The follow-up to last year’s GPD Win handheld gaming PC is on the way. Chinese device maker GPD has been developing a Win 2 for a while, and now YouTuber The Phawx has posted a video showing what it’s expected to look like.

Update: The GPD Win 2 is expected go up for pre-order on Indiegogo in January for $599 and it should ship in April. The new model has a bigger screen, a faster processor, and other improvements over the original. 

The new model looks a lot like the original, in that it looks a bit like a Nintendo DS with a QWERTY keyboard where you’d normally find the second screen… or like a tiny laptop with game control buttons above the QWERTY keyboard.

Upon closer inspection, there are some important changes though. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are colorful, the keyboard is larger, and layout has been changed a bit to make typing (and gaming) easier).

Phawx also did some measurements and figured out that the new model has a 6 inch screen, up from the 5.5 inch display on the original model.

Oh, and the GPD Win 2 is expected to ship with an Intel Core M3-7Y30 processor, which is a huge upgrade from the Atom x7-Z87xx chip used in the first-gen model. The new chip offers much better performance without increasing power consumption.

GPD hasn’t announce a price or release date for the GPD Win 2 yet.

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51 replies on “GPD Win 2 prototype breaks cover (pocket-sized gaming PC)”

  1. I saw this when they first came out and never gave it much thought (had bills :(( lol) but now this one seems like a good way to play some PS2 games on the go 😮 Need more information 😀

  2. Why are half of you trolling about the switch, especially pc guy. They seem to have an agenda. I have a switch and the gpd win 1 and the gpd pocket. They all have very different uses. If they really have moved away from the Atom and they can handle the cooling (m chips run a lot hotter) this could be excellent.

  3. GPD 2 AHHHHH!!! GPD is gonna shit all over the Nintendo switch. Gpd 1 has been doing what the switch can for a while now and MUCH MORE. I can’t believe switch users are begging for ports that are 2-3x the price of steam SMH. I already downloaded cuphead for original price original version and play it on the go since day one HA. Gpd should advertise it better this time cuz people think switch is the only option.

    1. Why are you talking about saving money when the win 2 will cost more than two times the price of the switch. It also won’t really be able to run any modern aaa games let alone gta 5

    2. Also, all you gpd owners do are look at videos on how to tweak your games to make them run on such shitty hardware

  4. I didn’t get the first one because the specs were just a tad too low for the games I wanted to play, but this one should be even better. I hope they keep the screen resolution low-ish (720p). Great Switch/Vita companion. Portable Microsoft, Nintendo, and PlayStation. )b

  5. I’d get this if there’s a local (USA) distributor who offers replacements within 30-60 days. Following the QA issues with the GPD Win 1, communication with GPD is pretty bad: understandable language barriers, responses from days to weeks, shipping costs/times, etc. I understand GPD is a small company but if I’m paying hundreds of dollars for something, I have some minimum expectations.

    With the hit or miss quality of the device you receive, it’s not worth it to me if I’m first dealing with a local customer friendly distributor.

    1. GPD also distributes firmware through file sharing sites like I don’t really like the idea of downloading firmware from sites associated with illegal activities (translates to malware). GPD should host their data themselves. Then again, I’m not confident they’re competent enough to properly secure their servers.

  6. Not a fan of the gaming controls but I understand this is targeting gamers. If GPD can sell more marketing it as a gaming device then so be it. Though the non-gaming GPD Pocket sold much better than the Win 1…

    I’d get this if there was an option to pay extra for Verizon LTE support. I prefer not to use a USB/Wi-Fi hotspot or tether a phone,

  7. I’m pretty satisfied with my GPD 1 and it can surprisingly handle any game I threw at it so far such as Halo 2, Fallout 3 and even Skyrim. The Core m3 is definitely a very welcome improvement but what I’m hoping for the most is they make the left and right sticks clickable like on an Xbox controller. On the GPD 1, those stick click functions are mapped to two buttons on the keyboard which makes it impractical to use in games that rely on those stick click.

    1. no reason to buy a switch! Can’t wait to play a hat in time on this gaming portable

    2. Sorry but the answer is no. L3 and R3 (the sticks click) will be mapped to physical shoulder buttons alongside L1-L2 and R1-R2.

  8. Does MS still offer free Windows 10 licenses to OEMs for “low-end” devices? What are the current requirements? Would the GPD Win 2 qualify?

  9. I like nvidia shield portable design. Hard to play game with this device’s desing.

  10. RRP on the core M3 is 281 USD. RRP on the old z8700? 37 USD. This is gonna be one expensive device when it launches.

    1. RRP though, ie recommened, Chinese manufacturers can get steep discounts on Intel SOCs. Not saying it will be cheap though.

    1. Oh yes! That colour scheme is standard in games on Windows so it makes no sense to have the current colour scheme!

  11. I’m curious about how much storage this thing will have. Hopefully more than the 64GB the last one had. I’d love to dual boot one of these.

  12. Sounds like this thing is going to be much more expensive. Seems unlikely but if it gets a 4G/LTE option, I’d get this to replace my Surface 3 with LTE. I’d prefer a smaller handheld form factor.

    I’m also hoping to see some ARM based Windows 10 handhelds next year as well. Maybe next year UMPCs will make a comeback.

    1. Yeah, I see this being noticeably above $500. Anyone thinking it’s going to be close in price to the GPD Win 1 is just dreaming.

    2. I’m willing to pay more than $500 if this thing is built well and has low short term failure rates.

      I’d pay for an LTE option as well. I’d prefer not to tether a phone or use USB/hotspot devices.

    3. I’m definitely interested in this as a mobile use while standing PC. Not interested in the gaming controls though but they’re not deal breakers.

      I would pay for an LTE option.

    4. I’m no fan of ARM and its proprietary mess. However, if I’m going with a Windows device anyway, I’ll just live with proprietary stuff. At least with ARM (Qualcomm), you’d potentially get
      – Very long battery life:
      – Built-in 4G/LTE
      – Smartphone-like standby and wake up speeds.
      – Fanless so no broken fans that need to be fixed.

      Whether it’s x86, ARM or both, I’m hoping for the handheld Windows PC to make a comeback next year. Maybe this time, it’ll have at least a sustainable niche market.

  13. Nice! I hope the device turns out well. The GPD Win 1 had/has many ups and downs.

    1. More ups than downs though.
      The GPD Win is in real life, what all the nerds from the OpenPadora were dreaming in fantasy.
      The GPD Win 2 looks much better *head explodes *, sounds like it might be able to even do some WiiU emulation.

      That’s on top of the already extensive list of Atari, Sega, NES, SNES, GBA, N64, DosBox, PS1, PS2, PSP, PS Vita, GameCube, and Wii.
      Not to mention thousands of flash games (MotherLoad, BowMan, Helicopter, Line Rider, Portal, Dino Run, Need for Madness, Worms, Madness Interactive, BoxHead, The Last Stand, N Game).
      And older Windows games (AoE, GTA: SA, Fallout3, Skyrim, CoD4, etc etc).
      Or current Indie titles (2048, Pandemic, Invisible Cow, AudioSurf, Super Hot).
      Or eSports titles like (Dota2, LoL, Rocket League, CS:GO, Overwatch).

      I hope GPD will also do a GPD XD 2, maybe upgrade the SoC to a QSD 660 (budget) or QSD 835 (performance)??
      Whilst MediaTek SoC’s seem more likely, I prefer Qualcomm only for the fact that it makes third-party community ROMs possible.

      1. This will not be powerful enough to run Wii U emu though. And there isn’t any Vita emu yet.

        1. There are some Core M laptops running Wii U emulation fine.
          Here’s one example:

          You might be right about the Vita Emulation… I just came across a couple comments, posts and videos praising the PSVEP Project. But those comments and video could have been faked.

        2. It is powerful enough, I have been watching on performance tests where I found a a guy testing mario galaxy on the m3 7y30

      2. Damn it you just justified my purchase. The switch can’t compare. This is even more powerful I think.

  14. It is also confirmed at this point that it has an M.2 2242 slot for storage that is user-accessable, so we’ll get fast and upgradeable storage! Despite the problems with the first batch of the Win1, I’ll sure upgrade to this one as soon as it comes out.

  15. Given their track record, this will probably have a fan in it. I hope it’s a part that is user replaceable, because aside from the fan it looks like this addresses every concern I had with the first one. Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. It will have a fan, but it won’t have the switch on the bottom, it’ll be handed from software automatically. Which is just as well, the Core M CPU will be slightly more power-hungry than the Atom was, at least while gaming, and I’m sure GPD don’t want unit failures due to people turning the fan off.

    1. That would cost more, and most people would not want to pay the extra.
      Not to mention it would have pretty abysmal battery life compared to even an iPhone 5.

      Though I see the case made for having an LTE on-the-go connection, but that problem can be easily solved with a cheap ‘n small USB/Wifi hotspot adapter.

      1. Sorry but the device will cost a lot. It wont touch the switch lmao

        1. The switch is garbage untill it can run a windows Os native and can run Steam games gtfo

    1. Not if you are looking to play newer big games. If I’m shopping for a game console I’m not looking at a core m windows device over a Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation. This is something I’d get along with one of those, not a replacement for a dedicated current gen console or a up to date gaming PC/laptop.

      1. Wrong this is the only device you will need for a portable. I can’t wait to buy one. The Switch can’t touch this thing lmao!

        1. The Switch might be able to run rainway soon allowing it to work as your PC as long as you have a good stable internet connection with the host PC. Check it out @ and their twitter page. So then if your PC and internet connectivity meet the requirements, the Switch would be the better buy at the cheaper price and larger game library.

    2. first of all a switch is a switch a computer is a computer thats like saying it cant touch the xbox one x or any other game console

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