HP TouchPad Android

The CyanogenMod team has released the first public build of Google Android for the HP TouchPad tablet. Right now the software is still in the alpha phase, which means that not everything works as it should. There are still bugs with the Bluetooth, camera, and other functions, for instance. But for the most part, the operating system is now up and running on HP’s discontinued tablet and anyone can install it.

While the HP TouchPad originally shipped with webOS 3.0 software, the tablet’s hardware is similar to many Android tablets. Since the future of webOS is uncertain — and right now there are hundreds of thousands of apps available for Android and less than 10,000 apps for webOS, many of the people who picked up cheap HP Touchpads when HP discontinued the tablet in a $99 fire-sale have been looking forward to installing Android.

The steps below will help you to do just that. This will create a dual-boot setup, allowing you to switch between Android and webOS. Again, this is alpha software, and things can go wrong. You’ll also lose music or other media stored in webOS when you follow these steps.

The current version of CyanogenMod for the TouchPad is based on Android 2.3.7. Once Google released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, developers will start working to port it to the TouchPad, but that work could take several months to complete.

Update 1/18/2012: CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 has been released. While it’s still pretty rough around the edges, this is the first build of Android 4.0 publicly available for the HP TouchPad. You can install it by following our step-by-step instructions.

They’re similar to the instructions below, but there are a few key differences.

Update 12/15/2011: CyanogenMod released Alpha 3.5 of CyanogenMod 7.1 Android for the HP TouchPad. The only real change to the install process is that you now download the alpha 3.5 file instead of the Alpha 1 file. The rest of the steps remain unchanged.

If you’ve already installed CyanogenMod Alpha 1 and you want to know how to upgrade to Alpha 3.5, you can follow our step-by-step instructions. You’ll likely be able to apply future updates following the same steps.

Instructions for a fresh install:

  1. Download and install the Palm Novacom software for your computer. You can find grab the latest software for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the HP website.

  2. The next step is to download three files from the RootzWiki forum and one more file from the Moboot project.

If you want to install the Google Android Market and Google apps such as Gmail and YouTube (which you probably do), you’ll also want the gApps installer for CyanogenMod. You can download it from goo-inside.me or from the CyanogenMod wiki.

All told, you’re downloading 5 files:

  • ACMEInstaller.zip
  • update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip
  • update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip
  • moboot_0.3.3.zip
  • The latest gApps package for CyanogenMod
  1. Unzip the ACMInstaller file to the same directory where Palm Novacom is installed. On my computer that directory is C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc.

  2. Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer with a USB cable.

  3. On the TouchPad you should see a USB notification. Tap the symbol to mount your tablet as a USB mass storage device on your computer.

  1. Open a file browser on your computer and create a new folder on your HP TouchPad called “cminstall”

  2. Copy the update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip, update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip, and moboot_0.3.3.zip files into that directory. If you’re also installing gApps, drag tat file to the cminstall folder as well.

Do not unzip these files first.

  1. Now it’s time to reset your HP TouchPad. To do that follow these steps:
  • Tap the home button and then hit the arrow key to bring up a list of applications.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Device Info.
  • Select the red Reset Options button at the bottom.
  • Tap the Restart option on the following screen.

If you want to install the Google Apps including the Android Market and Gmail apps, scroll down to the bottom of this article for details on how to add those features.

  1. As soon as the screen goes dark, start holding the Volume Up button — don’t let go until you see a big USB symbol on your display.

  2. Your computer might take a moment to recognize the TouchPad.

  3. Once it’s recognized, open a terminal and navigate to the Palm Novacom directory. On a Windows computer you can do this by following these steps:

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Type “cmd” (without quotes) into the search box.
  • A terminal window should open up — but you’re in the wrong directory.
  • Type “cd c:\” and press enter to get to your root directory.
  • To navigate to the correct directory, type “dir” and press enter to see a list of directories.
  • On my computer, I next typed “cd Program Files” and hit enter, then “cd Palm, Inc” and hit enter again.
  1. Enter the following command (without quotes) and hit return: “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller”.

That’s pretty much it. For the next few minutes you should see text flying across your screen. When it’s done, the HP TouchPad will boot Google Android.

In order to get back to webOS:

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Choose the reboot option.
  • Then select “reboot to webOS” from the next menu.

Note that you’ll only be able to reboot to webOS if you’ve installed the “moboot” file as described above.

This method installs the open source CyanogenMod 7.1 version of Android on the tablet. It’s based on Google Android 2.3.7 software.

If you didn’t install the Android Market and other Google apps, it’s not too late to do it at this point. Just follow these steps:

  • Download the latest gApps package for CyanogenMod 7 from goo-inside.me or from the CyanogenMod wiki.
  • Copy it to the same “cminstall” directory on your TouchPad where you placed the CyanogenMod installers.
  • Run the ACMEInstaller program again from your computer — or you can try adding gApps during your initial installation.

If you’re familiar with using ClockworkMod Recovery, you can also place any update files in the root of your device’s storage and reboot into recovery from Android and use ClockworkMod to apply updates.

Note that the first time you boot after installing gApps you may want to hit the “cancel” button instead of signing in with your Google account right away. That way you have time to connect to a WiFi network before the Android Market tries to load the list of available Google applications.

App support

Even if you do install the Android Market, you may find that some of your favorite apps aren’t listed. I couldn’t find the Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, or Dolphin HD web browser apps when I searched the Market for them on the TouchPad.

This is likely because the Android Market doesn’t think they’ll be able to run properly on the TouchPad’s hardware. They will.

You just need to install them manually. If you have a rooted Android phone or another device you can use an app such as Titanium Backup or ROM Toolbox to create backup copies of any apps installed on your device. You can then email them to yourself or copy them to your tablet using another method.

I was able to successfully install all four apps listed above. They don’t all look great on the TouchPad’s 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display, but they do run.

Update: There’s an update that fixes the problem with the Android Market that had prevented certain apps from being listed. If you’re running CyanogenMod 7.1 Alpha 2, then the Android Market fix should come pre-loaded. If for some reason you’re still using Alpha 1, there are two ways to install the Market fix.

Method 1: Using Android and ClockworkMod Recovery:

  • Download update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-marketfix-Flemmard.zip from Multiupload
  • Connect your tablet to your PC via a USB cable and mount your tablet as a USB mass storage device.
  • Copy the update file to the root directory of your device.
  • Press and hold the power button on your tablet.
  • Choose the Reboot option.
  • Select Recovery from the next menu.
  • Your tablet will reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • Use the volume buttons to scroll down to “install zip from sdcard.”
  • Tap the home button to select that option.
  • Tap the home button again to “choose zip from sdcard.”
  • Use the volume keys to scroll down and select the update file.
  • Tap the home key to select.
  • From the next menu, use the volume keys and home key to select the “yes” option.
  • After the install is complete, press the power button to go back to the main menu, and tap home to reboot your system.

Method 2: Using Android or webOS and the ACMEInstaller

  • Download update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-marketfix-Flemmard.zip from Multiupload.
  • Connect your tablet to your computer and mount it as a mass storage device.
  • Create a folder called “cminstall” on your device.
  • Copy the update file to that folder.
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode by restarting the tablet and holding the Volume Up button until a big USB icon appears on the screen.
  • Follow steps 11 and 12 in the tutorial above to open a terminal, navigate to the Palm Novacom/ACMEInstaller directory, and enter market “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller” to start the install process.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to find Google Maps, the Dolphin HD or Opera web browsers, or other apps in the Android Market.

If you’re wondering exactly how the ACMEInstaller works, you can read more about it at the CyanogenMod blog. Basically, the app resizes the webOS media volume to create space for Android system, cache, and data volumes. It then installs CyanogenMod, the Moboot bootloader, and anyother files such as the Google Apps.

This is why using the installer tool will erase any songs, photos, or other media stored in your HP TouchPad webOS media directory.

The good news is that CyanogenMod 7.1 for the TouchPad will then treat the webOS media area as if it were an SD card — so you can access webOS media from Android, or access your Android files from webOS.

You can find out more about how the first alpha release of CyanogenMod for the HP TouchPad works in my hands-on post, or check out this video:

What to do if you can’t reboot to webOS

If you followed the instructions and put Moboot and ClockworkMod Recovery in the cminstall folder when you first flashed Android you should be able to use the “reboot to webOS” option to restart your tablet in webOS. If not, you can only reboot to Android — but don’t worry. There’s a way to fix this.

  • While in Android, connect your tablet to a computer via a USB cable.
  • A “USB connected” option will show up in your notification bar. Tap the option that says “Turn on USB storage.”
  • Your tablet should show up on your computer as a USB disk drive.
  • Create a folder called “cminstall.”
  • Place Moboot, Google Apps, or any other file you need to flash into that folder.
  • Reboot your tablet while holding the Volume Up button to enter recovery mode.
  • From your computer, follow steps 11 and 12 from the installation tutorial again to open a terminal, navigate to the novacom folder and use the “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller” command.

That should send the new components over to your TouchPad and the next time you boot you should have the missing features such as the ability to enter ClockworkMod Recovery to select your boot options.

What do to if ClockworkMod Recovery fails to install

It’s possible that Android may install properly, while the ClockworkMod Recovery installation fails. One theory is that this happens sometimes if you have a custom webOS kernel in the /boot partition. Here’s what you can do manually install the Recovery:

  • Unzip the update-cwm_ternerloin-1012.zip file to the same director where Novacom and your ACMEInstaller files are located.
  • Connect your TouchPad to your computer and reboot into Recovery by holding the Up Volume button while you reboot.
  • Open a terminal and navigate to the Novacom directory.
  • Type the following (without the quotes): “novacom boot mem:// < uImage.ClockworkMod”

What to do if you’re pretty sure your tablet is frozen

First, make sure your device is really frozen. The install process can take a while, so it might look like nothing is happening even when there’s activity. But if five or six minutes pass and you find yourself looking at blank screen, try pressing and holding the power button and home button at the same time for about 30 seconds. This should cause your tablet to reboot.

What to do if your device repeatedly fails to wake from sleep

CyanogenMod 7.1 for the HP TouchPad is still alpha software, which means it’s still pretty rough around the edges. One of the biggest problems users have found is the so-called “sleep of death,” which basically means that from time to time the tablet will fail to resume from sleep when you press the power button.

One possible fix for this is to install a software patch that should eliminate or at least reduce sleep of death instances. You can find details on how to do that in our article about the sleep of death.

Restoring webOS with the webOS Doctor

If you royally mess things up you can also try to restore your system to factory default condition using the webOS doctor. The folks at webOS Internals have put together a nice set of instructions for doing that.

I want to restore webOS, uninstall Android, and recover all missing space

If you just use the webOS doctor to restore webOS, you won’t actually erase Android or change the storage partition size — which means the space in your media partition that was allotted for Android will still be inaccessible.

But the CyanogenMod team has released a tool called ACMEUninstaller which you can use to completely remove Android and change your partitions back to their normal size.

Just download the latest version from the link at the RootzWiki forum, unzip the app to your Palm Novacom directory and run it the same way you would run the ACMEInstaller app.

Bonus round: If Android isn’t your thing, you can also install Ubuntu Linux on the TouchPad.

Note that while it’s pretty hard to completely “brick” the tablet and leave it entirely unusable, it is possible to do so. Installing Android may void your warranty — especially if you’re unable to restore the tablet to its factory default settings. So please proceed at your own risk, and understand that neither Liliputing nor the developers at CyanogenMod can be held responsible if something you do to your tablet causes it to stop working properly.

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297 replies on “How to install Google Android on the HP TouchPad (with CyanogenMod7)”

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      Improve the display quality and of course the CAMERA & MIC should work!

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  10. Hi, I tried all of your steps correctly. Some scripts were running for few minutes on my touchpad and then they stopped for about half hour. It stopped at poweroff when you are done. then I couldn’t power it off using the powerbutton or turn on the USB mode using the upper volume key. I am now not able to use my Touchpad. It is just useless. Can you tell me if I can get it back to the WebOS mode where I can atleast use it  like I usually do. Please suggest me as I just got it for 200bucks from my neighbour. I will greatly appreciate your help.

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    I hook it up on a USB and turned On to Hp OS and looked at my directory I have a “clockworkmod” folder. The unzip file of 3.5 Android is in the “Download” folder. I downloaded through my Touchpad using Cyanogenmod. Now I can’t update to 3.5 until I figure out how can I go to ClockworkMod.

    I will appreciate so much any help I can get. Thank you

  14. I’m attempting to install Cyanogenmod to my HP Touchpad using a Mac. I come to the step where I need to navigate to a directory through the Terminal in Utilities.
    On my Macintosh HD the filepath is /opt/nova/bin. What commands do I need to type into the Terminal to access the “bin” similar to typing the commands below for a PC where “Palm, Inc” is my “bin”?

    Type “cmd” (without quotes) into the search box.
    A terminal window should open up — but you’re in the wrong directory.
    Type “cd c:” and press enter to get to your root directory.
    To navigate to the correct directory, type “dir” and press enter to see a list of directories.
    On my computer, I next typed “cd Program Files” and hit enter, then “cd Palm, Inc” and hit enter again.

  15. I’m no expert on anything but coal mining but when Microsoft passed out win7 with a temporary key for evaluation purposes, I booted off the CD I made, then I had an Idea to reset the boot order to make the usb thumb drive the primary in the boot sequence. Is it possible to do that here by using a 16 or 32 gb thumb drive, putting the install files and folders on the thumb drive and use it as a primary boot in android when it’s available or boot to webOS when the thumb drive is not available.  This is probably a dumb idea to you folks but, I would like to explore all options before I commit.

  16. y does the unistaller not work for me says it cant be found its not in a zip file i tried to make it a zip but still get the same thing  i need to unistall it tells me my sd card is damaged   so i cant to uninstall andreinstall so  it will fix that problem but cant get unistallerto work

  17. I downloaded and everything but android market is not working.. keeps saying server error.

  18. I’m stuck on the restart USB logo step.  I’m hosting this from mac OS X 10.5  I restarted the Touchpad, held down the up volume button, got the big USB logo.  The touchpad appears stuck in this mode and as near as I can tell the Mac has not recognized the device.

    Any suggestions?  I appear to be completely stuck.

    1. I just tried the power button + vol down + hp button to clear the logo.  The thing seemed dead then but then mysteriously rebooted into WebOS.  I’m trying to restart it again now…

      1. My mac still didn’t recognize the restarted TouchPad so I decided to go ahead and issue the novacom boot command.  As soon as I typed it, the TouchPad screen changed to the small HP logo in the center and the novacom command returned instantly, no output or anything.

        This really doesn’t seem correct.  

        Any suggestions?

    2. I got some help from the IRC channel.  The theory there was the boot image ACMEInstaller was somehow corrupt. The novacom command was returning instantly so something wasn’t quite right.  I re-downloaded the .zip file several times, checked the MD5 of the zip file and even diff’d the various copies ACMEInstaller files which showed them all to be binary exact. 

      For some reason on a random attempt, it worked.  I’m not sure exactly what solved the issue but big thanks to the guys over at freenode.

  19. Hi there…

    Attempting to install Android and am a bit stuck right now…

    Placed unzipped  “ACMEInstaller” into ” C:Program Files (x86)HP webOSSDKbin ” folder, as there’s no “Palm, Inc” on Program Files only.

    On attempting to input on command screen c:> Program Files I get the message ” the syntax of the command is incorrect”, yet I can look in other directories in the same fashion.

    I’m on Windows 7 64 bit in Administrator mode.


    1. Try typing “cd program” and then just hit the tab key before you hit enter. Windows should auto-complete. If you have another folder called program files or program1, or whatever, keep hitting tab until you see the correct one and then hit enter. 

      1. Hi Brad,

        Thanks for the info and sorry for it taking a while to get back.

        Still not working for me I’m afraid, tried all the places I could seem to find to insert your “cd program” but no joy at all.

        I fully accept I’m a newbie, and possibly unable to see the obvious right in front of me. Apologies for this.

        Any further help would be appreciated.

  20. You are awesome Brad, thank you so much!
    Just have one question, after I ported CM7, everything seems to work fine except that I cannot drag my apps around on the home screen.
    You know to move around or delete apps, you have to long press the icon on the home screen. Right? But mine are just stuck on the home screen. Help me please!

  21. This worked great.  For those with “access denied” issues…I found my issue was that I only copied the ACMEInstaller folder into the Program FilesHP WebOSSDKbin folder.  I needed to empty the contents of the ACMEInstaller folder into the …bin folder.  Worked like a champ.

  22. Great instructions. Thanks. I didn’t have the Palm Inc folder. What I did have was something like this: c:Program files (x86)HP Web Ossdkbin. This is the folder that I used instead of Palm Inc, which I don’t have. I’ve been installed now a couple days and OMG this is the most awesome thing ever!  Thanks Cyanogenmod!!!!  Love it!

  23. The instructions work fine for me! Am able to do it in one go.basically everything is working fine. Thx alot!

  24. I have managed to install the latest Alpha, it is great.  Only one problem, the above instructions will not work if you download the WebOS SDK from HP. Novacom.exe is in the HP WebOSSDKBin folder so you need to put the files in there.  Open the cmd window navigate to the folder and run the install comd from there.

  25. I cannot find 
    update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip on the Rootwiki site.  Is there an alternate location to obtain this file?  Thank you!

  26. Awesome tutorial – followed step by step and worked first time.  Can’t believe how easy the installation was.  Thanks folks! Running CM7 on my WebPad is killer..

  27. I have installed Android succesfuly on my touch pad and it works well  Thanks to all. I will donate to the developers site. I am having trouble with the camera (force close every time) and my POP Email outgoing mail. The server settings appear to be correct but the outbox says connection problems and they won’t send. I suspect its the outgoing port #. I changed it at setup from the default, to 25 (and can’t remember the default). Does anyone know what the outgoing port number should be, and any info on the camera? Thanks

    1. The camera doesn’t work under CM7, so that’s a known issue. I haven’t really spent much time with the email app, so I can’t really offer much help there. I just use the Gmail app. 

      1. Have you had trouble with the sounds. In android mode the headphone Jack mutes the touchpad sound but no sound in the headphones. In web os mode the sounds stay on the touchpad with the headphones plugged in. Sound is in both at the same time. —
        Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

        1. Reboot with headphones plugged in. Then unplug headphones. All will work fine until your next reboot.

          1. Do you know why my google contacts do not sync or update as I add new ones. I only have the list from the original set up. Sync and backround are checked in settings/accounts and sync. Thanks —

          2. re can i remove the android my- photo storage has all sorts of different folders with nothing in them. Now I cant save photos. I get a error telling to delete some and make room. Any suggestions?

  28. Hey internet folk, I have done all the steps to a T, yet when I try to initiate the install (novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller  I get access denied, after reading this entire thread I have tried and retried, uninstalled the palm novacom drivers, and then I tired again.  Still no access.  I'm a noob never done a root before, but it seems i'm stuck.  Any Help with be appreciated. 

  29. FYI, if you install the new HP webOS tools, the path to the novacom.exe is c:program filesHP wwebOSSDKbin. Unpack he ACMEInstaller in this directory and follow the instructions.

  30. I keep getting the “alarm already expired” thing. Tried webos doctor to 3.0.2 as well but nothing. Seems like I’m stuck 🙁

  31. so frustrated… are there any instructions on how to do this with a mac?
    I’m fine with getting the files on my tp but once I reach the step to go to a terminal window I get lost… 🙁

  32. OK – you can disregard my last comments about defaulting to WebOS and about wifi… somehow was able to fix it all.

    Installed the GAPPS package, but all it seems to have installed in Google Search and Market… am I missing something???

  33. Hoping someone  can help me… managed to get it installed and boot into Android, however when it restarts it defaults back into WebOS unless I manually select the “Boot Cyanogen Mod” option from the moboot screen.

    Any way to fix this?

    My other BIG problem is I can not get WiFi to work… was able to turn it on and enter the password for my network, but it wouldn’t connect.  I rebooted the device, and now I just get “force close” errors when trying to get to Wi-Fi settings.

    Any help?

  34. managed to install, but i try to install some apps and get ‘ insufficient storage’ message… tried moving some apps to SD to no avail

  35. hey, any idea how i can sign in into my google account. How do i connect to a wireless network after booting into android? It won’t detect automatically as all the wireless around me require login, one through browser, and another just auto prompt when you connect

  36. followed instructions…nothing worked. in the cmd screen when i typed in “cd Palm, Inc” it said it wasnt there

  37. Hi, Can someone pls help me. I have followed all the instructions correctly however on the PC, when typing the destination “Start”–>”Run”– “CMD”,  C:Program Files/Palm, Inc. I get the following error: C:windows is not recognises as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I dont know why this is the case? 

  38. Please help…I’ve followed all of the instructions but can’t get past the novacom command.
    Four zips in place on cminstall on touchpad root
    novacom and acme installer in place on program filesPalm, inc
    rebooted to USB symbol and the PC sees the palm device
    novacom -l shows a long string then usb topaz-bootie
    but when I type novacom boot mem:\ < ACMEInstaller, I get
    bad or error response from other side: err-1 bad command string

    Any suggestions?

  39. I successfully installed Android; however, I cannot connect via wifi.  It cycles from scanning to disconnected without connecting.  I can reboot into WebOS and have very stable wifi.  Anyone having the same issue? Ideas on resolution?

    1. I’m having the same issue. Installed fine but wifi continues to cycle scanning…

  40. I installed Android with no problem… is there a way I can remove Web OS from my tablet to free up more space?

      1. Brad I cannot send Email through my POP account after installing android on my hp touch. I suspect its the port setting. Do you know what # that should be for the out going server

  41. my web os updated and kicked my moboot out  so now i cant dual boot back to droid

    1. so i am trying to do a fresh install but the pc i was using the screen got broke on so now i am trying the other 2 pcs i have in the house

  42. why does my command prompt tell me access is denied i tryed on 2 diffrent computer  one has windows 7 and the other is xp  i ran it on windows 7 as the administrator  and still cand get it to run the acmeinstaller

  43. So I made it to the scrolling texts after entering everything in cmd. It’s still scrolling after half an hour..”bad short file name, auto renaming it” I don’t think this is normal, since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it or seeing it in any install vids. Any ideas as to what I did, or can do?

  44. Help. put the tp in download mode. computer say . need to install drivers. no usb logo on the screen. Installed everything properly

  45. Very pleased with the alpha 2 so far, running for 5 days now!  The SOD patch is needed though.  There is a few rough edges but nothing too serious.  Good work!

  46. thanks for this awesome work first..i have installed this CyanogenMod 2.3.7 before 2 days in my touchpad…its working perfectly.but i have encoutered 2 major problems.

    1.when i open the camera it shows(please insert the sd card before).i tried my best to clear this but i cant able to find any setting regarding this issue.and i know that there is no sd card option in hp touchpad.

    2.if i open the gallery it shows (usb device unmounted).i just cant understand that from where this usb devise came.

    can any one please tell me a suggestion to rectify these issues

  47. Just installed android worksperfectly except myscreen wont lock can someone help plz

  48. With Nook for android and kindle, books don’t want to open. These apps worked initially, but just for a few days. Tried uninstall/re-install to no avail. Do you have any suggestions?

  49. After going through the install, the flying text appears, however it does not boot into android.  I can open up the moboot and select a way to boot the TP, boot webOS, boot ClockworkMod, boot webOS Recovery, reboot, and shutdown are the only options.  Thoughts?

    1. I missed the auto renaming of one of the files.  Specifically update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a2.1-fullofbugs.zip.  There was a (1) on the end because I had downloaded two copies of the file.

  50. Mine stucks on sys_prepare_jump: type 1, target 0x40200000, args: 0x0 0xc08 0x40200100 0x0 , I am trying this on a 7″ touchpad go, different bootloader? 

  51. i have a question regarding the market.
    I installed it and I can see “market“ in setting->application->all. But nowhere I could find it other than that place..
    Any clue…

  52. …also when trying to unzip to proper folder was restricted for some reason so cut and pasted unzipped files to proper folder…

  53. I appear to be doing things right and am getting “access denied” after typing command in…any ideas…

  54. This is unbelievable……this guys made it so easy to install and I must say that I’m smiling for the last hour, it works great BTW.

  55. i download both files off of the cm7 site and they’re both the same file. i somehow can’t find the update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip file. do i not need it after the alpha 2 update? please let me know. thanks.

  56. Hi Everyone!

    I just installed android with no issues BUT am having the following problems with the below apps:

    1. Facebook – I get anerror msg uponopening thatforces me to closeit
    2. Gmail / Apps Market – It states no internet connection although my connection is excellent

    1. For the Gmail /Apps Market connectivity, try signing into Google talk with your Google account.  If that connects, the market and gmail app should begin to connect afterwards. I had the same issue and that is what fixed it for me.

  57. Hey Brad, I keep getting ‘Please release key(s)…’ upon booting up the device. I think I’ve done everything right.

  58. Hi, I installed novacom and it recognizes my touchp in “normal” mode, but when I go to the recovery mode and try to type in the “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller" in the shell it says it its "unable to find device" although the touchp is listed as "Palm" in the USB device list in Windows —

    anyone same prob ?


    1. We faced a similar problem. Once you copy the files in cminstall folder disconnect the touchpad from the computer. Restart the touchpad, hold the volume up button till you see the USB symbol on the touchpad screen. While restarting, connect the touchpad back to the computer. Go ahead and run the commands u tried to run.


      1. I have the same problem. When im in usb mode in the tablet, it appears the usb logo inside a tablet image. I cant navigate in the tablet in usb mode. I tried what you suggested about connecting the tablet while restarting but the computer doesn’t recognize it. any suggestions? im stuck in this part.

  59. Installed Market 3.2. When it launches, it asks for an account (standard), I click YES and it goes back to the homescreen. No option in the settings for Google Account, only Corporate and Friendcaster. Should I uninstall and use Market 3.1.2 or 3.1.3?

    Side note: restoring missing apps with data option using Titanium Backup 4.02 so far works except for Yelp 2.8.7 (84 of 85 apps on my infuse/triumph)

    Totally loving Android on Touchpad!! AWESOME!! Easy install!

    1. Installing apps manually (ones that titanium backup wouldn’t restore) from market after installing gapps zip via clockwork mod recovery (fixed market problem)

  60. USB LOGO
    I followed all the steps mentioned, when it came to the command box, i did the command and pressed enter… but nothing happenned
    The USB logo on the touchpad remained there. once i exited the command box, the USB logo turned into a frozed hp logo that just sat there for two hours till i rebooted … ????
    What am i doing wrong ?

  61. hey can someone please help i tried updating 2 alpha 2 and when i did its stuck on the boot screen for cyanogenmod 7 and the circle is going around and around what should i do???? i let it do the circle thing for the whole night!! still no results please HELP!!!!! ANYONE!!

  62. Hi, i’m trying to install android on Hp Veer 4G but, on 12 steep nothing happens, i mean, on the screen of my Veer is usb icon and before nothing else. Something to do?

  63. Can anybody help me? i have been trying to install this CM7 on my touchpad, but I always get stuck on the BIG USB logo in the touchpad, after i entered the command at command prompt, it just stays in there, I left it for 2 hours, still on that BIG USB logo, nothing is happening.  I tried 3 computers already to install this, desktop, laptop both 64 bit win7 and netbook 32 bit, no luck…… any ideas? Thanks

    1. Hi, did you solve this problem? I have the same problem on my HP Veer 4G

      1. U have to follow all steps exactly. My guess is the 5 files are not on yr touchpad in the cminstall dir. And the unzipped novacom file is not on great host PC’s palm, Inc dir. If both are present n u restart it while pressing volume button, then goto PC, type in the command correctly, your tp install should start in a few seconds.

        All my touchpads installed ap1,2 with no problems. Good luck

    2. Same problem here, I’m not even sure how to navigate to the proper directory, I’m using a Mac so there needs to be instructions for Mac users which I can’t seem to find.

    3. There are several videos on YouTube that can guide you through this process. Also, I had issues navigating to the property directory so I had to go piece by piece and ended up searching for HP WebOS because I could not find palm. Thats another option. Thanks

    4. There is most likely no enough power running to the system, try different usb cable or unplug all other attached devices.

    5. try reinstalling the drivers.
      make sure you followed the steps correctly
      make sure that your computer finished installing the device usb drivers.
      hope this help.

  64. Quick question, it seems that the device won’t shut down? Every time I go to shut it down, it just reboots.  Anyone else having this issue? Also, anyone find out how to fix any of the Wi-Fi bugs, or recommendation that might help with fixing the problems.

  65. Working great for me, but it seems the wifi in here doesn’t like a PSK that ends in !!

    I removed that from my WPA / AES SSID and bam, now it connects

  66. I installed Alpha 2 on my HP touchpad, it was installed properly suddenly my device stopped working I tried to start with start button, still not working please help me to resolve this issue

  67. Awesome! Works really well for an alpha. Very Impressive! The biggest issue that i am having is the WiFi works intermittently. It works well for hours and then quits. once it does that, i have to reboot a couple of times to get it going again.

    1. I found that by reading the install instructions and then rereading them, it helps tremendously. 

  68. Thank you so much for posting these instructions.  I got stuck at one point, but with a little thought process was able to understand what to do.  Works really well so far! (only about 1 hour worth of play time so far).  As you stated in your article the only bug I have at the moment is the Facebook app doesn’t work, it simply does a force close when it is trying to load.  I’m pretty sure I did it right and used Alpha v.2 but I will continue to look on this thread for updates.  Again, thank you for such great step-by-step instructions.


  69. I cant find the download link on the HP website for the Palm Novacom software for Windows 7.  I can see the download for Linux but nothing for Windows?

    1. Hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard to open a search box and search for “Windows.” 

      Or click the link that says “Windows” near the top of the page where there are three links labeled “Windows, OS X, Ubuntu Linux.”

  70. I should be getting my TP any day…can I put the market fix in cminstall folder upon initial installation or should I install everything first and then do the marketfix?  Thanks!   

  71. this article is very useful!! My testing result is “Camera does not work, Facebook does not work…. all other common Apps work 100%” and “Overall Stability is over 85% …. but sometimes you need to reboot for instability …. but after the reboot… works smooth again..”

  72. I followed all the steps. After imputing the commands in terminal, it brings me to double penguin mode. After that, it open moboot, it only gives me the option to reboot, reboot webos and shut down machine. It doesn’t give me an option to boot CyanogenMod7. Any help??

  73. Alpha 1 ran great for me but y’all need to update to alpha 2 runs nice love it

  74. Worked great til i pressed shutdown. now i am having problems starting up. I have pressed the power and home buttons in sync for over 30 secs, and over 2 mins. Still nothing. Any suggestions?

  75. Hi: I have successfully install Alpha 1 by using your instruction but now I try to install Alpha2, I am getting this error
    “if you’re talking to an older novacomd, try -k to enable krustymode”

    What does it mean? How do I get rid of this error?

  76. Installed the latest version 7.2.1 without any issues and installed marketplace. all seemed to work fine yesterday, however today when i try and access the marketplace it keeps saying there is no internet connection, when there is and i have no problems accessing email and internet through browser…
    Anyone else experiencing this issue and know how to resolve??

  77. Do we need to uninstall beta 1 on hp touchpad before we put beta 2 on it?

  78. I followed the steps till Enter the following command (without quotes) and hit return: “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller”

    the linux screen appears and the flow goes and stops and mentions waiting to restart. But nothing happens. I tried to use the power button of the touchpad to restart the touchpad but nothing happens. What can I do to restart it ?

  79. Having issues with Android Market. I got everything to install fine and after downloading Netflix and Pandora, the download button in Market doesn’t work for any other app. I can see it, but when I hit it nothing happens, even though everything else on the page is working fine. Anyone else have this issue and know a fix?

  80. got it up and running and even did the update for the android marketplace. HOWEVER, every time I try to download an app from the marketplace it says “downloading” but the progress bar never populates and never starts downloading regardless of the app I’m trying. Please help!

  81. Awesome tutorial- What had me was 3. Unzip the ACMInstaller file to the same directory where Palm Novacom
    is installed. On my computer that directory is C:Program FilesPalm,
    Careful not to unzip the folder, but the actual ACMInstaller file, like it says, or you’ll get access deniel.
    WOW now me Touchpad has come alive!  Have installed Viber so now can make free calls with it too!

  82. Hey i need help. It works great in Android but whenever i booted back into webos i cant boot it back to cm7.Can you help me?

      1. I installed moboot and everything, im just saying i booted in webos and now im trying to boot back into cm7.

          1. Hi Brad videos quailty is abit crap any bugs I can install to improve it?

  83. How can you restart it while its in USB mode? When its in usb mode, a USB logo shows up on the screen and theres no way to return to the home screen

    1. Press power and home button and hold (mine took about 15 – 20 seconds before shutting off).

  84. Android on my TP was working fine. Even installed few things from zip using recovery.
    After I installed GApps using Recovery TP became extremely slow. It cannot connect to the Wireless anymore. It’s just scanning… Pressing a button takes minutes to process. Any help?

  85. Ok, I’m going to expand on my question by giving detailed list of what is listed under C:Program Files (x86)HP webOSSDKbin.

    Do I unzip the ACMEInstaller here?

    Under  C:Program Files (x86)HP webOSSDKbin

    novacomd                    File Folder
    novacomm                        Application
    Palm-emulator                  Windows Batch File
    Palm-generate                  Windows Batch File
    Palm-help                         Windows Batch File
    Palm-install                       Windows Batch File
    Palm-launch                      Windows Batch File
    Palm-log                           Windows Batch File
    Palm-package                   Windows Batch File
    Palm-run                          Windows Batch File
    Palm-worm                       Windows Batch File

    1. Looks about right. Basically you want to be in the same directory as the novacom.exe file. 

      In my case, I didn’t install the entire SDK, so I don’t have the rest of the files listed. But the worst thing that could happen in this case is… nothing. It doesn’t hurt to try putting it in that folder. 

      1. ok, cool and ty.  I just didn’t want to continue unless I understood it better.  My other question is: Is ACMEInstaller the only file i have to unzip?

        1. You don’t actually install ACMEInstaller. You unzip it to that directory, then use it to push the CM7, Moboot, Clockworkmod, and gApps files to your tablet. 

          1. lol, i just edited it.  so ACMEInstaller is the only file I have to unzip.

  86. I wish a cancel on the edit or even deleting your own post was available

  87. C:Program Files (x86)HP webOSSDKbin

    Is this the address I should unzip the acmeinstaller file to?

  88. Wow !!

    Those of you holiding off should give it a go… I simply followed the instructions above (don’t forget to tell the WiFi to Never Sleep) and its fab! 

    No problems switching between WebOS and Android between boots, BBC iPlayer and Angry Birds both work well (need to install Flash of course) and the speed is pretty good.

    Damn good effort for an Alpha release I’d say !

  89. I downloaded everything from the HP link on step 1, and it did not create a “C:Progam FillesPalm” directory.  what do i do now?

      1. See if you have this folder. That is where the novacom file was for me. Unzipped ACMEInstaller in there and it went smooth.

        C:Program FilesHP webOSSDKbin

  90. I’ve never seen an alpha just work like this, ever!!! A sincere thanks to those who have created this mod!

  91. Thanks alot Brad. These Instructions are “FREAKINGLY” awesome… Just loved it.. Thanks alot..

  92. Runs great for an Alpha- except 2 issues: 1) Wireless goes out after unit sleeps after long period of inactivity. To fix, need to forget the network that you were connected to-turn of Wifi and reload update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip with recovery. I also reload the market Flemmard fix again before reboot. 2) Leave the touchpad to charge overnight with Cyanogynmod and it won’t wake up from sleep. I have to do a hard restart to get it going again. Otherwise-it works great. Thank you!

  93. Install worked great for me  – just cant get Facebook to work properly  Logs in once and then if I try to go back in it Force Closes every time

  94. Ok, Installed all the items from the HP Website on step 1, but I still do not have a “Palm” directory, did I miss something, or where can I D/L it?

    I installed the 64 bit version, should I have installed the 32 bit version?
    I’m running Win 7 64 bit.

    Better yet, I’m in the Philadelphia area, can we meet somewhere so that you can get me at least past step 1? lol
    Thank You.

  95. just followed instructions.  I now have moboot and clockwork.  I can get into webOS but I appear to have no android installation.  weird.  not quite sure what to do now!

    1. it was my bad.  the android install file had been renamed.  I assume I just fix it and run the acme installer again.

  96. I followed all instructions and it’s working well (boots to both Android and Webos without a problem), but when trying to install Google Market and try to put the gapps…zip file to cminstall folder this folder is not longer in my touchpad root, folder cminstall is gone! , I checked booting in  android and webos and I can’t find it, any help will be appreciate it.

  97. From the Recovery screen, I see the confirmation:

    CM7.1Alpah1 for Touchpad Market Fixer
    By Flemmard

    Install from sdcard complete.

    When I reboot, I don’t see the Android Market.


  98. What do we have to D/L and install from the Downloading and Installing the 3.0.2 SDK and PDK website that is listed on Step Number 1? Can you please expand Question 1?

    When I go to that site (I’m installing from Windows)
    There are several items for Downloading and Intalling
    Which ones do we need?
    The following are the items in question
    1) Java
    2) Virtual Box
    3) HP webOS SDK for Windows (This one I think is the Palm Software?)

    4) CodeSourcery Toolchain (PDK only)

    Is ACMEInstaller the only file we have to unzip?

    Thank you!

  99. brad can you show mac users like me how to use terminal to change directory to find the default palm folder (novocom) and tell us where to put the acmeinstaller file/zip. dose it go in the palm folder that exist in $ applications>palm. is novocom installed by default there? im confused

    1. The default install location for novacom for me was /opt/nova/bin.

      So in the terminal type “cd /opt/nova/bin” and you will be there.  I unzipped the ACMEInstaller.zip – it creates a folder with an executable in it – I copied that file ACMEInstaller to /opt/nova/bin


  100. Great article Brad!

    I’m writing this post on my HP touchpad running cyanogenmod’s Alpha 1 release!

    Works great. Very responsive.

  101. i ran the novacom command and the screen went from the large usb sign to the hp logo and is just sitting there.  anyone have any ideas?  just reboot?

    1. Same thing here. I did all the steps mentioned here. I ran the command and the large Usb thing is just there

  102. An update- it just turned out that I hadn’t extracted the ACME file correctly like I had thought. All good now. Thank you.

  103. Hi there,

    Could someone please verify if you need to rename the moboot and gapps files to have the prefix “update” or not?  

    Thank you

    1. Do not. I had originally suggested it based on a recommendation I had seen elsewhere, but a member of the Cyanogenmod team said doing so can cause problems.

    2. I did not rename the files – I copied moboot and gapps as they downloaded to the cminstall directory.  Also did the market enabler at the same time.  Everything installed correctly.  Note that the google apps aren’t actually downloaded – when you first launch the market it will take you to a page with all the google apps (gmail, maps, youtube, google earth).

  104. Hi there,

    Could someone please verify if we should rename moboot and gapps files to have the prefix “update-” or not?  The original files do not have the prefix “update-” in front of the file names.

    Thank you

  105. Thanks for the reboot options and instructions. I am still having issue with loading “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller" from the command line which I've opened as administrator. It keeps telling me that file cannot be found. I typed it in exactly as it says on the instructions and image. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I do have Palm Novacom installed.

      1. you have to put the ACMEInstaller into the path where you keep the  novacom.exe file

  106. I have it running fine no problems so far games running and movies both avi and mkv’s and so far no crashes love it just a shame on the battery drain being a big hit but for first release hey its great

  107. First of all great post.  I got it working, and it works great.  Wifi is the only problem right now.  My Wifi is intermittant, works for a while and then either stops or slows way down.  Anybody have this problem or is it just my network doing something screwy.  You can first tell when I start a download from the market.  It downloads really fast, then comes to a crawl.  Any help or comments is appreciated.

  108. Anyone else having issues with apps downloaded on previous devices not showing up in your “apps” list in the market? I’ve downloaded 50+ apps on my phone and none of them show. Is it device specific?

  109. Howdy – my HP Touchpad is stuck on the black USB screen – when I tried to do the command line it said file not found. How do I get it off the black USB screen and start over?

    1. Funny you should ask. I just added a few options to the bottom of the tutorial.

      The first thing I’d try is pressing and holding the power and home buttons for about 30 seconds to try to force a reboot. 

  110. Works great EXCEPT!!!!!!! When just sitting there in Android fro a few minutes I went to turn on screen ans NOTHING>>>DEAD>>> MORTE>>>BRICKED.  So i couldnt get it to turn back on.  LAter I held the Power & Action Button (at the bottome for a while & boom it came back.  This happened twice..not sure if it’s just crashing or due to excessive battery drain which I also notice….ANYONE have input?

  111. Can’t seem to get wifi to work. Install couldn’t have been easier and it seems smooth.

  112. ive reset this with webdr at least 4 times and relaoded cm7. Im having trouble with marketplace. Im a pro now!

  113. hey Brad I cant install it im on the last step in cmd where it says
    “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller” after i put that in it says
    32 bit windows 7
    please and thankyou

    1. If your installing from Win Vista or Windows 7 from the Command Promt you need to enable “Run as Administrator”.  To do this right click Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”. Type in the password if required.  Then navigate to the ACMEInstaller directory on your computer and re-type the command.  Worked for me.

    2. ummmm…..you’re not putting the ” are you at the end of novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller……are you  ?

  114. Well, I ran the webOS doctor and restored the tablet (although clearly not a complete restore), and repeated the process WITHOUT gapps, and while it seemed to install okay, it won’t boot to Android. I think I screwed myself during my first install attempt by using a corrupt fullofbugs.zip file; I think the download of this file aborted during the download and I didn’t catch it.

    Now, it looks like I am stuck with webOS. Sucks.

    1. So I ran webOS Doctor again to “restore” the device. Then I repeated the installation process using just the update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip and this time Android fully loads. So, I have NO Moboot loader or Clockworks Recovery but Android is installed and running.

      Brad, can you tell me the full filename for the gapps file you installed on your Touchpad? Thanks.

      1. Currently you want to use gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip. I didn’t mention the full file name in the post because it’s subject to change.

        Also — according to a FAQ at RootzWiki, you may still be able to install CWMD. 


        “While in Android, you can connect the Touchpad to your PC via USB, create the cminstall folder, copy the zip file over, then simple reboot while holding the Vol Up botton and run the novacom boot mem:// > ACMEInstaller command again.”

        1. Yeah, I figured you didn’t want to list it for that reason.


           I think I spoke too soon. After I connect to Wifi, I opened the browser and then it locked up me subsequent boots are failing to load Android.

          I think I need to figure out how to remove any Android remnants of it before doing a clean install of Android again. The webOS Doctor seemingly works fine to restore webOS, but it doesn’t completely restore the system to stock. I probably should get on the  roookwiki site and ask if there are any commands I can run to clean things up first.

  115. had no problems installing and everything works fine! just wondering why it says el telco loco on the notification bar above the wifi icon?

  116. Which version of palm novacom do i download? windows (for my pc) or web os? and im having trouble finding the link to -update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip
    any help? Thanks.

  117. Step one in the install process does not seem to be installing the novacom software.  Can you please update the instructions?

  118. Is there any chance you can post the APK’s for Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and Dolphin HD somewhere?


  119. Do NOT rename gapps and moboot zips to anything, leave the names as is!
    Otherwise there would be a little bit of breakage.

    Please update the article

    1. Wait – so don’t add “update-” to the beginning of gapps and moboot!?

        1. Ah Hell. I tried to do a separate install of gapps (without renaming the file) and now it won’t load Android. It just kicks me back to the moboot loader.

          It is back to drawing board for me. LOL!

    2. Assuming we suffered “breakage”, what is the best course of action?

    3. What little breakage? I was able to install CM7 without troubles. Let it charge overnight while on Android and until now there,s no sign of life. Im sure the outlet works fine. Not sure if the charger has a problem though.

      1. UPDATE: after a hard restart, it came back to life. Looks like it just hung with a black screen that I thought it,s dead.

        1. How do you hard restart touchpad, mine looks like is gone dead and does not want to restart

    4. foudn that out the hard way. i renamed my files so it hung on the Android flaashing. ugh.. they need to tell yyou these things, not everything likes to leave their files as update-cm7.askdhaskdhaosjkjasd.zip

  120. I think I could do this all easily, but I’m running into some confusion about what to download for Novacomm. Could I have a direct link?

      1. Try the link in my thread below, and then search for the novacom.exe and copy the installer into that directory. While I had some problems, I am up and running now.

  121. I am getrting access denied win 7 64 bit when trying to run novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

  122. hey Brad I cant install it im on the last step in cmd where it says “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller” after i put that in it says Access is denied CAN YOU HELP ME AS SOOON AS POSSIBLE OR ANYONE ELSE?

          1. you need to change to the ACMEInstaller directory I bet. I had this same issue then I went into the installer folder. Instructions are not clear for the lesser knowledgeable tyeps or tired type like me. so in the Palm, Inc folder type cd ACMEInstaller then run that command.

          2. ok thanks for that but now it says novacom is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file now what???? PLEASE HELP!!

  123. I installed and it’s working brilliantly. I did however forget to intake moboot. Any way of adding it later?

    1. I made the same mistake at first. The only solution I’ve found is to use the webOS Doctor utility to do a complete restore of webOS, boot into webOS, copy moboot to the cminstall directory, and flash again.

      You *might* be able to do this without completely erasing your Android installation. 

      But it’s probably a good idea to do it sooner rather than later, sot hat if you do lose apps, data, or settings from Android you won’t lose anything that you’ve put hours, days, or weeks into customizing. 

      Update: There is another solution. You can create a “cminstall” folder using Android, copy moboot into that folder, and reboot your device while holding the volume up button to enter recovery mode.

      Then run the ACMEInstaller again. You can find more details in the article above.

      1. I was able to add moboot afterwards.  I put in in a new folder that I named cminstall and ran ACMEInstaller again. 

  124. Hi Brad, Moved to a windows machine – it ran through the script, but came to a place that said

    no cminstall dir found, nothing to install
    Power off when ready

    I checked the Touchpad – and the folder I created with CM install – has the 3 zim files and gapps.

    Any ideas?

    1. Did you make sure the cminstall folder is in the root directory of your device’s storage? It has to be in the right place and have the correct name. 

        1. I’m glad there was a simple solution — and that you asked me while I had everything fresh in my mind. Give me a few days and I’ll forget everything I learned today and be unable to offer support. 🙂

  125. help, i think i bricked my device, it is stuck on the linux screen and not doing anything, when i press the power button nothing happens, 🙁

    1. I thought mine got stuck as well, but it took it seemed like 5 minutes to get past one screen. It eventually finished, but Android failed to load. Fortunately I can still load WebOS from the MoBoot menu.

    2. you can also hold power button and the button towards the bottom of the screen for about 20 seconds – should reboot it.

  126. UI Works well and most apps do however WIFI only connected once and won’t connect again without locking up the settings panel…might have to leave it for now

  127. Download and install the Palm Novacom software for your computer. You
    can find grab the latest software for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the HP website.

    I did this and I am able to start and test the WEB OS emulator fine. However, I am pretty sure there is no directory called Palm on my system. At the link above in the Linux section there is a specific reference to Novacom that is not mentioned in the Windows instructions.  What am I missing here. Do I need to perform an additional install for Novacom?

    1. I do have a novacom.exe in this directory however:

      C:Program Files (x86)HP webOSSDKbin

        1. According to a readme file that accompanies the installer, “Installing Java, Virtualbox, sample files, etc. is unnecessary.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THE ENTIRE “SDK”, only novacom.   See http://www.webos-internals.org for instructions.”

      1. Here are my results:

        It never booted to Android. It does take me to a “moboot 0.3.3” and gives me five choices:

        boot ClockworkMod
        boot WebOS
        boot webOS Recovery

        If I select boot clockworkMod it shows the CyanogenMod splash screen brief and then takes me to a different menu title CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6 with the following choices:
        -reboot system now
        -apply update from sdcard
        -wipe cache partition
        -install zip from sdcard
        -backup and restore
        -mounts and storage
        -power off-*****Go Back******

        To navigate between the menu choices I have to use the volume control. To select, I use the home button.

        Interesting I can boot to WebOS fine, so I haven’t bricked it. Android just failed to install properly is all.

        1. That’s odd. It looks like moboot and clockworkmod installed properly. Are you sure you had the correct CM7 file in your cminstall folder as well?

          All told there should be 4 apps, and the one it seems like you’re missing is update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip.

          It’s also possible that there’s something I’m missing because you’re running Linux and I was running Win7 though. 

          1. No, I am running Windows 7, 64bit.  I am pretty sure I got all the files and renamed the ones required per your instructions. The one thing I found confusing from the rootzWiki is, what is the difference between CM7 and Clockwork recovery? Is it just a mirror site, because the links had files with the same name. I used the CM7 files.

          2. Ahh… that might be your problem.

            There are two links each under CWM and CM7. The original source and a mirror in case the first link is no good.

            You need to download from one of the links under each. If you only grabbed CWM or CM7, it’s not going to work.

            In the end, you should have all of these files in the cminstall directory:


          3. Yeah, those are the files in my working directory. Anyway, I will revisit my steps. and try again later.

          4. Okay I am up and running with Android now. I first tried to run an update from the Clockwork recovery using the update feature and the fullofbugs zip file, and I thought it worked since it added a menu item to moboot, but it never would finish loading.

            I then used the AMCE installer again with just the fullofbugs.zip file and and after a reboot or two it finally loaded Android. Thanks.

        1. I might add, while I am not sure at what point in the process, something I did added the “palm, inc.” directory to the c:program files directory, which is typically for 32 apps. When I did my install, I used the novacomm executable that in buried in the WEBOSSDKbin.  Not sure that made any difference, however,

  128. So far it’s working good.  Issue getting market on. started loading then stopped. had a crash trying to load market by pressing the app to boot into recovery.  Had tp hold power & Vol. down for a while to get reboot.  Once rebooted.  I long pressed the main screen and put a market widget on.  works good.  Netflix works awesome.  I am very impressed with this current build. Coming from rooted Sprint phone, I am familiar wit CM and knew they would come through.  Awesome job

  129. I got android installed on my touchpad using those instructions above, but I cannot get through the google user setup because wifi configuration is failing. Are touchpad wireless drivers included in this release?

    1. They are, but you might have to cancel the Android Market setup when it first pops up — then manually go into the settings, enable WiFi, connect to your network — and *then* either launch the Android Market or go to the Accounts menu to login with your Google username and password.

  130. I changed my mind after reading this at rooztwiki:Note: Alpha1 is an extremely rough build. Expect more crashes than you can count.

  131. Thank you…. I am trying to load this on a mac – have downloaded everything, and installed zips on touchpad. Can you tell me how to run the ACMIinstaller where the Palm Novacom directory is located?

    1. I’ve rooted my phones – etc., and have some knowledge on how to proceed. Thanks again..

      1. Lmcintyre–do you mind posting where you extracted ACME INstaller on your Mac? I dropped it into the application contents, but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    2. Unfortunately I’m not really a Mac guy, but what you need to do is copy the ACMInstaller to the same directory where the Palm Novacom files are stored — then open a terminal, navigate to that directory and run the command shown in the instructions.

      The steps for doing this will vary from Mac, to Linux, to Windows, but the basic idea is the same in all three situations.

      1. The funny thing is on window you have novacom in program<palm inc folder where you put acmeinstaller. but on Mac there is just applications<palm. I wonder if novacom is in a different folder. Can't find it! can anyone with Mac help us? Thank. And by the way,Brad, this site has the best article on this subject!

  132. Brad… I was having the same problem with not getting the boot screen when you first turn on the Touchpad…. What worked for me is unzipping the MOBOOT file and installing that in the “cminstall” folder.  Now it works like a charm.  Also…. gapps loads up perfect as a “new” install if you include it on the original Android install.  Enjoying Netflix right now!  Luv it!  Thanks for your write up…. it’s cleaned up alot….

    1. Yep, I got MoBoot working as well… and even added it to my instructions — but forgot to delete the bit about dual boot not working. 🙂

  133. Nice of you to put up a how to however you need to proof it–there are some mistakes.

    There are some things that are unclear–as if you just jumped form one thing to another. Like restarting/resetting the device but it’s still hooked up to the computer?

    Which reset option should they choose?

    You know noobs will try to follow this and brick their device if it isn’t spelled out to the T step by step.

      1. So looks like I am the noob that folled the instructions to a T, it said to select the Bottom Red Reset button, that one says Full secure Erase….. 

           – Select the red Reset Options button at the bottom.        -Tap the Restart option on the following screen.

        Can I assume, I’ll have to rebuilding my TP when it gets done erasing everything?

        1. Nope.

          1. Open Settings.
          2. Tap the Device Info item.
          3. On THIS screen tap the red button that says “Reset Options.”
          4. On the following screen hit the white button marked “Restart.”

          This just reboots your device. That’s all. It won’t erase any data or esettings — although this process *will* delete any photos, music, movies, or other data in your /media partition. 

  134. I’ve really been looking forward to this, but will probably hold off until its out of alpha stage.

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