I wanted to take a moment to let you know about a new web site I’ve just launched, called mobiputing. As you can probably guess from the name, mobiputing is and will continue to be a sister site to Liliputing. But while Liliputing is focused on netbooks and mobile computing hardware and software generally, my aim with mobiputing is to cover the world of smartphone apps.

Right now there’s a pretty heavy focus on iPhone and Android applications on the site, because that’s where most of the development has been recently (and because I happen to have a Google Nexus One Android phone and an iPod Touch to test out new apps). But I’m hoping to touch on most of the major platforms, and I’ve already started lining up writers to help out with app reviews and recommendations for other platforms including WebOS.

While the netbook market was just getting started when I launched Liliputing, smartphones have clearly been around for a little while. But it’s an exciting time in the smartphone space, with Android phones like the Nexus One giving the iPhone some serious competition in terms of specs and available applications. And Microsoft is set to launch the most significant revision to its mobile operating system in a decade later this year.

Of course, I’ll also continue covering software development that’s relevant to the mobile computing space at Liliputing. So you can still expect to see the occasional post about Ubuntu, MeeGo, Jolicloud, Android, and Chrome OS. But if you’re at all interested in news about smartphone apps and operating systems, I hope you’ll check out mobiputing.

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14 replies on “Introducing mobiputing: Smartphone apps, tips, and news”

  1. I will definitely be checking out the Mobiputing site.

    I guess there is a fine line between netbooks and smartphones which seem like very small computers more than phones. Perhaps a smartbook is the offspring of a netbook and a smart phone getting together? 🙂

  2. Yeah, the ads here have taken over 50% of the screen space, no room left for posting of content.
    Beginning to remind a person of the “marginal comments” in Mad Magazine.

    Maybe next year (2010) – I noticed both sites still claim its 2009.
    I guess there is something to be said for consistency.

  3. Are you going to do reviews and comparisons of hardware? How about a database like the one you have here? I noticed you have no “Contact” or “about” pages there.
    I am in the market for a new phone as my Blackjack is starting to act up and is well past it’s prime. Your new site could be a great resource.

    1. I’m not really planning to spend a lot of tome covering hardware for
      mobiputing. There are plenty of other sites that do a great job of
      that already.

      That said, I’m sure I’ll have the occasional hardware related aricle
      from time to time. And it will probably be hard to resist the
      temptation to review new products I happen to purchase for myself.

      There are contact and about pages, but the links are on small print at
      he bottom of the page. I’ve noticed that few people seem to click
      those links so I’ve decided to save space at the top by moving them to
      he bottom. I may revisit this decision later.

      Thanks for the input!
      On Wednesday, March 10, 2010, Disqus

  4. Should be interesting and I will definitely check it out, but “mobiputing”??? I hope you don’t get sued by a music artist.

  5. Well, okay…but notebooks, laptops, netbooks, and smart books are mobile computing too, right? Nearly all computers are somewhat ‘mobi’, so I just wonder if what line will stand between a liliputer and mobiputer? Is it just the phone part?

    This is just my opinion but it seems like smart phones are morphing into handheld computers and that being a ‘phone too’ will get pushed down the list of features as times goes on.

    I’m not trying to second guess you… Oh, never mind me I’ll go off to mumble about seeing Elvis over here. 😉

    1. I definitely spent some time trying to pick a name for the new site that would differentiate it from liliputing. But you’d be amazed at how many of the best domain names are taken. 🙂

      In the end I decided mobiputing would help tie into my existing brand while
      giving the sense that we’re talking about mobile phones.

      As far as the blurring lines between netbooks, tablets and smartphones…
      yeah, there will probably be some crossover in the topics I cover on the two
      sites. But for the most part mobiputing=smartphone app reviews while
      liliputing=mobile pc hardware, software, news, etc.

      1. So where will you post stories about smartphone hardware,
        like the upcoming HTC Supersonic and Dell Mini 5?

      2. My 2 cents, for what it’s worth. I know you’re a very smart guy and I’m sure you know most of these things already. I’m just saying aren’t you concerned about Google having issues with you having too much market share? I mean that in the sense that this site couldn’t do much better. If you are launching another site, different, but not that different, do you really think it’s worth the risk? Based on my experience, when you have something working, making changes can be catastrophic. Take that for what it’s worth. It’s not how I think, but it’s how Google thinks that matters. Highly risky in my honest opinion. I appreciate this site believe me. You’re smart and I’m sure you know what is and isn’t a risk. A new mobile technology site is high risk when you have plenty to lose on the gamble. I hope it works out for you having said all this.

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