The GPD Pocket is a tiny Windows laptop (or maybe it’s a palmtop) with a  7 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen display, an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of eMMC storage.

GPD ran a crowdfunding campaign for the tiny computer earlier this year, but if you didn’t get a chance to pledge (or didn’t want to spend money on a device that wouldn’t ship for months), now it’s up for pre-order order from GeekBuying.

The GPD Pocket sells for $496 and should ship in about two weeks.

The system features a 7,000 mAh battery, a USB 3.0 Type-C port, a USB 3.0 Type-A port, a micro HDMI port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, a speaker and mic and 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.

It measures about 7.1″ x 4.2″ x 0.7″ and weighs about 1.1 pounds. Despite the computer’s low-power processor, there is a small fan inside the case to help keep the system from overheating.

While there’s a QWERTY keyboard, the keys are a bit smaller than those on a typical laptop. And instead of a touchpad, there’s a pointing stick and two buttons for moving a mouse cursor.

The GPD Pocket comes from the same company that produces the GPD Win handheld Windows gaming PC. The new model swaps out the dedicated gaming buttons for a larger keyboard and display, making it more of a tiny laptop and less of a mobile game system.

But like the GPD Win, the new GPD Pocket features full Windows 10 software and a quad-core Intel processor that should be good enough for basic computing tasks.

I haven’t had a chance to test the GPD Pocket yet, but a few YouTubers have posted hands-on videos showing a bit of what the tiny laptop can do. Generally the performance seems to be pretty good, but the keyboard is a weird size that makes it hard to type with all your fingers or with just your thumbs.

via TabletMonkeys

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33 replies on “GPD Pocket (7 inch Windows laptop) is now available for $500 (no crowdfunding required)”

  1. I bought one for my father. He loved it. The build quality is good, the screen is excellent, and the battery life is good. My own complaint relates to Windows itself. The default resolution isn’t particularly kind to Dad’s 74yo eyes, and Windows doesn’t like to run at a Dad-friendly resolution. Still, we made it work.

    I can’t comment on anyone else’s hardware, software, or experience with the device.

    I wasn’t thrilled with the build quality of the external hub, but a dab of glue fixed that. The laptop itself is great.

  2. 7 inch is the phablet sweet spot. I know this isn’t one. But you need a device with this screen size to read and type comfortably. One OS can do a phone and a tablet/laptop and should.

  3. Does anybody know when the linux version will be released. The Linux version sounds more interesting than the windows version plus it’s more secure. Personally I would have preferred another type of Linux than Ubuntu.

  4. Waiting on the claimed Ubuntu Linux support without mucking around with boot paramaters, configuration files and other things.

  5. I’ve had mine for couple of weeks. I am glad I backed the project. Its speedy enough for what I need it for and the battery lasts all day (7 to 10 hours). I use it for office productivity/email and for downloading, culling and backing up photos when away from my home computer. It works great for all of the above. If it had LTE it would be perfect.

  6. I purchased on of these. Granted, its a niche market but its nice to have a company finding a way to bring a product like this forward for those who need it. For myself, the later generation Atoms (this is the same one as the Surface 3) are plenty of power for the email / spreadsheet work I do on the road. What a small computer like this provides me is the ability to always keep it with me… and still travel light. Few differences on this compared to older “netbooks.” and newer tablets. Its not all glued together…. you can actually get at the battery if you need to. Fan cooled, so its less likely to throttle the processor. 8 GB RAM. Its much smaller than a netbook. And the quality of the build, from the case to the keyboard, is top of the line.

  7. 500 bucks? Laughable…for an old atom processor. Even If it had a core m3 6 or 7y30 that would be a 100 too much. This is nothing more than a gimmick, although…I wouldn’t mind having one if the price was $249. Even at that, it would be gnawing at me that I’m buying old tech at a premium price. Adding a keyboard to your phone would possibly be a smarter move.

  8. Didn’t we already have the wake, funeral, opening of the grave, and interment of netbooks? Why is someone ‘raising the dead’ in some unholy act of desecration?.

  9. This is definitely an interesting device, however, they seem to have really messed up by not having a dedicated apostrophe/quotation mark key.

    1. To look at it it’s an American keyboard. But If you set it up as english the inverted comma mark is where its meant to be.

  10. LOL, reading the responses, I wonder why these people come to this site? Go to engadget or something. This site is about tiny computers, if you dont like then, why are you here? This machine is epic!

    1. Well, to be fair, Liliputing is about a lot more than tiny computers. Anything to do with portable computing fits the bill these days — tablets, laptops, media sticks, phones, convertibles, etc. Not everyone who reads this site thinks an old-fashioned 7-inch laptop is a good idea.

      1. I think this size computer is an excellent idea. The only use case I can think of would be a traveling person using the computer as a service computer for mainframe/network repair people, using it in the back seat of a car or in an airplane but there are enough people in those use cases where I think if this little laptop is even halfway decent at $500 it should sell well.

    2. What I find hilarious is that you actually think your “go away if you don’t like it” argument has any substance. “You Don’t Have to Be Here” is the go-to response when you don’t have a solid argument to back up your opinion.

      LOL, indeed.

  11. It looks kind of neat, but overall I’d say it’s too much money for something that doesn’t look that useful. I already have a cheap Chinese tablet with a wimpy Atom processor and a keyboard. It was like $200.
    The fan though, that seems like a bad idea. I wonder if it would spin while in my pocket on my way to a meeting.

    1. Let’s see is AMD can deliver with a Mobile Dualcore Ryzen System-on-Chip for the GPD Win 2.

      It’s time we unshackle ourselves from Intel, and maybe even offer a Linux/Android version/dualbooting to unshackle from Windows 10 as well.

      1. I don’t really care if it’s running on Intel or AMD as long as it has the small form factor I want. I’d get it if it has a high-end ARM chip and runs a desktop Linux distro as long as there’s a long term update path.

        Too bad the whole closed proprietary ARM ecosystem with short-lived software/driver support is far worse than with Intel and AMD. Maybe the much hyped RISC-V open ISA will eventually turn out to be a competitor in desktop computing.

    2. I would like a 360-hinge and of course a better SoC, mabe even upgradeable m.2 SSD? too much to ask?

    3. I’m waiting on the GPD Win 2 as well. Supposedly, it may get an SSD instead of eMMC and a better keyboard layout. At least based on the discussions in the dingoonity forum where “Wade” from GPD has been part of.

      I currently have the Surface 3 with an x7 Atom and it’s adequate for most things. The eMMC is actually the main bottleneck for the things I do. Also, I’d prefer a handheld (ie. use while standing) device.

    1. Our comment system lets users login with Disqus. Maybe that’s it? But our Disqus account has been disabled and the plugin has been removed from our WordPress installation.

  12. I hope the people who backed this and/or pre-ordered one are happy with the final result, but seeing it in the wild reinforces my decision to give it a pass.

  13. Go high power on your CPU / GPU, or go completely fanless.

    I love the general concept of a device like this. But with a low-powered yet still fan-cooled CPU, there aren’t too many people left for whom this device makes sense.

    I’d buy a version of this with an i3-7100U or something similar. I’d also buy a version that has an Atom or equivalent, but is totally fanless. But this? No way.

    1. An m3 version with the same specs would be an insta-buy for me. I wonder if it was a thermal engineering issue or just insufficient space to disperse the heat.

      1. I’m right there with you. Fanless m3? I’d buy one on impulse and regret nothing. Makes me wonder whether any of Intel’s current chips can be scaled down to low enough power consumption to make the heat issue work while retaining some modicum of processing power.

        1. this thing should have had a fanless M3…you’d have zero problems running this fanless and the M3(6 and 7 series) are highly underrated. I have an HP Spectre x2 12 with the core m3…I absolutely LOVE the thing.

          A fanless M3 at 399 would be the sweetspot for me.

    2. I think of GPD as the new Archos. They have fairly creative ideas and make pretty decent devices, but they always seem to be one flaw away from greatness.

      Still, I have to admit that this little book makes me think about the original 7″ EeePC that started my fascination with smaller devices in the first place..

    3. I have a tablet with the lower CPU 8500 and its a piece of crap! Thing over heats 3 seconds after you turn it on and cycles down to 500mhz. The FAN IS NEEDED!

    4. i have my sony vaio p 2nd generation with intel atom 2.13ghz the faster processor but its little slow for some things but i have 3G Unlocked 100% and my sony its fanless and its from 2010 😉 and my screen is 8inch and have trackpoint mouse and touchscreen mouse 😉 ….and i have for sale a FUJITSU UH900 with 4G difficult to find, 2.0ghz the faster processor in this model, 2gb of ram and 64gb, 5.6inch screen if somebody wants to buy $300 dollars in ebay or with paypal 😉

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