uses the same case but has an IR remote jack where this one’s audio jack is located.

    My G-Box Dyno was fritzy right from the start. These things only have one USB port and supply so little power that you can’t hook up more than two devices without using a Powered USB 2.0 hub and these are certainly not in fashion anymore. Everytime I powered my Dyno up, I had to unplug from the USB jack and replug several times before it would finally recognize and read my keyboard or mouse.

    Another problem is lack of sufficient cooling. No heat-sink means the SoC runs too hot. I just had every sort of trouble with the Dyno. Upon starting up, it would sometimes start the WiFi and sometimes not. It would sometimes establish a connection with the micro-SD-card and sometimes not. It would sometimes power-down by the included remote control and sometimes not. I tried plugging it into a different monitor and that’s when it started a new symptom of reverting to 480i video display mode repeatedly, so I went back to the TV and then the video went all screwy and stayed that way.

    Point is, these things are being shoved out the door with little attention to quality-control, usage testing, reliability testing etc. It’s all about getting it out on the market before the competition gets theirs out and if it has bugs “We’ll just update the firmware later”, but later they’re too busy working on the next one.

    I’m going to try one more of these (I already ordered and MK808) but I don’t expect it to perform much better. I shudda gone with a Roku from Walmart for about the same money.

    1. my mk808 is sitting in its box since I can’t get anything to display on tv.

      1. (I own an MK802…) Try turning off oversync on your TV which may solve this issue according to some of the blogs).

    2. My UG007 and UG007 II power a USB keyboard and trackball with no problem, don’t heat up beyond 30C, and work great with cheap TVs, such as a US$150 24-inch Insignia. For more details, see my detailed First Look at the CozySwan UG007 and Other Android 4.1+ MiniPC Devices post.

  5. Any body know about this devices, it can connect to external hard drive.

  6. it would be gr8 if this have functions like external TV tuner… e.g. Input for TV signal

  7. why no gamepad support? it has got a full usb port..could anyone explain this?

    1. In android, like with most OS, you need drivers for hardware, and
      Android ICS can use Gamepads and Bluetooth devices on the USB
      port, but the people that make the ROM have to include the driver in
      the ROM, but for what ever reason they do not, seems silly to me.

  8. I want to buy one… if it can connect to hard drive it will be good for me.

  9. No Bluetooth, and most likely no gamepad support, why do they do that,
    I want to play games and emulators on my TV.

  10. A headphone jack does help a lot in many cases. For instance, I would use one of these devices with an LCD monitor that has no speakers. The audio would be supplied by an old-fashioned hifi system but that has no HDMI. I can string together a bunch of splitters and converters but it would be a lot of work that could be avoided with a simple headphone jack on the device itself.

  11. Yesterday it was bluetooth. Today it’s a headphone jack. These mini pc sticks are slowly inching forward towards the full functionality of a real PC. When they add these to a linux capable chipset and enough ram and storage to actually run desktop programs, I think they will really have hit the mainstream.

      1. Well Android rocks but not everyone wants to use an OS designed for tablets as a Desktop OS on a non-touchscreen monitor. Nice to have the choice.

      2. Android is much-less usable for a lot of tasks.

        I couldn’t even find a decent torrent client for it. (One which can manage a 200GB torrent and allows selecting files).

        Same for office suite. No LibreOffice for Android yet and what is available is a joke.

        Now, with a normal Linux desktop these are not an issue.

    1. something like mele a1000 with better cpu and more ram should be ok…

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