The Kangaroo Desktop Computer is a tiny Windows 10 PC that’s small enough to slide into a pocket. First unveiled this summer, the Kangaroo is now available for $99.


The computer measures just 3″ x 2″ and weighs about 7 ounces. It has an Intel Atom x5-Z8500 Cherry Trail processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It also has a microSD card reader.

There’s also a removable dock that adds an HDMI port, two USB ports, and a DC power connector.

The little computer also has a fingerprint reader so you can secure your login to Windows 10 using biometrics.


While there’s no Ethernet port, the Kangaroo supports dual-band 802.11ac WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.0 so you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse while leaving those USB ports free for more important devices.

Using an HDMI cable, you can hook up the Kangaroo to any screen, including a television set. There is also a free iOS software download that will allow users to connect to an iPad.

The company claims you can use the Kangaroo for four hours before needing to recharge the battery.

In an interview with BGR, Kangaroo maker InFocus says this first-generation model is just the beginning. The company plans to make more high-end models in the future. There are also working plans to make base extensions that will allow for more functionality on the current model. So, if you are an early adopter, you won’t be left behind as the technology progresses.

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24 replies on “Kangaroo pocket-sized desktop computer now available for $99”

  1. picked one if these up on a sale and I am very impressed, build quality is high feels very solid. Running win10 on a 1080p tv with just a mouse is quite easy,. netflix performs well with the ac wifi, so far quite happy with it. I plan to use it as my desktop for a long trip, much smaller than a laptop, and TVs are ubiquitous for large display, photo sorting, audio editing, programming.

  2. I’d love to get one with atom x7 and at least 4gb of ram (8gb would be great). It would be a great addition with my cintiq companion hybrid.

  3. This discussion about ethernet not fitting and similar issues with recent slim notebook designs has me wondering why the ethernet plug has not been redesigned in… ever?!?!? I’ve seen some proprietary slim ethernet ports, but why not develop a standard for one that can be used with these small devices? (The standard size plug can remain in existance for big network hardware and computers, etc.)

  4. It’s a shame that it isn’t Windows 10 PRO instead of HOME (though due to costs, I can understand why.) I’d love to be able to RDP into it for those times when it is not connected to a monitor–it could be a truly “headless” device. Though I could just as easily use TeamViewer or VNC. Can’t wait until mine ships!

  5. I already bought a mini Intel Atom based PC for $99 + SSD and RAM I had lying around. Although I’m very interested in the high-end versions with GigE if they come out. It’d be nice but not required for me (as long as the fans are quiet enough) if they’re fanless but with the prices they seem to be targeting, I doubt that’ll happen. Core based fanless mini-PCs from other OEMs can get pretty close and sometimes past the $1000 USD mark.

    Wasn’t there another company that sold/was going to sell similar devices? There were Core based ones too. I remember reading an article on Liliputing about it maybe last year. I was going to keep track of it but I ended forgetting the company and device name.

    I really like the built-in battery!

  6. Will it be possible to install my own operating system, this device looks really interesting in light of recent developments with Ubuntu’s convergence system…

      1. Hi! I’ve done a quick search in your site without much success, maybe is me (wouldn’t be strange, not a ‘power user’ here)… so it is really possible to install, sat, Ubuntu 15.10 in the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop? I’d be happy and do free marketing for you in that case!

        4-8 GB + 64-128 GB options would also be welcome. I can see it at my working place replacing tons of Jurassic desktops that consume GWs to generate a heatwave (and solve little tasks)… BTW, we’re still on Windows XP on 90% PCs :/

  7. is the dock included for $99.00 and 32gb emmc is a little small. 64gb would be preferable because after space occupied by win 10 there is very little storage left.

    1. The newegg description was updated to indicate that the dock is included

  8. Looks like we have a Kangaroo rep in the comments section. Thanks for answering questions.
    I was interested to see a device like this coming from a more established company. Having a full, easy x86 unit that runs on batteries and is charged via USB may be a niche case for some but is important to me. Considering getting one of these units at some point to try it out.
    Do we know what kind of other expansion dock module are going to be available in the future? Price? Timeline they might come out? Any word on how difficult it may be to install a different OS?

  9. I still do not see how the small form factor of this Windows 10 PC offers any greater capability than a Windows 10 Tablet. They are both portable but a Tablet is still functional while on-the-go. It is still an interesting design, the specs are good along with a decent $99 price tag. If they could just combine this pc with a cheap 500gb external drive, (it’ll need a larger battery) then they could advertise it as a $ 150 multi-use device which meets the needs you didn’t know you had.

    It could become a powered external hardrive with a built in PC. It could be used as a Portable Server with firewalls, real time virus scans, a built in UPS and a Torrent Client. The ultimate, “kitchen sink” device that you already know how to program, (no special instruction necessary).

  10. Does it require the doc to be charged/powered? Can the micro usb on the main unit be used to power it?

    1. Yes, the microUSB can power the unit, although depending on usage, the power draw from the unit can be more than the output from the microUSB charger. It’s better w/ the AC adapter.

  11. So… if you don’t connect the port replicator, you don’t have any video output, is that correct? I guess the concept was a lot of workstations with people moving in and out and they connect and disconnect their pocket PC-s from these ports as they move along. This would be a good idea too, if the device would have a built-in battery to bridge said move and if it were a bit stronger, so people would actually work on it and bring it along with them. Like a CoreM CPU, 4-8GB of RAM and ~128 GB of eMMC or M.2 SSD, to use it as a low-power workstation.

  12. Why need a fingerprint scanner? I would have preferred an ethernet port

    1. We plan on having many more docks that support different types of ports. Ethernet port on the unit itself would increase the width of the unit and not make it as slim.

      1. will it be possible to order the device with a dock that has ethernet or do I need to order it now with the above dock and later on add another dock?

        1. Right now, we don’t have a dock with ethernet port available. We will submit your issues with our engineering team for further development.

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