HP’s new super-cheap Windows tablets are set to launch this month with prices as low as $100 for the HP Stream 7 and $150 for the HP Stream 8.

Neither model is shipping yet, but both tablets are available for pre-order.

hp stream 7_01

The HP Stream 7 features a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display, an Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It’s available for pre-order from Amazon for $100.

For that price you get a tablet that’s the same size as the Toshiba Encore Mini, but with a higher-resolution display with better viewing angles and more built-in storage space. Like many other small, inexpensive Windows tablets, the HP Stream 7 comes with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal for no additional charge.

Considering a 1-year subscription to Office 365 normally runs $70, it’s kind of like you can get a tablet for $30 plus the price of an Office subscription… assuming you’re content to only run Office on your tablet. The license isn’t good for an additional PC.

HP’s 8 inch model has nearly identical specs, but a slightly larger case. HP plans to sell a WiFi-only model for $150, but it’s not up for pre-order yet. You can, however, pre-order an HP Stream 8 tablet with 4G LTE from Amazon for $180.

hp stream 8_01

That model is designed to work with T-Mobile’s wireless network and comes with 200MB of free data each month for as long as you have the tablet.

While the HP Stream tablets are among the cheapest Windows tablets you’re likely to find from a US company this year, they don’t have all the bells and whistles you get with some other tablets. Neither the Stream 7 nor the Stream 8 have HDMI ports, for instance.

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28 replies on “HP Stream Windows tablets hit pre-order for $100 and up”

  1. they were hitting for $80 earlier in the month i’d have gotten one but I honestly don’t need one because I already have like 4 tablets…

  2. so is it running on the t-mobile network? and if yes, does that mean you can benefit from their deal where music streaming doesnt use your data?

  3. This is from an Amazon review of stream 11:
    You get a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal (one computer + one tablet). This does not come installed on the device; you get a redemption key that must be used by the end of 2016. I actually love this, as you can redeem the subscription on another device if you choose to do so. This is a $70 value. I’m still debating whether to redeem this key for my Stream 11, so I did not test MS Office, but based on how it runs Google Docs and Sheets, I would expect they’ll run just fine provided you don’t have a ton of other applications going at the same time.

    So my question, is the office 365 seperate on the hp stream 7 and 8? If so, it would be worth buying the 7 just for that.

  4. A Winbook TW 801 for $ 139.00 would seem a much better deal to me. I’ve had mine now for 3 weeks and it rocks! Office, Full USB 3.0, HMDI, Micro SD, 32 storage, 2 GB Ram.

  5. Some nonspecific observations I made about the device:
    It is much heavier then you think.
    The back cover is REALLY chintzy, hopefully they fixed it for the prod models
    The tablet is carrier unlocked OOB and uses a micro SIM slot.
    Screen is very bright, beautiful.

    1. it has no hdmi and is not 1080p, so for what purpose did you buy it?
      is office any good on it?
      how many youtube tabs can you open in 720p before it chokes?
      can you watch movies in the sunlight?
      can you uninstall (not just stop) the hp connected apps if you only use onedrive or no cloud service?
      does it come with any other toolbars or crap installed?
      does battery life benefit with lower res screen?
      does it have miracast?
      is it full sd or microsd?


      1. I did not buy it, I work for an unnamed company.

        Office works fine.

        Not sure, wasn’t part of our test cases, but I can confirm it plays HD perfectly.

        The screen is very pretty and bright, rivaling my DV8P

        Yes, you can uninstall the apps.

        Yes, it comes with some printer drivers and what not installed, nothing too intrusive.

        Battery life is average at best, nothing special.

        Never tried that.


        1. i could help name your company though, ask your boss, i have some good names

      2. ok, i have to ask:
        what real world application is there, on a single screen device no less, for playing multiple 720p youtube tabs SIMULTANOUSLY?

        1. just a good way to test things like RAM and processor lol calm yo tits :p

          1. no….no it really isn’t.

            besides the point that this isn’t any indication of real world performance in tasks actually typically performed on devices like this, without you giving a specific list of specific videos it can’t even be used as a synthetic benchmark.

            Videos have different bitrates depending on picture complexity and amount of movement. a Lyrics Video will be less taxing than a VLOG, which is less taxing than some GoPro 1st Person stuff, Anime will be less taxing than Liveaction etc.

            In addition to that, hardware accelerated playback will tax the CPU much less than non accelerated playback. Depending on driver versions used this can have sometimes more sometimes less impact, to generally know what is or isn’t working on your system right now, go to:

            after that, there is the issue of HTML5 Video vs. Flash Video.
            On some machines flash video is accelerated while HTML5 isn’t for some odd reason, on some HTML5 is also accelerated but less taxing. Unless you rightclick on the video you won’t be able to see any difference between the flash and HTML5 players in Chrome and i sometimes get one, sometimes the other without rhyme or reason it seems.

            lastly if these videos aren’t tiled to all display simultanously but you only see one of them in a foreground tab while the others are offscreen in background tabs and asuming they all use hardware accelerated playback and thereby don’t choke the CPU with decoding tasks, then the system will typically “cheat” by giving more priority to the one video you do see while all the other “videos” can have laggy pictures all they want, because you don’t see them.

            So typically this test will annoy you audibly by playing x number of videos sound simultanously assuming you didn’t mute them all or master volume control, and will not reliably and reproducably give any indication of real world performance between devices.

            CPU, GPU, RAM and Storage Benchmarks performed for actual reviews with test software to give reliably reproducable numbers exist for a reason.

          2. look, i didnt want to have to spell it out but you leave me no choice. the real reason is porn of course. i thought everyone opens multiple tabs like me

    2. Have you experienced memory being paged to disk due to running out of physical RAM? If so, under what conditions? Thanks!

      1. It handled a lot of tabs very well, the only issues I’ve noticed with regards to memory is in the desktop, launch times aren’t as fast as they could be, most likely do to paging. There isn’t really a “resuming” issue like on WP AFAICT

    3. Regular or lte version? Was the office 365 installed already or not? I was wondering if you could just buy the tablet and then use office 365 with a different pc or a mac. Do you plan on hooking it up to a monitor somehow and using it as a desktop? How much space was free originally? Does it have GPS?

      1. The LTE model.
        It was, but I believe you have to enter a key you get in the box, not 100% sure because we had a pre-prod model.
        There was approx. 19GB of space available to user, 12GB free.
        I am pretty sure it had GPS.
        Nope, I don’t get to keep most devices unless I save up points in the cookie jar.

        1. How was battery? How does lte work on window’s tablet? Could I use it with att or is it locked to tmobile(I know 200mb for life is part of the deal for tmobile)

          1. They battery is honestly average to slightly below average for a windows 8.1 tablet, slightly worse then my DV8P.

            You could use with AT&T.

    4. I have a t-mobile phone with unlimited data. Can I put my Sim card into the tablet to use my data.

  6. Stream 7, stream 8 both are great options. For $99 you will get 32 GB and you can also add 32 GB micro SD card. $179 for 8 inch 4g version also great choice.

    Best thing about these 1GB RAM cheap windows tablets is they run much better than android tablets with similar specs. Many Toshiba encore user reviews said the same thing.

    Note: stream 7 is in stock now, while stream 8 is still preorder.

    1. Yes, the HP7 sounds like a good deal for a Benjamin, I love the low price.

      I use Android now but I might get back to Windows.

      Thanx Brad, nice review, I also like ur Deals of the Day section very much. 🙂

  7. Will the license be pre-installed on it or could I install it on another windows pc? If so, this is a good deal, office 365 for my laptop and a tablet thrown in with it

    1. Windows 8 OEM licenses are “baked in” to the motherboard. You don’t get a key, and the license isn’t in any way transferable.

      1. I meant office 365,if I could put it on my mac or windows laptop, or if I have to use it on the hp stream

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