There are two things that have people (some of them, anyway) talking about the PlayBook OS 2.0 update coming in February 2012. First, it’s going to add the missing native BlackBerry email, calendar, and contacts apps. Second, the Android Player will finally make its debut, allowing users to run thousands of Android applications on BlackBerry’s tablet.

If you’re willing to install a beta version of OS 2.0, you can take an early look at the Android Player right now. Why bother? For starters, there are a ton of converted Android apps that you can load onto your PlayBook. And if you can handle a bit more hacking and root your PlayBook using Dingleberry, you can even install the Android Market and download Android apps directly onto your PlayBook.

We’ll have details on rooting the PlayBook and installing the Android Market soon, but for now let’s start with installing BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

  1. Go to this page to register for beta downloads for RIM
  2. Find your PIN number. On your PlayBook, go to settings > about and then tap the drop-down menu and choose hardware. Your PIN will appear on the first line
  3. Enter your PIN and email address, check the box to agree to RIM’s terms, and then wait for the update notification to arrive on your PlayBook
  4. Install the update when the notification appears — if you’re waited more than 15 or 20 minutes and haven’t seen it, try registering again

When your PlayBook has rebooted, you’ll be able to install the converted apps that are indexed at PlayBook BARs.

Once you’ve got some BARs downloaded, the easiest way to install them on your PlayBook is by using the DDPb Installer (full instructions at the link).

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Lee Mathews

Computer tech, blogger, husband, father, and avid MSI U100 user.

22 replies on “How to install PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta”

  1. pleaseeeeeeeee we need time lapse on playbook      i had enough wih bowroing my brother i phone to use  time lapse app      come in rim   help us  not to ever have to use stupid apple stuff     

  2. OS 2.0 supports Android apps so there should be a way to get the Netflix.apk file and install

    1. i need help, i have a playbook and i did a security wipe to downgrade to os 1.0.8…., and now, i have done most of the setup, then it gets to software updates, and it tries to do the update, but it wont even start. it says there is no internet connection, but i connected it in an earlier step. My only options are turn off and retry, but neither work. it says to tap wifi to check settings, but thats not an option! i tried doing a hard reset, but it doesnt work. someone please help quick!

  3. How does one install the bar files without a windows pc. I am running a Mac (Lion).

  4. I’ve tried googling this I can’t find a solid answer–Will installing the beta cause me to lose apps I’ve purchased?

  5. I agree with Silent23 above. Bought my playbook during the fire sale this holiday season, and cant even get netflix!!

    1. Stop whining. Netflix s*cks. Playbook is great. $200. it’s not perfect. No device is. Nothing in life is perfect. I’m tired of reading negative comments about the PB. Either return it or STFU.

  6. After downloading the Beta version, will the Playbook lose any of the capability that it presently has?

  7. I hope the recent number of Playbook purchases causes developers to create native apps that will be ready in February.  We need alternatives to the iPad and Android.  Competition is good for everyone from a pricing and innovation perspective.  

    The Playbook hardware, OS and size hit the sweet spot for many.  If the major apps start to come, the Playbook might just be a viable alternative for many.  For that to happen though, RIM has to see the Playbook as more than an extension of the Blackberry smartphone.      

    1. Yes RIM will eventually gain traction with this I believe,  and so will Microsoft with Windows 8. It will CRUSH the tablet community. Why?  Because it will be a fully blown OS running the touch friendly metro interface with millions and millions of developers at its disposal – all of that running on new generation hardware is going to be a recipe for a crush of the iFad specifically.

      BTW, I recently bought a 64GB playbook for my wife for xmas, and like it. I like the fact that it has a real multitasking OS (unlike ipad [and flash is definitely a plus!]), and I like the professional looking/feeling UI (unlike the android honeycomb amateur crap), But indeed it does need more apps. If I were to use it, it MUST have an RDP app which it currently doesn’t. So from what I’ve read, the android player should help in this regard…

      I can’t wait for Aug 2012 because Win8 and the WinPad revolution will begin and I will be one of the first batch of customers to buy one.

      1.  QNX is gay

        play book is gay

        yes I have one God do I want ICS or HONY on this

        the fact you have to go from the blackberry on bottom of screen then pull up to the screen to go to the home menu



         I want a fucking home button!!!!!

        and windows 8 is not going to allow windows desktop apps to run there is no X86 support go go FUCKING MS.

        if they made it with FULL windows suport I would buy on in a sec (a tablet. I will NEVER own a MS phone EVER! windows mobile anyone?)

        I need android on the play book it is hella gay that rim locked in there os and then will “allow” android apps…… of course they have to be rim approved first (again fucking gay)

        why is it all these dicks lock you in to an app store?

        hint: money

        they should let us the user decide where we get the apps if I want an osi app or android or windows 8 or WebOs, why do I HAVE to only use one store ?

        they should make a devices that uses all the stores you just buy the apps that work for you.

    2. Absolutely spot on!

      I love the PB, but I’m an Android phone user and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.  I sincerely hope developers adopt the PB and start to bring out some decent apps.

      Until the PB can interact fully with things like my gmail account and calendar, skype, and teamviewer it is going to remain a handy web browser and video screen for the kids to watch in the car.

      Shame really, because performance and size-wise it’s perfect.

  8. you should note that the missing native BlackBerry email, calendar, and contacts apps aren’t included in the beta os.

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