HP is preparing to launch a 17 inch device that you can use as a desktop PC, a monitor, or a really big tablet. It’s called the HP Slate 17, and it appears to be a smaller version of the company’s HP Slate 21 or Slate 21 Pro all-in-one desktops.

While those models feature 21 inch screens and NVIDIA Tegra processors, the new HP Slate 17 features an Intel Celeron N2807 Bay Trail processor.

We first saw benchmark results for the Slate 21 in July and it isn’t available for purchase in the US yet, but now the computer has started to pop up in a few places on the HP website.

Update: The HP Slate 17 is coming soon for around $450.

hp slate 17_02

According to a listing on the HP Peru website, the Slate 17 features a 17 inch full HD touchscreen display, Beats Audio, 2GB of RAM, an HDMI port a USB 2.0 port, and a memory card reader. It has built-in 802,11a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 720p webcam.

The system runs android 4.4 KitKat.

The HP Slate 17 weighs about 5.4 pounds and has a built-in battery that lets you use it for up to 5 hours even when the system isn’t plugged in.

I also found a product video which shows 2 kickstands on the back of the device. Fold out the larger stand and you can prop up the Slate 17 like a desktop monitor. Or you can use the smaller kickstand near the top of the device to  prop up the tablet so that it’s not quite lying flat when you want to use it on a table or desk.

Mobile Geeks reports the HP Slate 17 should be available in the United States for about $470 and up in the coming weeks. The website also found photos of a model with a black and yellow case.

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15 replies on “HP Slate 17 all-in-one Android desktop/tablet revealed”

  1. I saw the 21 inch Slate in the store and it is pretty cool. The price was very low compared to the other all in one systems running Windows 8. I’d buy one if I didn’t already have 2 desktop computers. But I would buy a larger tablet. 17 inches is ok, but 13.3 or 14.1 inches would be better.

  2. I think they are actually on to a market niche here. This oh-so-desperately needs a charging dock though. One which you can just plop the thing down into/onto it easily and quickly. It will need charging too often and it’s a poor experience fiddling about with a wire which then must be left dangling someplace or tucked away so the cat doesn’t eat it in the mean time.
    A nice wall mount charger/dock though. That would be perfect. Leave it on the living room wall near the couch for the quick “OK Google” voice search. Pull it off the wall easily enough for anything more involved. Five hours is enough to get through an evening of TV or movies.
    Beyond that the price is a bit much. Otherwise I’d think this might be a great couch surfing device. A handy patio device too perhaps with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse.
    End of the day I realize a larger battery must involve some cost and extra weight. However I can’t get past the fact that I can buy an Intel powered Android tablet for $150. I can also buy a much larger than 17″ display for about $100. So how did I get to an Android tablet with a 17″ display for $450? Doesn’t seem like I should have. Seems like this needs to be south of $300 by a good bit to work.

  3. When they say it can be used as a monitor, do they mean it has HDMI-in?

    Can the touchscreen be utilized, via USB perhaps?

  4. I hope HP has a solution available for people who want to keep the device plugged in on a permanent basis. I loathe the idea of owning a (non-removable) battery powered device that is likely to be plugged in for 80% of it’s life.

    Something like this would be super useful if it ran Windows, and had slightly better specs.

    1. It has an Intel Celeron chip, so installing Windows shouldn’t be too difficult (assuming you’re willing to pay another $100 for a windows license).
      I agree 100% on the non-removable battery issue. I don’t like non-removable batteries on anything.

      1. I don’t mind the battery not being removable. But if this is a device that is going to spend most of its life on my desk, i don’t want to have to follow a strict regiment of charging it fully, and draining it. I’d prefer to keep it plugged in. Which is, of course, horrible for the battery. An easy solution for HP would be to have a switch that allows the power cord to bypass the battery, and ruin the device purely off the power cord.

        1. Aren’t modern battery systems fairly self regulating when it comes to charging nowadays? Please correct me of I’m wrong.
          I’m under the impression that most only actively charge the battery when the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold, otherwise batteries would be overcharging and bursting.

          1. I don’t know of a single laptop or tablet that does that. Even the almighty Macbook needs to be unplugged once fully charged. The manual of every laptop I’ve owned warns against keeping the power cord connect past fully charged.

          2. Really Grant? Well then let me be the first to enlighten you to Dell’s Extended Battery Life option which lets you enable the device to stop charging the battery after it has reach its peak, Dell also gives you the option of protecting your laptop from frequent charge and discharge cycles by letting your laptop to regulate charge. I have had my Dell Inspiron 3521 for a year now as my only pc and as an on the go university student I really put it through its paces and battery life is still at 100 percent. I just placed my order for the HP Slate 17-l010 All-in-One and I am excited. I deciding factor in my purchase was in fact that it is Android and not Windows. In fact as I see it Android devices now cover the majority of our day to day computing need, which are mainly Web browsing, music and video. Windows has all of this yes but just look at the stress a computer goes through running windows as well as the wasted processing power on background processes go into your task manager and just look at everything that’s necessary to keep your Windows Experience. now don’t get me wrong I love my Windows 8.1 but how much of it is being wasted and worn down when the great majority of my computer time is spent listening to music or on the web?

            In the HP Slate 17-l010 I can enjoy the much loved tablet, game music and web experience in a device powerful enough to run Windows but without wasting all of the processing power where it is generally unneeded. This allows me to save my loved dell for when I need it (class, papers and homework) and extend its life exponentially.

            Plus how cool is it that this is a 17.3″ Tablet with full HD with a complete audio suit, 10 point touch LED, 32 gigs of internal storage, HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, unlimited music and photo storage and backup With HP Connected and all of that with a projected almost 8 hour full use battery life. How can anyone beat that?

          3. So I bought The HP Slate 17 and it is awesome and battery life is much longer than projected at almost 8hours normal and 10 hours on airplane mode. Very powerful and has an awesome setup I just wish there was a littler more interest in this tablet to tell me how to optimize mine to be even better.

          4. Hey Chris, can you mount the 17″ slate on a wall? that is not using velcro

          5. Hello Spencer, Velcro is not of the good your right there. I would not put screws of any type into the back of my 17” slate it is not meant for it but a 2 part epoxy should hold very securely so that’s my advise.

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