The HP Stream 11 is a Windows notebook with an 11.6 inch display, an Intel Celeron N2840 Bay Trail processor, and a fanless design.

It also happens to be ridiculously cheap for a Windows notebook. After unveiling the laptop in September, HP is now selling the Stream 11 for just $200.

That’s the list price. Don’t be surprised if you see this little notebook sold at even lower prices as the holidays approach.

stream 11

The HP Stream 11 isn’t a spectacular laptop. But it’s easy to overlook some of the notebook’s limitations given its low price tag.

HP outfits the computer with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage, a 37Wh battery, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port, HDMI output, a headset jack, and an SD card reader. It has a 1366 x 768 pixel matte display, but the viewing angles are limited.

The notebook measures 11.8″ x 8.1″ x 0.8″ and weighs 2.8 pounds, and HP says it should offer up to 8 hours and 15 minutes of battery life.

While the display is less than stellar, the amount of built-in storage limited, and the processor relatively slow, for $200 not only do you get a laptop that runs the full Windows 8.1 operating system, but you also get a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal with access to Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Access as well as 1TB of cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive for a year.

HP’s Stream family of low-cost Windows notebooks also includes a 14 inch Stream laptop with an AMD processor that sells for $299, and the company has a 13 inch Intel Bay Trail model and an 11.6 inch convertible notebook on the way.

thanks Sam B!

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45 replies on “HP Stream 11 laptop now available for $200”

  1. Does anyone know if I could install iTunes on this laptop? Just to listen to music and update my iPod? Nothing major..

    1. You can definitely 🙂 it’s just another laptop…. Albeit slightly weaker

  2. In the UK it’s £179, that’s way cheaper than a Chromebook. They’ve also brought out a Stream 7, a £99 tablet – cheaper than an Android tablet. Insane and you get a real PC and not some castrated Chrome OS or ad-n-junkware mobile OS. In fact, £278 for both is around the price of many Chromebooks.

    If I could get Linux on these things I’d be getting one in a heartbeat, I love the blue colour. I’m not into all this cloud crud but it would work well with my own server setup.

      1. It will take a little more than your gracious permission, like driver support for one, but thankyou. 😛

        1. This version has the Atom Quad Core, what driver issues? For the AMD version, there is always a driver problem since GPU support is spotty.

          1. It may have some obscure WiFi or other unsupported hardware. Having AMD would not be a problem, my current HP has AMD and it uses the OSS driver with no problems at all. HP usually put links in for more in-depth specs and manuals but I haven’t seen those for the Stream 11, not on the UK site at least. If the wife gets one as she’s planning I’ll try a live USB stick and see what’s working for myself. But in the meantime I’m more likely to go for another HP laptop as it may be more practical for me.

            Celeron dual core btw, at least in this country. Stream 14 comes with AMD.

  3. This really looks like a Fischer-Price to from the outside. I don’t doubt that it is more usable than that but it somewhat shows that HP want to limit the uptake of this model to specific groups (students…etc).

  4. This 2 in 1 tablet looks WAY better than the overpriced original Surface 1 and Surface 2. This is what ‘Surface’ should have been in the first place.

  5. I wonder how this laptop will fare against the equally priced Asus EeeBook X205, both are running on Baytrail but one on a Quad Core Atom the other on the higher clocked Dual Core Celeron. Based on the Pictures alone I have far more confidence in the Asus as they have a slightly better record for build quality but at the $200 price point everything is up in the air. What do you guys think?

    1. eeebook have 1gb of ram , but have better battery life (12 hours)
      to me the stream 11 is better

      but the overall best value prize go to the 250$ HP stream 13 (with touch screen and 3G ) I think this is the best budget device for student and anyone who just use light programs like Office and Browser

      1. Take a look at the eeebooks specs again, it ships with 2Gb of RAM. I think the Asus as the edge being lighter and Asus having a track record of making tiny laptops aimed for budget usage.

        I won’t disagree that the 13″ model is in the Goldilocks zone of lightweight laptops. I’d like to see an Asus contender at that price point.

      2. Why would I need 3G, when I can tether my phone to the thing and get 4G or 4G LTE??? I don’t need the mobile modem on my laptops; because I already ran into an issue while at a gig, I couldn’t get any coverage at the bottom of valley to use online content services.

        I know how to solve that, but like I said I can use my phone.

        1. you might not need that (and that’s okey)
          different people have different needs

          to me I would like built in 4G , because in my country (Saudi Arabia) you can get multiple sim cards on the same bill (so you can subscribe to a plan with unlimited data and use that unlimited data on all your devices that have 4G (like tablet or MyFi )

          and I understand and respect that you don’t need 4G so you should get a device without 4G 🙂

          1. Huh? 3G non-phone devices aren’t that popular in North America. That’s why different markets get different configurations. This is a US specific configuration; most people will not fork out more money for a mobile modem.

  6. Consider this fact. You can buy the Nexus 9 keyboard for around $140. Just imagine, you could not buy that, but instead get a keyboard with an actual computer thrown in for a measly $60 more.

    1. That price is ridiculous for a keyboard cover and will obviously not last long. Reallistically, you will be able to pick up a good-quality keyboard folio for $50 for the Nexus9.

  7. We live in unprecedented times, and here’s why. You can buy a $150 brand new Windows machine, and get more for your money than you could if you bought $150 worth of used hardware. And it’s all because of these contra revenue <$17 SOC's from Intel and the <$25/ free license for Windows.
    This has never happened before (or at least not in the last 20-30 years or so) for computational power to be so cheap and so accessible it undercuts the used market.

  8. When are computers makers going to move on from 1366 x 768. They have better resolution screens on tablets but most of these chromebooks and now bingbooks have mediocre displays.

    1. You want Full HD display on $199 laptop? Thats very unfair. They also had to make some profits.
      Macbook air costs $899 and has same 1366×768 display but hardly anyone complains about it. For most people 1366×768 is enough.

      I think computer hardware came a long way in the last 2-3 years. Now you can get full HD touch screen laptop with core i5 processor for $499.

    2. If you are pixel crazed, you can get the new 8″ Acer Iconia Tab 8 (A1-840FHD) for $200 with 1920×1200 rez. and the somewhat faster Z3740 as opposed to the Z3735/f typically found in 8″-ers. You would, however, have to reflash the Android ROM to Windows…

  9. How in the world should that weight 2.8 lbs? Did Asus use some magic to make their 2.2 lbs?

    1. Asus have released a vast number of small-cheap-light plastic machines over the past 6 years, with a surprisingly focused design language. Between the netbook lineage and their VivoBooks you’ve got a company with a solid and focused design library and a huge amount of experience to draw on. It’ll be no surprise if the EeeBook turns out to be a solid machine. HP, has spent the last several years being all over the place. If they stick with these Stream machines they’ll probably release a pretty nice version in an iteration or two. But, knowing HP, they’ll probably decide the project is a failure and cancel it by January 1.

      1. LOL well put. HP tries too hard to be everything to everyone. Maybe that’s why they had to break up the company.

  10. Went to the HP site and got the runaround. Below is the link to the
    actual product

    After visiting this product’s listing and browsing Toshiba’s web site,
    I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of manufacturers (and Best Buy) not
    listing complete specs for their products.

    They don’t even list the Intel CPU model, as if they didn’t think
    that might be important to buyers. Btw, performance wise, this CPU,
    Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz Passmark is 1128, about equal to
    Intel Atom Z3740D 1.33 GHz (Dell Venue 8 Pro, Asus VivoTab
    Note 8) of 1117, and lower than Intel Core2 Duo L9400 1.86
    GHz of 1316 (Lenovo ThinkPad X200s).

    1. Because we are enthusiast, normal consumers don’t pay attention to specs. All they want to know does it run their favorite software, can they watch YouTube in HD and will load Facebook quickly.

      The Moto X sells well because it just works, no specs to tout they are mid-range.

      There are dozens of powerful small screen options. You can easily get a 13-14″ screen laptop with i5 or A8/10; not at that price point however. You will be paying at least $500. You can get two of these for older people or kids and they’ll be happy.

      These are not aimed at you. I hardly use all four cores in this thing; I use it mostly for doing what I am doing here. I can do this with a low end machine, it won’t hiccup. My actual work with laptops is to DJ and a bit later will I will start doing more HD video, those cores will come in handy then.

      If you want a smaller laptop, you choices are limited, this gives people some lower cost options.

  11. Same mistakes again to the Netbook era where Microsoft forced Windows into a spec not designed for it and then capped further development and evolution of it by limiting the design.

    Windows is a beast and needs a powerful machine to keep it going. These machines will not run well with Windows and will bloat out, slow down and become painful after a while.

    1. You are very wrong on this.
      Windows 8/8.1 is very light and it can work on low end hardware much better than older windows and chromebooks could. Also, these bay trail processors have much better performance than atom processors of 2007-2010 era.

      You can check the any reviews of windows bay trail tablets which have same OS as this laptop has. They all offer good performance and this laptop with even faster processor will work much better.

      In the last 1-2 years many reviewers biased towards chromebooks despite their pathetic performance in simple tasks like browsing with multiple tabs. All of them note this drawback which is a major issue for chrome OS because its main feature is a browser but they still say its good mostly because its cheap and bias towards anything google.

      But you wont see such performance issues on windows devices like these. Windows 8/8.1 work really great on my 6 year old laptop with low end atlhon processor and in fact it works much better than windows 7. It also boots fast much faster with 8.1 than windows 7.

        1. I agree with “sir tech” after upgrading a couple old Vista OS laptops with mediocre specs to W8 I was surprised at how well they ran. Video drivers were my only issue and got that resolved with a little homework and a download. For basic tasks these will perform well.

        2. What’s not to believe, ever since Vista MS has been steadily reducing the bloat and the latest W8.1 Update 1 nearly reduces everything down to nearly rival what they were with XP…

          While employing options like hybrid boot that helps speed up the normal boot process to be more like what you get when waking up from Hibernate and a host of other similar speed tweaks all do make W8 in many ways faster and more responsive…

          Specifically, Windows 8.1 Update 1 reduced the system install requirements to 1GB of RAM and 16GB of Storage or about half what it was before…

          Storage, for example, can now make use of WIMBoot option where the installation is kept in a still mostly compressed WIM file that can be just under 4GB and it can double as the recovery partition as well to further help reduce storage requirements by not requiring the usual extra 8GB recovery partition…

          Mind, they did have to make the OS usable on even lower end devices in order to be usable on many tablets, 2 in 1’s, etc. and W8 did introduce many under the hood improvements that they’ve continued to improve as time went on…

          The only thing is it also depends on what programs/apps you run as well as not all will take full advantage of the OS and higher end performance apps for productivity usages will still require a good system to run on no matter what…

    2. Maybe if we’re talking about Windows Vista on the original Atom and 1 GB of RAM. It’s completely different now with Windows 8.1.

    3. so you think computer specs did not improve since the Netbook era !! you’re an idiot if you base your conclusion of today technology on an old technology

  12. Unforunately for HP, the asus eeebook is just about to ship with 12 hours of battery life.

    1. I question the 12 hours. Did you see the size of the EeeBook battery? 2 cell?

      1. Do YOU remember the eee 1005? It had an 8! Hour battery life, is it really that far fetched that they can achieve a 12 hour battery 5 years later? And I’m sure your mile may vary depending on your usage, if you’re just emailing, reading, surfing… Sure 12 hours.. But if you’re streaming Netflix all day, or better yet using it to stream steam games from your main desktop, probably a lot less battery

    2. but eeebook have only 1GB of ram (sorry it’s 2GB , my mistake )

      but I would recommend the 250$ hp stream 13 (with touch screen and 3g) it’s not that much expensive than the stream 11

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