The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet ships with a custom version of Google Android designed to let you download books, periodicals, and apps from the B&N Store. But hackers have been installing other versions of Android for months, allowing you to install Google’s digital content store and tweak everything from the tablet’s home screen to the on-screen keyboard.

We’ve seen CyanogenMod 7 and MIUI 2.2.3 ported to the tablet, allowing you to replace the Barnes & Noble software with custom versions of Android 2.3. We’ve seen an early build of CyanogenMod 9 which brings Android 4.0 to the tablet.

But up until recently, the easiest way to run alternate operating systems on the NOOK Tablet was to root the device, load a custom recovery application such as ClockworkMod and then wipe the software that comes with the tablet and replace is.

NOOK Tablet SD card slot

Now there’s a way to boot CyanogenMod 7 from a microSD card — no rooting required. That means you can pop a microSD card in your tablet, hit the power button and boot into CM7. Turn off your tablet and take out the microSD card and you’ll return to the standard Barnes & Noble experience.

People have been doing something similar with the NOOK Color since Barnes & Noble released its first Android-powered color eReader in 2010.

Xda-developers forum member CelticWebSolutions is responsible for bootable SD card image used in this guide.He’s the same guy who first brought us a version of CyanogenMod 7 that could be installed on the NOOK Tablet’s internal storage.


This method for booting CyanogenMod 7 should work with the original 16GB NOOK Tablet or the cheaper 8GB model. It will not work on a NOOK Color or any other phone or tablet.

You’ll need a 4GB or larger microSD card to get started. This tutorial assumes you’re running Windows. If you’re using Linux or OS X, you can find details for writing the disk image to your card at the xda-developers forum.

1. Download the latest disk image

You can find the link for the SD Version Image at the xda-developers forum.  Because this file and file location may change, I’m not providing a direct link here. You should visit the forum for the latest version

Once your download is finished you should have a file called something like Go ahead and unzip this to a folder on your computer and you should have a file called Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img.

2. Download Win32 Disk Imager

Next we’ll download the tool that you use to take that disk image and imprint it on your microSD card.

Click this link to download Win32 Disk Imager.

Again, this file is zipped. Go ahead and unzip it and you should find a number of files including one called Win32DiskImager.exe.

Win32 disk imager

3. Write the disk image

Make sure your microSD card is plugged into your Windows computer in a card reader and then go ahead and click Win32DiskImager.exe.

The drive letter for your microSD card should appear in the box on the top right. If it doesn’t then you may need to close the program and right-click on it and try running as an administrator or in compatibility mode.

The first time I tried using the disk imager I had no problems just clicking on it. The second time it wouldn’t recognize my flash card until I tried running in compatibility mode.

Next click the little folder icon to open an explorer window and locate and select the Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img file.

Click the Write button and wait for the progress bar to finish.

Note that this will create a 4GB disk image. If you have a larger SD card it won’t automatically be recognized, but you may be able to resize the “sdcard” partition later to gain additional space if you have a microSD card with more than 4GB of space.

You may also find that some 4GB SD cards don’t have enough space for this image. I wound up having to use my 16GB card because Win32 Disk Imager told me my 4GB card was too small.

4. Boot from the microSD card

Now all you have to do is pop the card out of your PC, power down your NOOK Tablet, insert the card and turn the tablet back on.

If all goes according to plan, you should boot into CyanogenMod 7 instead of the Barnes & Noble version of Android.

To switch back, just power down your tablet, remove the flash card, and turn it back on again.

5. Installing gApps (Android Market)

If you’ve started poking around CyanogenMod 7 you may have noticed that there’s no app store included out of the box. For legal reasons, CyanogenMod doesn’t preload the Android Market (or Google Play Store, or whatever it’s called these days).

But you can install it quite easily.

  • Download the latest gApps package for CM7 from the CyanogenMod Wiki and place it on your microSD card.
  • From the Android app drawer, find ROM Manager and tap on it.
  • Tap the option marked “Reboot into Recovery.”
  • Once ClockworkMod has loaded, use the volume keys to move up and down and the NOOK button to select.
  • Select the option for “install zip from sdcard.”
  • Navigate through the directories to find the file and select it.
  • Once the install is complete, hit the power button to return to the main menu.
  • Select the option to reboot the system.

Now when you boot into Android you should have the Android Market icon. Go ahead and fire it up and sign in with your Google account to get a one-time menu showing a list of Google applications available for installation including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.

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95 replies on “How to dual-boot CyanogenMod 7, NOOK Tablet OS with a microSD card”

  1. please help!i had cyanogenmod 7 and it worked fine for over a year. then i saw cm 10.1 so iinstalled it. it worked some wat. but google play store and a bunch of apps from my titanium backup didnt work. so i re installed cm7 again but now it loaded but the touch screen dont work. so i been going back n forth…… ive done numerous reboots, recoveries, clear datas n cache etc, tried the boot from sd card method etc…..tried going back to b&n stock, done cm 10.1 wont even load at all, cm7 gives me no touch screen but clock n stuff work.Also when i hold power and n now, instead of it showing a little n then a box it shows a little n then a big n. im losing my mind. i have nook tablet 16gb with a 8gb card. Please help me. my email is [email protected].

  2. So your rooting the nook tab,et or just the term “booting” also this is very cool. I want to try it and get the awesome apps from google play instead of the stupid b and n store. I researched everywhere looking for abetter solution i stead of rooting which takes a very long proccess. Thanks. Oh an di almost forgot, does this erase the current apps you had before?

  3. After several attempts to make the Nook more usable the info here was the best. I burned the first card as 4gb image on 8gb card and did not resize before testing. It worked great! So I wrote the same 4gb image to a 32gb card then resized the partition to regain the space and it worked perfectly again. This tablet is a real tablet now. I thanks!

  4. I did all of those steps and everything works fine. But the OS took up almost the entire space of my 16 GB SD card, and I wanted to know how I can get that memory back to add more files, since it was only supposed to be 4GB?

  5. Is the Nook flashing after the micro sd card was put in and taken out?

  6. I followed all the instructions and my Nook tablet now alternates between the android program on my 32G SD card and the Nook internal program. However, I have two problems. Occasionally when I try to reboot out of android mode my Nook gets locked into a glowing mode and I can’t do anything with it other than let it run out of power and then restart. My other problem is that when I am in Nook mode it thinks that I have only around 190 MG available on my SD card; when I am in android mode it shows the entire 27 G plus storage available. I have already used the minitool partition program and it says that I have the SD card partitioned correctly (according to directions I found in this thread). Any help would be appreciated!!

  7. I followed this guide to the letter but Im having problems with the voice feature of cyanogenmod 7 (that they claim is working). The voice search works but other apps such as IRIS and google voice (groove ip) dont see the voice input. Any clue how to fix this.

  8. I did everything and it won’t work. It still boots as nook os and now my sd card is corrupted, it now only allows 190 mb of storage even though it is a 16 gb

  9. well i did the same thing you told us to do and it didnt boot from the sd card it went right into the ban ver.. i do note you did say in the vid that urs was slitly moded? u didnt tell us how to do that?

  10. Thanks Brad for the clearest and easiest tutorial on how to get CM7 on the tablet. I used a 32GB card and though it booted to CM7 i was having problems recovering the lost space (27GB). When using a partition manager like EaseUS, i was getting errors. I started again and BEFORE i placed the MicroSD card in the nook i merged the partitions without any problems. It booted and displays 27GB on the sd card.

    @facebook-100000050870237:disqus, remember only the last 2 partitions (1.30gb and whatever is unallocated) are to be extended/merged. I didn’t mess with the other 3.

    Few questions:

    1. This was on an original 16GB (1.4.0 and never updated) Nook tablet, so by booting into CM7 are OTA updates automatically blocked?

    2.I know i have 27GB free from the MicroSD card and 1GB i guess from the Nook but how can i recover the rest of the 16GB or whatever Barnes N Nobles allows us to use? If i could add another 5-10GB (from the tablet) would make this CM7 Tablet even better!

    Also remember to TURN ON USB MASS STORAGE at the bottom (circle w/green arrow) to see the extra space on your PC (when connected) from the SD card.

    Thanks again!!

  11. I have same odd situation- won’t reboot in CyanogenMod unless booting while on AC Power… why is this?

  12. My nook won’t power on w/the sd card in. It’ll only turn on if I take out the sd, which defeats the purpose of loading from the sd. Any help for this?

  13. I followed all the steps and it’s working fine but when I connect the NT to my laptop while running Android I can’t put any files on it. Windows Explorer shows two removable disks but when I click them it says to insert a disk. Any ideas?

  14. Works great. Note that the latest version of the disk image does include the Google app store.

  15. When I try to resize my SD card I get error code:11 from mini tools. Any ideas? Other then that this worked first try! Can someone give me a hand with the resize issue?

  16. This worked great, however, I’d like to be able to sideload apps. When I boot into CM7 from the external flash, and connect to my laptop, it never shows up as a filesystem.

    Is there a way to sideload apps using this method?

  17. I had some difficulty initially, but after I was able to download Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img, it worked the first time, though I did have difficulty downloading it as the link in the forum was not working. I got the working link from a person site while shuffling through the forum. For most users, having easy access to download is important to save them the frustration or start buying pre-loaded microSD off eBay, the creator of this hack is not liking.

    NOTES (from my experience):
    1. Power off (press and hold power button and select Power Off)
    2. Add the newly created microSD
    3. Power On (press and hold power button) – it should bring up some kind of CyanogenMod message instead of Nook logo. Takes a minute or two to completely boot

    Here is the kicker
    1. Reboot (press and hold power button, and select Reboot) to switch to B&N Nook boot (the original Nook)
    2. Power Off and Power On (see notes above) to boot in CynaogenMod

    Basically no need to remove microSD, which can corrupt it. Or you can just loose the tiny thing.

    Good Luck.

  18. Performed the SD memory card setup on a 8 gig card and it worked like a charm on the first shot. The only problems that I have experienced is having to reboot after some apps are installed and on one occasion during start up the tablet booted to the B&N OS. I simply shut down the tablet, removed and reinserted the SD card and I was back in business. HUGE thumbs up.

  19. Now I’ve done this and love it. However I’ve noticed the battery drains very quickly. What file would I have to remove from the SD card in order to reverse it? I can’t seem to find what it wrote. Or am I missing something? (not tech savvy here).

  20. New link to the image file just remove the spaces and add the com

    www. mediafire dot com /?o3y5m9they7cw6b

  21. My PNY 16GB Class 10 did not work, but my Kingston 16GB Class 4 worked like a champ!

  22. I try the expand partition using MiniTool. However, my PC (vista), cannot access that partition when I put the sd card (sandisk 32g class10) in to a card reader and connect to my PC. Please help.

  23. When I tap the option marked “Reboot into Recovery.” (step 5) the Nook restarts and then stops at a screen that tells me to restart the device and try again or to go to for support. Please help! I’m trying to install the Android marketplace

  24. Works great. FYI. I can boot Cynogen Mod 7 from my sd card. I bought the 32 GB just to make sure I have room. But, I was also able to use the root method through the videos offered by Albert – those of you searching can find him. So I ran his root method from the SD card and it worked beautifully – to test it I removed the SD card shut down my 16gb – I did get it repartitioned at Barnes and Noble – and turned it back on. It stuck. I now have 2 platforms to choose from. Great work and Thank you

  25. I’ve got a 32GB card but it’s only showing less than 200MB of memory once I follow these steps. How do I get it to recognise all 32GB (or more accurately 29.1GB)?

    1. scroll down till you find this:

      Download MiniTool Partition Wizard (free home version) here:…….

      It’s been posted twice

  26. For a so far unknown reason it does not work.
    I frist tried to get nooky fryo, but couldn’t locate the file to download it. Next I tried honeycomb. Made a bootable sd, popped it in and it started with android, but got stuck with wanted a password. The workaround as found on the web did nothing. (as it seemed others had the same issue.

    Thinking it must be the new version 1.4.2 I started searching again and found this site.
    Followed all to the letter. Got the SD card in and what ever I do the nook starts with it’s own os. CM does not want to fire.
    Tried keeping button pushed for just 2 sec, 4 sec, very long time, together with nook button, only nook button and various other combinations I could think of. But no CM7.
    Tried miniTool, that worked fine. But still no boot.
    All I noticed is that it takes longer before it comes up with the std Nook OS. 

    !!    Has B&N changed their OS to prevent us from booting via SD?

    Or is it the SD card after all?  
    I do use a wintec filemate 16Gb, class 10 card. Must it be a class 6 or 4? Must it be a 8GB?

    If anyone can shine a light on this I would appreciate. Thx.

  27. How do you get step 5 to work.  It looks like CMW isn’t pre-installed, or at least the reboot into recovery (from ROMManager) doesn’t work.  Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.  I didn’t follow the directions exactly. 

      DL the image.  
      Image the SD card.
      Resize the partitions (I used a 16gb card, if yours is 4, then skip this)
      Copy the gApps zip file to the sd card.
      Insert sd card in NT
      Start it up.  
      Be amazed.

  28. Did this.  Awesome.  Major thanks to all those responsible. 

    Now for the question:  Is there a way to access the internal file system or is it strictly running off the microSD card?  

  29. I have nook tablet with 1.4.2. i made the image SD on an 8gig san disk. i powered the tablet off, inserted the disk and powered back on. it went into the nook OS and told me that i have an unrecognized SD that it wants to format. i didn’t allow it to do that.. I tried doing the plug into USB and try powering on from there and the same thing happened. any ideas what to try next?

    1. Ok i finally got it to actually boot to CM7 but i noticed even tho i used an 8 GIG card it says i only have 1 gig of space available. any idea how i can get it to recognize the rest of the card?

  30. This worked great and I didn’t have to remove the sd card to get back to the nook side…  just had to ‘reboot’ and press N 

  31. So….I guess this method all depends on the Nook Tablet itself.  I got one a few days ago, loaded up my 32GB Lexar class 10 card, and nothing.  So I bought a sandisk 16GB class 4, and it worked, but would only boot when the USB was plugged in.  Took the nook to B&N today to re-partition the drive, and it wouldn’t do it at all.  So they gave me a new nook tablet, re-partitioned the drive and I thought I’d try the 32GB card again.  Worked right off the bat, no issues.  

  32. I’m calling BS on this method!  I’ve followed the directions 4 times on a 16gig Microcenter Micro SD card (Class 10) and every time it boots to the Nook OS.

    What I DO get is an SD card that the Nook can read, that it will not access on boot and partitioned into 4 different drives with the Android OS residing on 190 MB.

    This so called solution for a dual boot Nook is a JOKE! 

    1.  Just did this with a 16gb MC class 4. Worked fine. When I reboot with low power it enters normal nook mode. When plugged in with the SD inserted, or coldboot it starts CM7 immediately after displaying the ‘n’ logo.

      Boots NT OS when SD is not inserted… thus.. Dual boot.

      Like others, step 5 didn’t work above. When rebooting, it just starts in nook OS. You can transfer GPlay app yourself or use wifi to dl.

  33. this is totally awesome, I am just a computer user, not technically inclined,  I downloaded the windows installer, used it to load the unzipped image file to an SD card put it in my nook…voila, my Nook is a tablet, it works and I love it.

    1.  just wanted to add details, nook 16g tablet, sandisk 32g micro sd card, took me a few minutes to figure out where my unzip program put the files…then no hiccups at all.

  34. This is terrific.  Thanks so much for the information on how to do this.  I love how when you “reboot” from CyanogenMod 7 it takes you to the NT environment without having to remove the microsdhc card.  

    1. Here is how to get the rest of you gbs back:Download MiniTool Partition Wizard (free home version) here:
      Once you download Minitool Partition:
      1 – Make sure your sd card is in its adapter or reader and plugged into your computer if you haven’t already done so.
      2 – Launch MiniTool Partition.
      3 – Look for the drive that has your reader/adapter. Mine is on Disk 2 with path E:
      4 – Click (once) on the 4th partition which should have FAT32 and the used and unused space is in GB and not MB. The “Unallocated” partition should be below that partition or else you won’t be able to expand it.
      5 – Click on “Move/Resize” button at the top toolbar or on the left side.
      6 – In the “Size and Location” box, you want to extend the right arrow all the way to the end of the box. Make sure you put your mouse right on that arrow or you won’t be able to drag it. You want to expand that box and not just move it. You can tell your expanding it because the blue bar expands too. After you’re done, “Unallocate space after” should read 0.0
      7 – Click “OK”
      8 – Click “Apply” on the top toolbar (far left icon). An “Apply Changes?” box pops up. Click “Yes”
      9 – “Apply Pending Operations” box pops up. When it tells you it’s all done, you can safely remove your SD card and put it in your Nook. Power up your Nook and follow the Setup instructions and you should be good to go. Make sure you have a google account and wifi access.Credit for this goes to “Daisy” on another forum

      1. after i followed all those steps the memory still doesn’t show it’s whole capacity. i mean how to access this partition that we just expanded to put things that are larger than 190 MB remaining.

  35. I have tried several times with different images but always the same.  I get the image on the sd card ok but when I put the card in my NT and start up, it always goes into the B &  N start up, not off the card.

    1. Try letting the battery get down to about 50%, then turn it off and with the sd card in, plug it into to charger and let it boot, see if that helps.

  36. I have now successfully booted the Nook Tablet and downloaded all the apps. I tried to copy some music from my PC but can’t copy more than 1GB or so. The rest of the 32GB on my card is apparently unreachable. How can I get to that unused space on the card?

    1. Here is how to get the rest of you gbs back:

      Download MiniTool Partition Wizard (free home version) here:
      Once you download Minitool Partition:
      1 – Make sure your sd card is in its adapter or reader and plugged into your computer if you haven’t already done so.
      2 – Launch MiniTool Partition.
      3 – Look for the drive that has your reader/adapter. Mine is on Disk 2 with path E:
      4 – Click (once) on the 4th partition which should have FAT32 and the used and unused space is in GB and not MB. The “Unallocated” partition should be below that partition or else you won’t be able to expand it.
      5 – Click on “Move/Resize” button at the top toolbar or on the left side.
      6 – In the “Size and Location” box, you want to extend the right arrow all the way to the end of the box. Make sure you put your mouse right on that arrow or you won’t be able to drag it. You want to expand that box and not just move it. You can tell your expanding it because the blue bar expands too. After you’re done, “Unallocate space after” should read 0.0
      7 – Click “OK”
      8 – Click “Apply” on the top toolbar (far left icon). An “Apply Changes?” box pops up. Click “Yes”
      9 – “Apply Pending Operations” box pops up. When it tells you it’s all done, you can safely remove your SD card and put it in your Nook. Power up your Nook and follow the Setup instructions and you should be good to go. Make sure you have a google account and wifi access.

      Credit for this goes to “Daisy” on another forum

  37. Worked instantly, like a charm.  Now I can get my Sonos Controller and a real facebook app–and pretty much whatever is out there now.  The Nook tablet is a kickass tablet–and not like the monstrous ipad.  Apple had something right with the Newton.  Anyway, thanks!!

  38. Did you ever get this working. My specs are exactly the same (OS 1.4.2, 32 GB Class 10 SD card) and I’m having the same problems.

  39. I finally got this to work, I had to let my 8gb NT get down to 50% battery then shut it down and let it boot while plugged in, and it worked perfect.  But it will not work unless I am down to atleast 50% battery.

  40. I have spent days trying to do this on my nook color. I finally gave up. I got a tablet now, and I followed these instructions and OMG I am up and running it was soooo easy compared to any other directions I got. Thank you thank you. THANK YOU!

  41. I copies the latest update onto the sd card but once I install and hit the reboot tab, the device tells me to retry or contact B and N support. Do i need to erase all data on card (original download here) and then attempt to re-install? Also, do i need to unzip or just copy files over? Thanks.

  42. Sorry this method does not work. I have attempted this on 6 cards on 4 nooks and same result each time. I put image on the card insert it into off nook and it boots into standard nook saying sd card needs to be formated to be read. I also found that if you folow these instructions and load the boot image first then try to put the market stuff on before you can it asks you to format the card which erases the boot image. Either the order is srewy or the files are no longer good files to download.

  43. Having problems with the Win32 Disk Imager. I am using a Patriot 8GB micro SDHC class 10 card in a USB card reader. The card is formatted in FAT 32 at the full 8 GB with the HP USB disk format tool. Shows 7,953,592,320 total disk space with 7,953,588,224 available on disk. Both the HP utility and properties tab on the drive show the same size. My Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img is 7,782,400 KB in size. The Imager runs to completion, but no files are written and in fact, the formatting is wiped out Properties show RAW format and 0 bytes I’m using Windows XP with service pack 3. Help is appreciated in figuring this one out. Thanks

    1. the problem was my unzip app. I was using Stuffit, and it unloaded the zip file in a crazy way, hence the huge file size. Used the Windows unzip app and it worked well. HOWEVER, my Nook tablet 8GB will only boot to cyanogen android if the power cable is plugged in, otherwise it boots to Nook, even with the SD card in. I think B&N did something in release 1.4.2 to make rooting difficult.

  44. I successfully created the Androif Boot SD and then a few days later, the Nook has decided to override the android boot.  While the Cyanogen Mod7 is loading with the Anroid symbol and the arrow moving around in a circle, the screen goes black, and then the Nook OS starts up.  Once this happens, I can’t get back to Android.  I have a 16GB Nook tablet with 1.4.2

  45. Ok my tablet was booting just fine for the last two weeks but will not boot now into the  sd card wiithout being plugged into the power cube.  Can anybody HELP me with this?  Thanks  David

  46. finally got this on my NT (had troubles with win32 disk imager)  It loads with the SD, and after turning on goes to the Team B xda homepage, then blacks out and nothing else happens.  Any suggestions for a fix?

  47. I followed your directions with an 8GB card, but it will not load CM7. It loads as a nook, however, it recognizes the SD card and you can open it and see the files. Do you have any clue what happened?
    I tried to reformat the card on my computer to try again, but now my computer won’t recognize the disk. Anyone has any suggestions or can help?

  48. i got it up and running on an 8gb sandisk microsd. How do I go about partitioning to get back the space it didn’t use

  49. Thanks for the instructions – it worked perfectly, just as you described.  It’s like doubling the value of the Nook Tablet for next to no cost.

  50. Just wanted to give an update:

    I just went out and picked up an SanDisk 8GB Class 4 Micro SD card and
    performed the steps outlined above.  Everything worked just fine and I
    was able to boot into CM7 without a problem.  This tells me that the
    problem lies either with the brand SanDisk vs Lexar (the 32 GB card), or
    the Class (4 vs 10). 

    The only other issue I’ve seen is that rebooting the Nook causes it to
    go into the Nook environment, while a cold boot will launch CM7.  Not an
    issue, except that I can’t perform Step 5 as listed above because I
    cannot ‘Reboot Into Recovery’. 

    Please pass this along, and if there’s any suggestions for installing gApps, let me know.

    1. I am having a problem of not getting my 8gb to boot into CM7 all the time.  I never know when it will go to NT or the CM7.  I am also looking for ny help

    2. I had the same problem.  Then I saw that Google Talk was installed.  I connected with Wifi, added a Google account, and Google Play installed as well.  I think you need a wifi connection and a Google account on the Nook before the Market/Play will appear.


  51. When I try to reboot in recovery mode, the B&N start up comes on, tries to install software, and says that i need to restart my device and try again. Why is this/how do i fix it?

  52. Thanks for the instructions!  I was able to boot from the SD card, but ONLY when my Nook Tablet was plugged in to the power cord.  Once I removed it and went to battery, it would boot into the usual TB environment.  Also, the ‘Reboot Into Recovery’ for gApps installation didn’t work, either.  The Nook would halt the startup and ask me to try rebooting.  

    Any suggestions?  I’m running a Nook Tablet 16GB, OS 1.4.2, with a 32GB Class 10 SD Card.


    1. sorry, for clarification:

      booting off the battery goes into the usual NT environment.

      booting while on AC Power allows me into CyanogenMod 7.


      1.  That worked for me – buy now android is always interrupted by reboot back to NT

  53. i just did this and saw that you dont even have to remove the sd card when in caynogenmod7 (android mode) press and hold the power button and hit reboot…..for me it  rebooted into the standard nook os

  54. do a video to see, maybe we have a little error on a step… PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO!!!!

  55. Awesome! Thanks Brad Linder. Thanks also DaveinCo for your advice. It works perfectly!!!!!

  56. I have tried this method a number of times on two different cards. Nothing happens. Nothing. Any ideas? The Win32 Disk Imager said done. I popped it into the NT and turned it on…nothing. 🙂

    1. Did you make sure to completely power down the NOOK Tablet first by pressing and holding the power button and choosing the option to shut it down? 

      Just tapping the power button to turn off the screen isn’t enough. 

      1. Like Ken Borgfeldt and jk, I am also having trouble booting from the SD card. I bought the Nook Tablet 2 days ago, so it is running 1.4.2. Does this firmware version prevent booting from the SD card?

    2. I have the same problem. Is the tablet version of consequence. I am using 1.4.2

  57. Thank a lot for this. Was worried cuz i bought a 16GB tablet, and found out that to make a B&N account. I live outside the US and don’t have a US billing address, wo prectically, the tablet will be useless. Hope this will work!

  58. Good news the error 19 went away but NOW an “error 23 : Data error (cyclic redundacy check)”. WHY in the world is this happening????? Thanks again for the help

  59. Can’t wait to try this. Probably won’t be long until we can have a collection of cards with various OSs to try out 🙂 Has anyone noticed any particular speed difference when operating from, say, a class 4 card versus a class 10 card versus operating from the nook internal storage?

  60. I have a nook color and cyanogen mod 7, I guess I should be happy with it even though there are no longer anymore updates except the cyanogen 9 they are working on.

  61. Hey I keep getting an error when I press write on the Win32DiskImager. It keeps saying “error 19:  the media is write protected”. What Do I do to fix this? Please Help!

    1. I follow everything you said, Extracted both files. I am using an 8gb sd card cause my 4gb sd card keeps saying not enough space. Then after entering the CM7SD-Alpha file and selecting my Sd in the computer it gives me that error 19 message

      1.  Is the SD adapter locked?  There is a switch on the side of the card that holds the micro SD card that says “Lock”.  Make sure it is the the other position.

        1. I just tried to switch the adapter switch in the opposite position but I still get the error 19 message. Do you have any other thoughts on what it may be? Thanks for any help you give me. Do I have to format the sd card or something first?

          1.  Formatting it at the beginning can’t hurt.  Give it a try.

            I did a Bing search for your problem and found this on a forum:

            Re: Problem with USB flash drive-“Write Protected”

            There is a simple solution for this in the case of windows.

            Just do a “regedit” for StorageDevicePolicies key. . Get into the Registry – Press Start ->Run, enter regedit, press Ok

            Click on My Computer. Then press File Export, give some filename to backup the registry. Just in caseyou ever need to rollback.

            Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies .

            In the right pane select “writeprotect” . RESET the value to ‘0’ Repeat

            the same for ControlSet001 and ControlSet002 incase they exist. Now plug

            in your USB drives and it should work. Else just reboot the machine and try.

            Good luck and report back if this works.

          2. Good news the error 19 went away but NOW an “error 23 : Data error (cyclic redundacy check)”. WHY in the world is this happening????? Thanks again for the help

          3. One other issue I am having. My NT device for some reason keeps coming back on after I press the power button for it to sleep. It does it automaticly and I have no idea why?

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