HP Mini 2140 configuration

As expected, HP has begun offering HP Mini 2140 customers the choice of a higher resolution, 1366 x 768 pixel display. Up until this week, the only display option for this netbook was a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 576 pixel screen. The higher resolution display costs just $35 more, and makes the HP Mini 2140 one of the few netbooks to come with a sharp enough display to show true 720p HD video. The other is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.

The good news is neither HP nor Dell are charging an arm and a leg for the upgraded screen. You can choose a 1366 x 768 pixel display from Dell for just $35 extra. HP charges just $25.

Update: If you want to pick up a model with the higher resolution display without spending over $600, make sure to check out the “smart buy” options. You can find the HP Mini 2140 with a 1366 x 768 pixel display for as low as $479. thanks Teuron!

via Netbook Choice

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20 replies on “HP Mini 2140 high res display now available”

  1. where to get hi res screen for HP 2140, as an upgrade, living in Switzerland

  2. Having owned one with out the Hi-Res screen, I have noticed that certain programs when opened do not fit on the screen entirely. This is with all settings tweaked…i.e…decreasing font size, allowing windows to cover taskbar, and minimizing almost every setting you can. I think the larger screen is a positive even if you tune down the res settings a bit.

    I agree with most in that saying its one price then it turns out it is more expensive is not a good idea. But then again, I would recommend buying from PC Connection, were I purchased mine.

    Now if anyone gets the part number for the new screen, let me know please.

  3. Their tactics are total BS….. They dont offer the new display on the smart buy models. The smart buy model with the 6cell battery is $479, but the identical model when you use the configure you own option to get the “supposed” $25 upgrade turns out to be $635, which is $155 more.
    $25 my a$$………..

    1. Agreed. I can’t believe there is a $155 price premium for choosing a custom configuration. Luckily, the $479 configuration comes with the most important upgrades: 1366×768 screen, 6-cell, and bluetooth.

      Clearly they are discouraging custom configurations with those kinds of price penalties.

      This is almost the perfect netbook! If only the 6-cell battery didn’t look like a giant tumor sticking out the bottom. If it stuck out the back, it would be fine. But this makes it awkward and bulky to put into a backpack. It appears to nearly double the thickness!

      Man, so close, yet so far away…

      1. Look again……

        The 1366 x 768 screen doesn’t come on the $479 model?!?!?!

        It doesn’t come on any of the smart buy models. They make you spend $155 to get the same thing with the “$25” screen upgrade.

  4. …ordered this morning…

    I don’t think the article was trying to say it was “True HD” circle R, trademark, etc, etc, it was saying that you could display 720p video at native resolution rather than having to scale it back to fit the screen. It can display true 720p in its native resolution, although it can’t display 1080p at native resolution and therefore it can’t display “True HD”.

  5. Oh wake up people the entire process at HP is meant to OVER sell you on things. I doubt anyone could read the icons on a 1366 x 768 screen without squinting and ‘punching’ themselves in the gut to make their eyes bigger.

    Anyone who buys a $600+ netbook is just skewing the market and allowing the whole N. American market to once again sink into a malaise. If we go back to where smaller, lighter and energy efficient is seen as a premium, and then netbooks will die here.

    1. Above is the best news ever!
      Now to wait for it to come to the Netherlands and see what wonderous exchangerate HP uses for the euro…

  6. Never fails…few months after I finally breakdown and buy one of these, they come out with an option I really need!! Does anyone know the part for the lcd screen??? Maybe I will buy it and just swap it out.

  7. The article is incorrect about True HD support. The Dell Mini 10 and HP 2140 Mini-Note can display 720p HD video, not True HD, which is generally accepted to be 1080p.

    1. Actually, 720P is generally accepted as HD. There’s not a whole lot of 1080P content, so I guess that means all my television stuff and even my HD television are not really HD? 😉

  8. i believe the appropriate response is “sweet jesus, finally!”

    …now we just need some good coupons, cause they want $600 for how i was building it.

    1. Holy crap. If you want the 6-cell battery and bluetooth it comes to $625 to configure one with the high resolution screen. Plus another $22 for shipping. That’s $647!

      Why can’t MSI or Acer make this a $25 upgrade for their $350 netbooks? That would be a much more palatable option.

      1. $647 is still less than my 2133 was with roughly the same configuration, what’s the problem here? Prices are coming down on these and they aren’t plastic shells like most other netbooks, not to mention expresscard slots, Bluetooth, etc.

    2. Well, $600 isn’t all that bad (from HP viewpoint) – they are still listing the 2133 for $450
      (that is, one of the 2133 models that has not yet been discontinued. 😉 )

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