Update: This guide assumes you have an original Kindle Fire running software version 6.3.1. These steps won’t necessarily work on the Kindle Fire 2nd generation or Kindle Fire HD. 

Amazon released a minor software update for the Kindle Fire. It gives users a little more control over some security settings by letting them block children or other unauthorized users from accessing some content or purchasing apps.

Like all previous software updates, Kindle Fire Software Version 6.3.1 is downloaded and installed automatically without any user intervention. And like all previous updates if you have a rooted tablet, the new software will remove your root access.

But it turns out that it’s extraordinarily easy to re-root the Kindle Fire after this update.

That’s because the same tools used to root Kindle Fire 6.3 work with 6.3.1.

Rooting a Kindle Fire allows you to install the Google Play Store, change the home screen and launched applications, and make many other changes.

Once your tablet is rooted you also have the option of installing a custom bootloader and custom recovery. These will let you completely backup and restore your system or load alternate operating systems such as CyanogenMod, MIUI, or AOKP. These are alternate versions of Android that offer an experience more like the one you’d get on an Android smartphone.

If you do install a custom ROM though, you’ll lose access to some Kindle exclusive features such as the ability to use the Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library which lets Amazon Prime subscribers “borrow” one book a month.

Rooting the tablet and installing custom firmware may also void your warranty — and there’s no official support, so if anything goes wrong you’re on your own.

That said, the process is pretty simple. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.6 or later. 

Kindle Fire Utility is a free tool from xda-developers forum member Vashypooh. It automates the process of rooting the Kindle Fire, installing Google Apps (including the Play Store), and installing custom bootloader and recovery tools.

You can download the latest version of Kindle Fire Utility from the xda-developers forum and then unzip it to a directory on your PC.

While the Fire Utility is designed to run on Windows computers, some of the tools may also be useful for Mac or Linux users.  But that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial. For now I’ll assume you’re running a Windows computer.

2. Install Kindle Fire drivers

If you’ve previously rooted your Kindle Fire using a Windows PC, you probably already have the proper drivers installed and you can skip ahead to the next section.

If not, the first thing you’re going to need to do is plug your Kindle Fire into your PC with a USB cable and navigate to the folder where you unzipped Kindle Fire Utility. Then double-tap the fie called “install_drivers.bat.”

This will attempt to install driver so that your PC can recognize the Kindle Fire.

It can be persnickety though. You can check to see if the drivers were installed correctly by firing up Kindle Fire Utility in the next step and seeing if the ADB Status is listed as “online or offline.” If it’s offline, the drivers you need aren’t installed and you can try this:

  1. Open your Windows Device Manager by typing “device manager” into the Windows run box and hitting enter.
  2. Look for an item labeled “Amazon” or something similar. It should have a yellow exclamation point next to it.
  3. Right-click on that item and select “update driver.”
  4. From the following menu choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  5. On the following screen choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”
  6. From here I selected “Android Composite ADB Interface.” The “Android ADB Interface” option might work as well, but I can confirm that the Composite option does work.
  7. Click Next and wait for the installation to complete.

3. Run Kindle Fire Utility and install permanent Root

Now go back to the Kindle Fire Utility folder and double-click the run.bat file. It will open up a black window with red text and after a moment it should show you a menu with a number of options.

Check to make sure that ADB Status is shown as “online.” If it isn’t then your Kindle Fire isn’t plugged in properly or your drivers aren’t installed properly. Go back to step two for help configuring the drivers.

To root the tablet, choose the option that says “Install Permanent Root with Superuser.”

This will root your tablet and install a custom bootloader and recovery. These are the first steps toward installing the Google Play Store or custom ROMs.

Warning: Wait for the Fire Utility to tell you it’s safe to unplug your device before you do anything else!

4. Have fun!

The next thing I’d recommend doing is entering the custom Recovery and making a backup of your device before doing anything else.

You can do this by pressing and holding the power button on your tablet and choosing the shut down option.

Once your device is off, press the power button again to turn it on. Once you see an icon on the screen press and hold the power button again for a few seconds to enter your custom recovery app (this should work with TWRP or ClockworkMod).

Then choose the backup option to create a backup of your device.

If anything ever goes wrong with your tablet you can enter the custom recovery again and restore from this backup to bring your Kindle Fire back to the condition it’s in right now.

You can also use TWRP or ClockworkMod to install custom ROMs. Just download the latest zip file for the ROM you want to install and follow the on-screen instructions from the recovery to install or “flash” the zip file.

If you want to stick with the standard Kindle experience but want access to Google apps including the Play Store, Gmail app, and Google Maps, choose the option in Kindle Fire Utility marked “Extras” and then use the option for “Install Google Apps.”

Troubleshooting (stuck at the boot logo)

If anything goes wrong there’s a chance that you may get stuck at the boot logo. This doesn’t mean your Kindle Fire is dead. It probably means you’re stuck in fastboot mode instead of normal boot or recovery mode.

To fix this, try plugging your Kindle Fire into your PC and running Kindle Fire Utility again.

You want Boot Status to say 4000. If it does not, try the option for Bootmode Menu. Choose the option that says Normal (4000). If all goes according to plan, your tablet should reboot and load your Android operating system.

If that doesn’t work for some reason, you can also try to change the boot mode manually:

  • Open a command prompt on your computer by typing “cmd” into the run box.
  • Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the Kindle Fire Utility by using “cd dirname” to navigate to a directory (where “dirname” is the name of that directory. For example “cd program files” will take you to c:\program files).
  • Navigate to the “tools” subfolder.
  • Type the following commands, one at a time:
  • fastboot oem idme bootmode 4000
  • fastboot reboot

It’s pretty hard to completely break a Kindle Fire. But getting stuck at the bootloader is no fun. Hopefully these tips will help if you find yourself stuck staring at the boot logo after attempting to root the tablet.

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128 replies on “How to root a Kindle Fire with Software Version 6.3.1”

  1. Disconnect the Kindle Fire is necessary, and then you need to uninstall the drivers from “Device Manager”. Then reboot your computer, and next, you can reinstall the drivers.

  2. Hi,
    I was trying to get android on my kindle fire that was laying around like nothing. When I tried to do this I used kindle Fire utility. When I was rooting it using 2. my computer died. The kindle was stuck on the orange kindle fire logo and the computer cannot read it.
    Please help me!!!!!!!!

  3. So I was rooting my kindle and my computer died when I started rooting it :-(. My kindle was on the orange kindle fire boot logo when it died. For ever since it has been stuck on that boot logo. Please help me. I am running kindle fire 6.3.2 and it is a first gen

  4. My software won’t ever get past the loading screen, I’ve tried redownloading, but nothing works.

  5. Hi. I rooted my Kindle Fire 2 years ago. I don’t remember what version of the Kindle Fire Utility that was. Anyway, I clicked the run.bat file and I saw that my ADB status was offline. What should I do? I already rooted this before and if I choose to install permanent root, it might destroy the KF. I think I don’t have the Android OS installed since I’m still using the Amazon UI but I have the Market Opener (Playstore) in the tablet. My KF’s system version is 6.3.2, hope you can help me with an easy step-by-step process. My goal is to upgrade my KF to Android Jellybean. I’m not sure if using a different to PC to upgrade my KF will affect the ADB status or what. Thanks!

  6. Hi there, I followed all instructions & everything worked perfectly until android version of Kindle app updated itself & caused a conflict meaning I couldn’t access my books. I had to factory reset my kindle as I didn’t have the option of uninstalling the android version of the app or turn off the automatic updates. This has happened 3 times now what else can I do?

  7. Hello,

    I tried using KFU to root the device. Rooting appeared to be successful. There was one line that might be of interest, that said `mv: can’t rename ‘/system/bin/check_rooted`.

    When go to run `adb shell`, I get a $ prompt, not a # one. The # is the root prompt, unless I am very mistaken.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have tried the same, or similar process, several times, and it still won’t root.

    Below is the steps that I took :

    1. Collected adb (from android developers), KFU (from XDA), and busybox (from EnCase 7) all in a folder.
    2. Installed drivers from KFU
    3. Verified adb and KFU by running them.
    4. Created adb_usb.inf with 0x1949 as content.
    5. Connected Kindle Fire via USB, no write blocker.
    6. Checked Drivers by viewing device in Device Manager, showed Android Composite ADB Interface
    7. It powered on, I ran KFU
    8. Selected Install permanent root with Superuser.
    9. Completed successfully, only line of interest is `mv: can’t rename ‘/system/bin/check_rooted’ : No such file or directory`.
    10. Typed `adb devices`, listed the device as connected.
    11. Typed `adb shell`, gave a $ prompt, not a # prompt.
    12. Typed `adb push busybox /data/busybox`, said permission denied.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  8. I ran into a problem with the Kindle Fire Utility that turned out not to be an issue with the driver. Apparently there was an issue with the bundled version of adb. I installed the android developer kit, added the directory with adb to my path and then modified the run.bat script by replacing toolsadb with just adb in run.bat and the script worked fine after that.

  9. Worked great! But I don’t think my Kindle Fire is actually rooted with this method. I have that dreaded “empty Data folder” problem. When I use the Kindle Fire Utility, it says ONLINE so I know everything worked but I still have an empty Data folder!!! Stupid wallpaper keeps changing because I cannot change the com.settings

    Can anyone help me?!

  10. Hello, I downloaded version 9.6 of KFU, but I want to install TWRP says “wget: missing URL”, and fails the downloading and installing the same for the FFF, which I do, thanks.

  11. Well, I bricked mine doing this. Constantly flashing the KindleFire boot screen, but my computer won’t recognize the device at all. It is all connected, but the computer seems to think that there are no devices connected to it, so am I just completely screwed or is there any fix? The fix listed above for getting stuck at the boot logo does nothing.

  12. i faced hard time trying to get it recognized by windows , drivers reinstalled many times , tried all options , it opens as usb drive only , but not recognised in no way by the utility , i was using a win 7 64bit , no thing is making conflict or blocking , thats for sure , i used win7 32bit , it worked directly , so i dont recommend using win7 for rooting

  13. Thanks so much. I had no problem rooting my kindle using these instructions. Luckily i had previously rooted my kindle so I didnt have trouble getting the computer to recognize my kindle. I already had the drivers. this utillity is an amazing tool. Just one click and my kindle was rooted. Awesome!!! Thanks so much again!! And to all the people hating, these guys really do know what they are talking about you just need to learn how to follow instructions!!1

  14. Everything has worked fine, but I do not see an “Extras” option in the KF Utility.

  15. Hi there! Thanks for sharing! The version 0.9.6 worked 100%.

  16. I had to do it twice (the second time to reinstall the ADB thingy) to wrap my head around it, but everything worked just as described. Like someone here has said before me, it certainly has doubled the value of my device for me 🙂

  17. Well, now I did it. Rooted KF, installed Energy CM9 ICS rom, worked fine for awhile, powered it off and now it won’t power back on. No light on switch, nothing. Obviously can’t return to Amazon. Where might I take to have this 1 month old tablet looked at?

    1. Similar problem. Installed root, backed it up, installed Hashcode ROM, tried to get it to reboot into new ROM, kept going partway through boot, to boot icon, and back. Tried to do boot restore, it turned off, didn’t turn back on.

      Power button lights up when plugged into USB, but unit will not turn on, power button won’t light up when not connected. Can’t see unit from laptop as USB drive, either.

      Am I just totally hosed here? It seemed like it was working, then… dead. 🙁

      1. Try this, Rick. Worked for me. Do what they call a “hard boot”. Hold the power button in for a good 20-30 seconds. Let go, then push again. This booted mine. Then I went and found another rom and it works perfectly, all the time. No boot problems at all. This rom is a CM9 ICS Rom. Try that.

      2. I couldn’t remember which rom I have that’s working perfectly but today I remember. It’s called ICS CM9 Gederom with 3.0 Hash kernel. If you are able to get your KF working again, let me know.

  18. i have my kf rooted but when i plug it into the computer to have it download the EXTRAS, the computer wont recognize the kindle, it recognizes in the “eject kindle” area at the bottom right corner but it wont show up on the my computer

  19. I thought I had bricked mine kindle fire, I was stuck at the logo, and none of the recovery methods seems to work, what it worked was… my kindle was connect to a usb 1.x, I get another computer with usb 2.x, run the install drivers again and follow the whole process again, and it worked! now is rooted and working, hope it helps somebody

  20. Tried this for Kindle Fire 6.3.1 and the result was that everything else works nicely but Wi-Fi no longer works.

    Debug traces show just that the wi-fi driver is not accepted:
    09-12 15:58:38.742: D/Tethering(1384): tiwlan0 is not a tetherable iface, ignoring
    09-12 15:58:59.375: E/Tethering(1384): attempting to remove unknown iface (tiwlan0), ignoring
    09-12 15:58:59.406: E/WifiService(1384): Failed to load Wi-Fi driver.

    Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it?

  21. Hey buddies, I am stucked at the bootloader…. I perform the procedure, and the proccess stop. After 1 hour I decide to try other things, but does not work…
    Can you help me guys?

  22. Hi, PLEASE can somebody help me. I installed the drivers from Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.6, then ran the run.bat file. It recognised my kindle fire and then I restarted in fast boot. Now I am stuck in fast boot and the computer will not regocnise my kindle fire in my computer or device manager. What can I do now? Thank you.

  23. It has been saying “Attempt to remove root checker Please wait…” for some time now. Is this normal?

  24. i get an error that says “oops something went wrong with the download
    the recovery is not downloaded correctly
    please try download again”
    i tryed it again and got the same error

  25. this caused many problems for me. Even your troubleshooting section barely worked, i had to improvise my own methods, meaning before i started i copied everything from my kindle then transferred it back after everything went wrong.

  26. when i tried to run option 2 on kfu0.9.6 there were many errors and many file missing as said by this software……
    same thing is happening to me as said by
    Immoderatus below

    1. make sure you have the twrp.img and fff.bin in the recovery folder of your KFU. i actually have twrp.img and twrp-blaze-2.0.0RC0.img that i picked up in the xda forums..dont remember where though..

  27. I followed above steps and but i found nothing changed in my kindle.How can i find out if it has been rooted or not?

  28. Followed the directions and installed TWRP 1st before rooted and everything worked great. Thanks for the tutorial.

  29. I agree with l1nfr4nk7. That the steps are out of order. Should go: TWRP recovery, FFF, then install root. I wouldn’t call you a moron.

  30. I have followed all the videos on the web and none of them worked…This one did!!

  31. Ok, so I got stuck on the boot menu, tried both troubleshooting methods and each just gives me a “waiting for device” message, and has no impact on the Kindle – lil’ help?

  32. I’m still stuck at the boot modes when doing any of the commands to install twrp or any other option. Rebooting and powering off is not helping. Hope someone can help me out of the recovery boot status 0x5001.

  33. I have tried numerous times to get the drivers loaded… but I always get the message that they are unsigned. I have turned off antivirus, set the driver signing program to ignore the warnings, etc. I went also went the route of finding the kindle in device manager and loading the driver through that… again it failed. Help… what else can I try!!!

  34. Is it possible to delete the origional Kindle fire OS and Just run ICS. It looks like ICS is using/sharing some Kindle Fire services…

  35. does it saying ‘the system cannot find the path specified’ mean anything bad?

  36. Hi everyone. I followed the procedure and everything and this is what I get…

    * Installing Permanent Root *

    * Activating Fastboot (4002) *

    Oops… something went wrong.
    We are unable to locate your Kindle Fire.
    Make sure it is plugged in and powered on.

    twrp.img is missing.
    So we will download it for you!

    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory
    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory
    Access is denied.
    Cannot open input file recoverytwrp.img
    Download successful.
    fff.bin is missing.
    So we will download it for you!

    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory
    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory
    Access is denied.
    Cannot open input file recoveryfff.bin
    Download successful.

    * NOTICE *

    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory
    tools/cat: files/files.log: No such file or directory

    Fastboot uses a different device than ADB.
    You should check device manager for “Kindle” or “Amazon”

    If you see it, rerun the driver installer that came packaged with KFU.

    Installing FFF…

    Cannot open input file recoveryfff.bin
    error: cannot load ‘recoveryfff.bin’

    Installing TWRP…

    Cannot open input file recoverytwrp.img
    error: cannot load ‘recoverytwrp.img’

    Setting Recovery Bootmode.

    … OKAY [ 0.198s]
    finished. total time: 0.199s
    finished. total time: 0.002s

    Please wait…

    Invalid permission
    Usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory
    failed to copy ‘filessu’ to ‘/system/xbin/su’: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory

    Attempt to remove root checker.

    failed on ‘/system/bin/check_rooted’ – Read-only file system

    Please wait…

    Installing Superuser.apk
    Error: Could not access the Package Manager. Is the system running?

    * Root Installed *

    Permanent root has been installed.
    With great power, comes great responsibility.

    Please be careful with how you use root.

    Press any key to continue . . .

    Everything is pluged in and working. I don’t understand why I am getting all these errors.
    Can someone please help me, I am a freshie… Sorry

  37. when i was rooting my kindle fire i accidentally closed it and my kindle fire froze i turned it off and turned it on but it only shows the start up with the words Kindle Fire it only turns off and on does anyone know what to do

  38. I have done every thing you said, its fine and the screen showed up the kindle is rooted. But when i use Root explorer to explore some files, it says the kindle fire is not rooted i have rooted it thrice , but still its not rooted. and during the rooting iam getting
    failed on ‘/system/bin/check rooted’ root checker failed .

    please help me

  39. When I connect my Kindle Fire and run the Kindle Fire Utility I get ADB Status: Online Boot Status: Unknown. When I select Install Permanent Root with Superuser It says Installing Permanent Root / Activating Fastboot (4002), but just sits there forever until I Ctrl-C.

    Any ideas?
    I assume my Kindle Fire should show the “You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle” screen while this is going on?

    1. I was doing this for a friend and it happened to me as well. I ended up having to finish the root install by hand.

      I installed the su binary manually using ADB, and used the nbmode script to get it to boot up (from the ADB shell). I then installed GoLauncher and the gapps using the script, and then installed Superuser from the market.

      It was a pain in the @$$, but I finally got it to work. If this is where you’re stuck, you’re going to have to learn about running adb from the command line.

  40. I just needed to root and install Play Store. This guide worked perfectly. Fire 6.3.1 and Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks

  41. Thanks – worked fine for me !
    Having more questions regarding how to get Google App Market to work with my device – where should I look ?
    (Need to get a “Vending.apk” onto the Kindle, that much I’ve figured out – but which version, and how to get it onto the device and install it, I’ve no clue so far…)
    Thanks again, and for any further help provided !

  42. I have the Android ADB Driver installed on my Kindle and the utility still says shows an offline status. How would you be able to change it to Android Composite USB Device? I have tried looking for it in the device manager but only the Android ADB Driver and Composite USB Driver show up.
    Help Please!

  43. to the author … you are a moron … first you should suggest to install TWRP on the KF so if something goes wrong one can run a recovery … second some of your commands are missing e.g. fastboot -i 0x1946 oem idme bootmode 4000 is the correct command … the problem with your how to is that it is incomplete and lacks proper explanations … thx for ruining my wifes KF since her impatient ass couldn’t wait for me to get up and do it for her … women

    1. Considering this comment and the device damage implied, is there ANYWHERE that someone has actually put together a comprehensive and ACCURATE how-to that will root and allow superuser function in a KF running 6.3.1? I don’t want to learn to become an app programmer, nor learn an extra programming language!
      I own a Galaxy Tab, but my co-worker wants his new KF to at least come close to my usability. So I’m not interested in learning every wrinkle and twitch of the KF, I just want an effective hack to get this thing working!!!

      1. i followed this walkthrough with no problems,
        l1nfr4nk7 is the god damn moron. seriously just follow this step by step and the KF will be cracked with no problems…some people, don’t listen to
        l1nfr4nk7 please, he’s a dumb ass

        1. Agreed yungbuck just did a step by step and works perfectly. Also l1nfr4nk7 you are incredible rude. Also to talk about your wife like that just shows your mental capacity.

  44. There is a slightly problem.. I am trying to Install a new font to my rooted Kindle Fire. When I tried pasting the .ttf file to the /system/font/ folder, its not allowing me to paste the font there. By Referring to a website , I tried to switch on the Root Explorer option in the settings of ES File explorer app. This will enable me to mount it with RW permission. But when I try to switch on the Root Explorer Option. its giving an error message like ..” Sorry Test Failed. This feature cannot run on your Phone”. Hence I cant mount it with ReWritable Permission. How can I Install a new font on my Kindle and use the same.??

  45. just wanna say… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! i am not very good with these things like rooting and stuff but this manual helped me a lot and my kindle is looking awesome and rooted!!! fast, easy and no problems! just finished 🙂 will check it out and will supply more feedback. thank you!!

  46. Hello, in this evening I tried to root my brand new KF 6.3.1, but I didn’t have any result. First of all, after I downloaded Kindle Fire utility 0.9.6, I unzipped but when I run install_driver.bat it gived me error (bad syntax or command). Anyway I installed driver manually, when I connected device it recognize like “Kindle” and after I have installed driver from KFU it was transformed in “Android Composite ADB Interface”. So, I run KFU, it became online and I press 2, the program run, but it not finished…it stop and write on the screen waiting device response…I disconected, the KF work but isn’t rooted. I tried to run again the KFU program, but now is always offline. I mention that now on the device manager it s recognize like “Android phone”. Any ideas?!…Tkx

  47. Hey got to youtube and search how to root kindle fire 6.3.1 by nat3mill he has every detail on how to do it

  48. This guide worked like a CHARM! My KF version: 6.3.1. worked with Win 7 pc. Thanks 🙂

  49. Everything worked properly and my Kindle Fire is rooted, but when I try to install new themes via the Go Store, it says I need to install Go Locker. But when I try to do that, Go Locker says it’s “your device isn’t compatible with this version.” Could anybody help me with this?

  50. Well it’s like this… I followed the instructions, it worked perfectly, I thank you.  This is excellent work my friend.  You’ve doubled the value of my device.

  51. Hey! Thanks so much for putting this together.  I am having trouble running the install_drivers file.  it wont proceed because its “unsigned” even though I changed my settings to allow unsigned drivers.  Anyone else having this problem.  I am running Xp professional sp 3.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  52. i tried to load the drivers under the xp system, it just tell me it failed, i believe it is something in the batch file but it goes by to quick?  any help  thanks!!!

      1. Just keep uninstalling with device managager and fiddling until you get online. then ignore the popups for reinstalling drivers after you use run

  53. Hi,
    1st of all, the install_drivers.bat never worked for me.  At 1st the Windows (Win7-64) could not find the path to .driversdpinst64.exe.  Once I put quotes around “.driversdpinst64.exe”, I stopped getting the error message, but I was simply getting to the drivers directory in the commend prompt.  The installation never ran.  So, I ran dpinst64.exe manually.  It installed successfully.  Then I tried running Utility.  In the beginning it gave me an error message that it could not find toolswget, but it ran anyway.  The Utility menu said the device was online, but boot status unknown.  I could not change it by going to boot status menu and selecting “Normal”.  Any idea, why I don’t get boot status 4000 (normal)?

    1. OK, I figured it out.  1st of all, in order for the batch files to work properly, you should not select “Run as Administrator” option.  Simply double-click on them.  For the 
      toolswget path to work the run.bat file has to be modified: you have to add ‘.’ in fron of it and ‘.exe’ at the end, so  ‘toolswget’ portion looks like ‘.
      toolswget.exe’.  So, I have just successfully rooted my Kindle Fire and installed Superuser.  Now I need to install Google Play: it has not installed when I was running Utility.

      1. All right, to update everybody on my adventure, it all worked.  I installed Google Play, then Nook app and another reading app called CoolReader.  So, now my Kindle fire is a universal reader.

          1. It is part of the Utility. After you have rooted your Kindle you go to “Extras” and select “Install Google Apps”.

          2. thanks! i lost my books in the kindle launcher though – how do i get them back?

          3. I had the same problem. It seems that, once you root the Kindle, it becomes just an Android tablet with a Kindle app. I ended up re-registering it, and then I had access to all my books. Another possible way that I have not tried would be to enter your Kindle serial number on the Amazon web site under your account, re-registering it that way. But in either case, you have to re-register your device.
            Good luck.

      2. Eric… my files arent unzipped yet and I see run.bat but it’s giving me this error message and I see you did yours successfully. So can you tell and show me exactly what you did?

  54. I did a down load and install 0.9.6 and was able to see abd status online ok.  I chose option 2 to install root and superuser.  It rebooted my kindle and not it is stuck on the kindle fire splash screen and does nothing?  Is there a way to fix that?  It has been stuck like that just showing the Kindle Fire logo will not boot up the device..   Help.

    1. You need to go back to device manager and follow the ‘update driver’ process for the Kindle Fire which should be displaying an exclamation mark. After that the Kindle will complete the reboot process.

  55. Thanks, works well. In my experience with Kindle Fire utility 0.9.5, after rooting successfully I have to explicitly choose ‘Install latest TWRP recovery’ before I can do a backup. Not sure whether this was a missing step in the instructions or a quirk of my setup.

  56. Followed the steps and my Kindle is bricked. Stuck on the Kindle Fire logo and won’t connect to my pc at all now. Any suggestions appreciated. Good way to ruin a brand new Kindle Fire.

  57. Can’t get Google Play to install without errors. My Amazon Fire 6.3.1 has been rooted successfuly and I’ve side-loaded a few apps but I can’t get the Google Play Store app to install. Where do I get the .apk and will work for the Fire?

  58. Hi I think I bricked my kindle. Any help will be appreciated.
    I had gone through all the steps and everything seemed well and dandy but I still did not have root access. Android market could not start and when i tried an app that required root it said i did not have root access so I went back and tried KFU again to see if it will root. I made a backup using
    TWRP but when I tried to reboot it got stuck at the kindle fire with the android logo on top. I have tried powering it off and on several times but it wouldn’t go past that. KFU also tells me the device is offline so there is no way of communicating with the KF. Thanks for any suggestions.

  59. Thanks for the info, but strangely Google Apps did not install. Go Launcher EX installed and runs fine, but no sign of Google Apps. Any suggestions?

  60. I tried on win xp and win 7 and still can’t get the online status :-/ I just bought mine a couple of days ago and it’s firmware is 6.3.1. Any suggestions?

    1. Yeah. I had this problem as well. I also had the problem some one below complained about with the computer not recognizing the fire at all.

      What worked for me was to, first, disconnect the kindle fire, then uninstall the android drivers using any of these methods here >> https://www.nodevice.com/help/4/Uninstall_Windows_drivers.html and then rebooting the computer. When it rebooted, I used the kindle fire utility “install_drivers” file again, and THEN plugged in the kindle fire and allowed windows to install the other drivers. The kindle utility registered online after that for me. Hope this helps you!

      1.  This didn’t do anything for me. I’m stuck in fastboot mode and I cannot get Windows to recognize the Kindle Fire for more than a moment. It’ll pop up, and then pop right off.

        Someone below had said they experienced that behavior and got it to work by “timing it right”… well I tried that over and over and over and got nowhere. My Kindle Fire is also brand new and I’m a bit upset about this. Several people are having this issue and a real response here would be very appreciated. Thanks.

        1. I had this problem on 4 laptops running Windows 7. Finally I found what caused the problem and how to resolve it. My problem was that “install_drivers.bat” could not create a directory “.andoid” in the “%user” directory and could not place the “adb_usb.ini” file there. I had to create this directory and copy&paste this file manually. Here are the steps:

          1) Create a sub-directory “android” in your “%user” directory (i.e., “C:Users%user”). Please notice that there is no necessary dot before “android” because Windows would not allow you to create such a folder directly. 
          2) Go to “Kindle Fire Utilitydriverskindle” and copy&paste the file “adb_usb.ini” into the newly created folder “android”.
          3) Click Start, open Run and put “cmd” (without quotation marks). By default you are supposed to be in “C:Users%user” folder.
          4) write the following command in this cmd console: “move android .android” (without quotation marks).

          Now, run “install_drivers.bat” (without Kindle being connected), then connect your Kindle to your computer, and try again to run KFU “run.bat”. In my case, I saw the device connected. To root Kindle, use Option 2. To install Google Apps Store, run Extra. Enjoy KFU!

          1. Much obliged! This totally worked. I’d seen the error in the.bat file when it was run (my user id has a space in it), and briefly tried to correct it, but then decided it wasn’t really an issue (doh!).

          2. Thank you very much for helping me out with this. I have spent several hours trying to figure out what the problem is. This finally fixed it. I followed the excellent video instructions here to to install Android on my Kindle and used your fix when I got the offline problem. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjZ9h1RctxE

    2. What I did was go to device manager with the Kindle plugged in I deleted all the Android device drivers.  Unplug your Kindle from USB and then run the install drivers.  Plug in your device and it should now be “online”

      1. I tried several “solutions” until I saw yours… and it finally worked. Gracias.

        1. Thank you VERY much for the suggestion, fixed my problem immediately after trying other solutions for about 2 hours, I was about to quit entirely.

  61. In my very recent experience with two different WIndows XP Pro SP3 computers, the Driver Installation utility does NOT work. It throws a “Google, Inc WinUSB Installation Failed” error. The solution is to use a Windows 7 computer instead.

  62. i did everything to try to get the utility to say online… on four computers. it never did. can anyone help me?

    1. Are any of your four computers XP Pro? Try Windows 7 instead.

  63. Hi I am stuck with yellow logo in recovery mode, I tried long pressing the button on the bottom of the kindle and the device shuts off. My PC windows 7 can’t read my device anymore when plugging my kindle into my computer’s usb. I think its bricked any suggestions?

    1. You have limited time to get this to work. open Kindle Fire Utlilty but do not run it until you plug in your kindle. I was able to start TWRP recovery once the computer initial saw the kindle fire pluged in, need to time it because the computer will kick the kindle out. It downloded the recovery and rebooted the kindle. You will want to install everything you see from 3-5 on the Kindle Fire Utility. I did not do that and had no recovery to reboot it. I was stuck in the sam spot you were. That seemed to work. once i got the kindle back up an running, i install the rest of the programs from the Utility. hope this helps. thought it was a gonner as well. Did not know if the TWRP was supposed to do that but it did.

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