Last year blogger Michael Kozlowski of Good e-Reader decided to launch the “ultimate” eReader by starting a crowdfunding campaign for a 13.3 inch E Ink device with a high-resolution display, pen and finger touchscreen input, and Google Android software.

Like a lot of people, I was kind of skeptical, of the endeavor, which is why I didn’t write about it in 2016. But I was pleasantly surprised to notice today that some units started shipping to backers in February.

Some early users have reported problems getting the Google Play Store to work properly, but others are pleased with the hardware and see room for software-based improvements.

The 13.3 inch eReader is still available for purchase from Indiegogo for $729, but don’t expect super-quick shipping: some people who placed an order with expected delivery in September, 2016 are still waiting.

It features a 1600 x 1200 pixel E Ink Mobius display, a Freescale i.MX6 SoloLite processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of built-in storage, an SD card slot for up to 32GB of removable storage, and a 1,270 mAh battery that’s said to be good for up to 4 weeks of usage.

The system comes with a pen that supports 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, letting you make hand-written notes on your reading materials or use the tablet as a sketchpad.

The system measures 310mm x 233mm x 6.6mm (12.2″ x 9.2″ x 0.26″) and weighs 350 grams (12.3 ounces)\.

Good e-Reader may be selling the tablet under its own name, but this is actually a branded version of the Netronix ED0Q02  running Android 4.0 software.

If you’re willing to spend a little more for a very similar device, you can order an Onyx BOOX Max 13.3 inch E Ink eReader with pen input from Amazon for $769.

via MobileRead

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15 replies on “Good e-Reader’s 13.3 inch reading tablet actually started shipping this year”

  1. I finally got a refund and I’m very lucky. I had been trying to cancel the order for months, but the campaign leaders don’t respond to emails at all. I finally got my device that had a defect–something internal was sliding and moving around. I emailed again with no response–then I did a charge back on paypal and they finally responded. I returned the device, and then it took another 2 months for paypal and indiegogo to figure out I had canceled the chargeback.

    Now they are having an easter sale. Based on the previous delays, anyone that puts in an order now is likely going to wait….8 to 12 months for a unit. Given the Onyx book max is available and virtually the same…this a bad deal. Plus the device is inferior to the onyx book model in many critical ways.

    And…it was also not a very good device. If you are very technical and can fiddle with some settings, and deal with lots of crashes and reboots maybe it won’t bother you so much. But if you want something that works ok–forget it–this is a device with poor software that requires substantial user work to function.

  2. so…they are still taking orders but there is at least a 3 month turn around time. Worse, the software is still pretty buggy and no indication when a promised android 5.0 update will be available. The onyx book max is about the same price but has a few more useful features..and will likely ship from amazon sooner. I’m still waiting on my refund due to some really annoying indiegogo policies. The usual advantage of a crowdfunded device is trying to get it cheaper if you order and wait. As the price on this is not that cheaper…it defeats the purpose somewhat. The device is nice and the screen/weight ratio is amazing, but the software is…buggy and processor slow. I would beware as for the price the use is extremely limited by the cpu and software.

  3. If anyone is still interested…
    after posting a few more inquiries to various goodereader websites, I finally got a response today about my refund. My last email was sent feb 21st…so its about 3 weeks later.

    There is an issue with a chargeback which I’ll have to address on paypal, but the campaign owner was upset I didn’t call his cell to address the problem.

    So if you have bought a device and have problems…email and then call his cell. Apparently.

  4. So I have had no contact with the campaign leaders for this since I had returned my defective device and it was delivered to them on feb 17th. While they did successfully ship the product, the customer service and communication has not been great. Given the price and the chance to get an Onyx book Max or even a REMARKABLE tablet in a few months, I would caution anyone about putting in an order now. I mean, the price is not that great and you likely won’t get the item for several months. And if you have issues and need a return, I don’t think they have any infrastructure to handle it. I’m waiting on a $769 dollar refund, which is what I could have spent on an onyx book max. So…even if the indiegogo campaign is still open, think about waiting 3 to 6 months to get it and whether it is still a good deal.

  5. I have a Tolino Shine I scored on ebay for ~$15. I love it for reading books, but I’ll hold on buying a new e-reader, until a color e-ink display becomes available, because I also want to read my comics archive on it. I fell there have been no real improvement on e-readers since about the 3rd / 4th gen Kindle. Sure, slightly bigger resolution, and a bit better contrast, backlight and waterproof devices, but there is no real reason why someone using a 5-6 yo Kindle (or equivalent) should change.

    1. They’re fragile too. I’ve had too many ereaders break in my bag as they can’t be coated with some strong glass like phones/tablets. The display is the main cost so if it breaks you’re paying 80-90% of item price to replace it. This is why I no longer have ereaders, though I’d love to own a 13.3″ model for all of the one week it’d survive.

    2. They’ll only get cheaper if there’s a market for them. Amazon sells their devices in the millions, so the development costs come out as a few pennies a sale. Not so much for these beasties.

    3. I read the screen alone is about $520 dollars. Although the makers of the goodereader campaign claim since its plastic and not glass, it should be more flexible and less vulnerable to damage. Time will tell. Mine had a different problem. I did read somewhere samsung was working on an e-screen so if anyone can get it right, it would be them.

  6. I have one of the e-readers. Or HAD.

    There are some good things–it is very light for the size. The e-ink screen is good, but has no backlight. You really notice the difference compred to a kindle paperwhite, but that kind of screen doesn’t exist in that size of an e-ink display.

    Pen support was ok.

    The processor is horribly underpowered. They also set up the partition very poorly, so you have a small space to install APPS, but a larger space to install books. There is also a microsd card slot that can support up to 32 gig cards only. Of course it can’t run apps very well…

    It really struggles with the play store–frequent crashes on the setting screen, and the promised android 5.0 update is still pending. It can read books, but even using amazon kindle app is pushing it.

    There were a few other design choices which make it hard to recommend this reader. There is no micro-usb controller chip so you can’t plug in an OTG-micro-sub adapter and a keyboard–it won’t work. No bluetooth either so no keyboard. And no sound or speaker.

    I believe the onyx book max has some of the above. They are both based on the netronix model but obviously, the ebookreader is really no frills.

    The worst part has been the customer service. The project was delayed for months with little information from the campaign. They did not respond to many emails. I know a crowd-funded model is always a risk, but the communication was about as bad as anything I’ve backed, maybe even on Kreyos smartwatch level.

    I finally got mine and it actually would make a noise if you moved the tablet–like a component was sliding around inside. I contacted them. The original attitude was fairly incredulous but other people did come forward with similar complaints. After threatening a charge back, they finally responded to my emails and set up a return/refund.

    The device was returned and delivered feb 17th and they have stopped responding to my emails and messages. I have escalated up the chain at IndieGoGo but I don’t have high hopes.

    For $769 you can get a better version of the unit from onyx book max. It is probably worth it, although this is also in ipad pro 12.9 price range–it doesn’t have an e-ink screen obviously but it can actually work without constant crashes.

    I just hope I get my money back, since I already returned the device!

    1. Yeah, the reason I didn’t report on this last year is because I had little faith that it would even ship in the first place. So I’m pleasantly surprised to be wrong on that front.

      But it’s not like Kozlowski has any experience running this kind of business, so the delays and lack of support aren’t surprising.

      1. I agree. Yet another reason why you have to be skeptical of hardware on indiegogo. Especially for a new group that hasn’t pulled off something similar before.

        I will post updates on my refund, but I would say in this price range this device is not a bargain. The onyx book max 13.3 does have bluetooth, a speaker (text to speech support), and a microphone. And easier to buy on amazon.

        I hope my eve v tablet works out…sigh.

        1. The one thing holding me back on the boox max is no light. I read a lot at night, don’t like having room lights on.

  7. Amazing device. I had to double-check the weight and still can’t believe it’s only 12.3 ounces on a device this size. The 4:3 aspect ratio is fantastic too! I’m always on the lookout for the perfect comic book reading device, even if it’s just a dedicated device. This is sooo… close. It hit all the checkmarks except color:-(

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