HTC is set to introduce its next flagship smartphone in about two weeks, but by the time March 25th arrives there might not be much we don’t already know about the all new HTC One.

Recently @evleaks posted pictures of a slick new flip cover that comes in multiple colors and shows time and weather even when the lid is closed. And a person who claims to work at a Canadian wireless carrier has revealed more details after allegedly spending time with the phone, also known as the HTC M8.

HTC M8 flip cover

Here are some of the new things we think we’ve learned this week (all details are really must rumors until they’re confirmed my HTC):

  • The all new HTC One features support for Moto X-style “always listening” software. That means you can control your phone without touching it by asking questions like “OK Google Now, what time is it?” or issuing commands like OK Google Now, set an alarm for 2:00″ without unlocking the screen first.
  • There’s also support for lock-screen gestures that let you do things like swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open your last app without first unlocking the device. You’ll need to enter a passcode first if you have that security measure enabled though.
  • On the back of the phone there are two camera lenses (as seen in many leaked photos and press shots of the phone). These are used for depth perception — not only do the dual lenses help you adjust the focus of the picture before snapping a photo, but you can actually adjust the focus after taking a picture. The camera allegedly has the same 4MP “ultrapixel” camera as the original HTC One.
  • Like the first-gen HTC One, the new phone has stereo front-facing speakers, but they’re said to be even louder and better sounding.
  • While the phone is said to have a microSD card slot, it does not appear to have a user replaceable battery or a removable rear panel.
  • Nor does it have support for wireless charging.
  • Don’t like the HTC Sense and BlinkFeed software? No worries. There’ll be a Google Play Edition version of the phone with a stock version of Android.

HTC is expected to officially launch the phone at an event on March 25th. It’ll reportedly be available in a range of colors and from most major wireless carriers in the US and Canada.

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21 replies on “More HTC M8 (all new HTC One) details leaked”

  1. Thanx for the responses however you need light field camera sensor ( to do this. Toshiba was working on just such a sensor for mobile devices that would also allow this for still images and video. Re-read my first post and realized I somehow deleted or left out that you could not refocus a taken shot with what HTC was using at least too my knowledge however it is impossible to keep up with all developing technology. However the problem with light field cameras was sensor sizes limited the amount of light that was processed with HTC using their 4mp camera with that huge sensor (space per pixel)
    Could help resolve this issue if it’s the same. At the vary least it will be interesting to see how/if they pull it off. ;-/ sleep I need!

  2. I’ll get this phone if the camera takes photos as sharp and detailed as on other phones, it’s a real deal breaker to me.

  3. I own an HTC one and personally im gonna get one of these the day it comes out

  4. Looking forward to it!!! First time I’ve lasted this long with a phone is this ONE!!!

  5. “Like the first-gen HTC One, the new phone has stereo front-facing speakers, but they’re said to be even louder and better sounding.”

    Ugh, fantastic. Now it’s going to be even harder for me to block out some asshole who insists on playing his music through his phone’s speakers.

  6. Maybe, maybe, but wish they’d just use a normal (standard mobile) 8mp camera higher mp as I miss the sharpness and quality of my cropped photos on my old phone. and you cannot refocus a shoot after its taken. That’d be like saying you were going to remarinate food after its already on the table. You can however add salt and this two camera gimmick is much like that!

    1. Allegedly the dual lenses should be able to merge photos together to be able to create a photo at nearly 13 MP. It will also allow for better lighted and low lighted photo taking conditions as well as better photo editing opportunities.

    2. …and now you also have 2 cameras to be wary about. The first gen had- no, has- a serious issue HTC had no solution for but to replace the phone. Talking about the infamous purple tint.

      1. They actually replace the camera module.. It takes 1 week from the day you send it, to the day you receive it.

    3. Well in theory, you SHOULD be able to refocus the image within reason. If each sensor on this phone is the same size as the single sensor in the original HTC One (1/3.0″), then the DoF of each image is quite large. Within that range, the two lenses would presumably be used to reduce the focal plane (DoF) further, thereby increasing bokeh — this process could then be reapplied with a different focal plane later.

      Again, this is all just theoretical speculation – we don’t know how the sensors are used, and what the firmware is capable of, until HTC makes its announcement.

      I know I will replace my HTC One this year, I just don’t know if it will be with this “new” One or the Sony Z2. Or, maybe I’ll just go back to my Nokia 808 PureView relic — since even after 2 years, no other cameraphone has matched its IQ.

    1. The pink was caused by a slight overheating problem near the camera, I’m sure they increased shielding on this one.

    2. You have to update to the new kit Kat I did and it doesn’t have that anymore it works great now

      1. I upgraded to the 4.4.2 update on my AT&T HTC One, and the pink/blue/purple tint is still there in low-light environments. It must be only hardware related. Very annoying!

        A new, better, and hopefully higher MP camera will the the decision maker on if I will even consider getting the new HTC One. Either that, or at least the ability to merge pics taken with both camera lenses, to create a higher quality, more detailed image, when zoomed in on or cropped.

  7. Guessing that it will use an OLED screen (so the unlit pixels don’t consume energy) and the lit ones shine through the holes in the cover. Seems like that would still drain the battery though.

    1. I dont think the holes in the case go all the way through the front.. I think its more of a smartcase. With LED’s built in.

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