The GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC is on the way, with an Indiegogo campaign expected to launch in January and devices set to ship in April.

We already know that the new model has an updated design, a bigger screen, and a more powerful processor than the version I tested last year.

But a series of posts on Chinese social networking site Baidu give us a better idea of what to expect, thanks to additional pictures and some benchmark results.

Update: Pricing has been revealed. The GPD Win 2 will sell for around $699, but it’ll be available for pre-order for $100 less during an Indiegogo campaign in January. 

Probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen is a comparison of the game frame rates between the original GPD Win and the 2nd-gen model. The original featured an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, while the new version has a more powerful Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake chip.

Perhaps just as importantly, GPD has switched from using relatively slow eMMC flash storage to an M.2 SSD which offers read and write speeds that are about 5 times as fast. The microSD card reader has been updated with a speedier version as well.

While neither the Atom x7 or Core M3 processor is really designed for gaming, but both can handle some moderate gaming duties… it’s just that the Core M3 chip can do it up to twice as well.

For example, try playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on the GPD Win, and you’ll be stuck looking at about 20 frames per second. Use the GPD Win 2 and you get 38 fps.

Overwatch jumps from under 30 fps to more than 70. And DOTA 2 jumps from just over 30 fps to 70 fps.

Keep in mind, these results haven’t been independently confirmed and real world results may vary. It’s also worth noting that all of these results are for games with their graphics options at their lowest settings. But they certainly look promising.

There’s still no word on how much the GPD Win 2 will cost.

via PC Watch


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21 replies on “More GPD Win 2 details emerge (including pre-release benchmarks)”

  1. While neither the Atom x7 or Core M3 processor is really designed for gaming, but both can handle some moderate gaming duties…

    Either one should almost certainly run Europa Universalis II (and linux) without a hitch, and, for me, that’s all that matters.

  2. My only real concern is hand fatigue with the analog sticks moved to the outside and button/digital to the inside. It’s also not as natural as inner analogs of most other consoles/controllers.

  3. A built-in LTE option would be great. I prefer it over USB/hotspot modems and phone tethering.

  4. The price is going to make or break this.

    I doubt many of the already small light gaming target for such a device will pay more than $400 after fees and taxes. People in the market for a combined portable gaming + full ultra portable PC (spec-wise this can replace my current computer) may pay more but that’s also a small market. Not sure what price + sales numbers would GPD consider a success.

    With these specs alone, I think other PC OEMs would typically price it with a hefty profit margin.

    1. BOM costs aside, I doubt many people of the already niche group are going to value this more than what the original Win cost.

  5. GPD seems to release their firmware/software updates through the Mega file sharing site which is associated with a history of piracy and malware (at least the formerly named Megaupload is/was).

    Being a small company, I’m not sure GPD puts much resources into security. Any security savvy folks have any thoughts on GPD’s security practices?

  6. Put a Thunderbolt 3 port or express card, please. Make a “docked” station that includes e-gpu and you make a GPD Switch.

    1. If you stick an Nvidia GTX 650, and the dock has fans to help with cooling/maintaining frequency… well, that GPU and CPU would more than annihilate the Nintendo Switch.

      To beat the Xbox One/PS4 you’d need a GTX 660.
      Whereas the PS4 Pro would require an RX 470 to break even.
      The Xbox One X requires a RX 580-8GB, and even then it won’t be enough.
      If you move further up to the GTX 980 Ti, that would be bottlenecked badly with the cpu, but might be enough to slay the Project Scorpio.

      Any Vega 56 (and up), or GTX 1070 (and up), would annihilate the Xbox One X… depending on the bottlenecking of course.

  7. Hey Brad, I hope you can get your hands on the GPD Win 2 and the GPD XD 2, and do a side-by-side comparison. Not as a work or computing PC, but from the perspective of a “Game Boy”.

    Which one has longer battery life?
    Which one has a nicer screen?
    Which one is more portable?
    Which one has a nicer/comfortable gamepad?
    Which one feels more responsive?
    Which one has more games?
    And then the quality/graphics of those games?
    ….basically a summary of how they compare in the real-world, and not just some synthetic numbers.

    Some cross-platform games between Android/Windows 10 include Asphalt 8, World of Tanks, N.O.V.A 3, Minecraft, AdventureQuest 3D etc etc.

    Cheers in advance!

    1. A few of those questions can be answered without ever holding the devices.
      The XD 2 probably has more battery life (passively cooled, can’t be drawing anywhere near the power of the Win 2)
      XD 2 is definitely more portable, because no thickness from heatsink and extra battery capacity
      XD2 has a nicer gamepad since it’s not crammed in alongside a keyboard
      Win 2 has more games. Every emulator under the sun plus PC games from the last 30 years. Android cannot match that. As an added bonus more CPU power so emulators will run better on the Win 2.

      The stuff I want to see from a Win 2 review is what can it do that the old one couldn’t, and how does the chip change affect battery life. In addition are there any ‘surprises’ like the old Win where the 5V rail droops hard so there’s no way to use a USB HDD, etc.

      1. Often, expectations and reality have a wider or narrower gap than we might suspect. Such logical assumptions like the ones you make above are conclusions many people, including myself, have already considered. However, what if battery life actually ends up being more on the GPD Win 2 rather than less in real-world usage, especially given the larger 37 WHr battery (up from 25 WHr on the GPD Win and 23 WHr on the GPD XD)? What if the GPD Win 2’s newer keyboard and gamepad end up feeling equally as good in hand as the XD 2 thanks to its upgraded fit and finish? The only way these questions can be adequately answered is through hands-on testing and usage. To rephrase my initial remark, specification sheet appraisals and real-life experiences can be a night-and-day difference. I hope Brad gives us a practical head-to-head look at both devices so we can know the good and the bad that a specification sheet will never tell us.

        1. Thanks for the agreement. I saw that I had -3 likes on the comment, so I figured when Brad read it, and the +2 on Max’s comment he might think “nah, the viewers don’t want a real-world comparison”. I hope we get one.

    2. There is a Chinese tester here successfully installed Android based Phoenix operating system, but since it does not have gravity sensor then the operating system thinks its a mobile smartphone thus screen orientation became vertical. According to him, can be forced horizontal under Linux command.

  8. I hope the device turns out well and the failure rates are lower this time compared to the Win 1.

    It’d be nice if this came in matte black (not liking the two tone lid), LTE (Verizon) option, not too loud fan, not very expensive and can be shipped from within the USA by a locally based retailer.

    1. Ya, I’m not getting this unless it ships locally. Directly being sold by Amazon would be my preference.

      Although, if it comes with LTE, I may opt for more risky purchase options :). Emphasis on may.

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