The Notion Ink team is getting ready to ship the Adam tablet soon. It will be one of the first Android tablets to ship with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and an optional Pixel Qi transflective display which is designed to be readable both indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight. A few days ago Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan posted photos of some of the first production models of the tablet, and today he went a bit further and showed what the system board and part of the case looks like when you open up the tablet.

The photo above shows the motherboard with an NVDIIA Tegra 250 processor as well as the RAM and flash storage soldered onto the mainboard. You can see the chassis as well as a weather widget from the custom user interface at the Notion Ink blog.

Folks also seem to be making a big deal of the fact that Shravan says the tablet will ship with a “full office suite,” but it’s not clear at the moment if we’re talking about an existing app like QuickOffice or ThinkFree which let you view and edit documents on Android, or a different app altogether which might have been designed from the ground up.

Shravan does say there will be about 20 custom widgets designed specifically for the Adam tablet, so the company is clearly spending some of its time on software development. Notion Ink has also worked out partnerships with some media providers to make digital media such as comic books available on the tablet.

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25 replies on “First look inside the Notion Ink Adam tablet”

  1. It’s weird how much hostility this device is engendering. The US gadget press is studiously ignoring it (this being the same press that routinely waxes grandiloquent over the latest crapola from Coby), people here are pissing on it from a great height for minor deviations from pre-pre-pre-production predictions, even as the spec sheet actually gets a little _better_ (newer version of android, faster processor, faster WiFi, better camera, etc.).

    Tell y’all what: If they miss the pre-order date, then we’ll talk. Until then, this looks like the best tab anyone’s got anywhere close to production.

  2. Why didn’t they opt for 1024*768 resolution for the screen? I don’t like my netbook’s 1024*600 resolution. If it was not the case, this tablet could have been perfect.. you know.

  3. I really enjoyed all the bantering going on in this comment section. It’s good to know we all have a lot of free time on our hands…

  4. The truth be told, this is a phanthom product, lots of hype and marketing through the CEO but no real tangible product for real-time live testing, who cares if it is not fully operational and will need a tweak here and there, but again the truth be told there is no product available for anything other than hype, color choices, many voices making noise with no substance. This product will fail and has not launched because again the truth be told there is not enough buzz out there any longer, this due to poor marketing and too long a period of time between introducing the concept and bringing it to realization. If this is not shipping before Christmas season they will have lost the market. And by the way there are at least two tablets which have the Tegra 2 processor, one being the Viewsonic G-Tablet which is already on the shelves in Sears and online. so this Notion Ink tablet is already behind the 8-ball. Hannspree will be shipping soon, again with Tegra 2. Good bye and Good night Notion Ink, nice concept poor delivery

    1. whoa!!! hold your horses leonard. Christmas or no christmas, the adam is still going to rock. Be sure of that.

  5. This strip tease act is getting a bit too long, crowds are leaving and that pansy thing still hasn’t gone off yet omg – think I am leaving too

  6. I will believe it when I see it in stores. Too exhausted with the communication and delay crap. Moved on to other devices. Bi Bi Adam – hope you are true.

  7. If you read between the lines, you can see that this product is mostly just hype. Virtually every selling point of this Notion Ink Adam tablet has been either thrown out of the window, lied about, or placed on the back burner:

    —First tablet to be released with Tegra 2 — fail.

    —One of the first tablets to be released with Tegra 2 — remains to be seen. But doubtful, at best.

    —First tablet to be released with a Pixel Qi screen — remains to be seen but mostly a fail. This primary selling point is no longer even mentioned and probably for good reason — it’s suspect. I expect the Pixel Qi option to finally arrive late next year (or possibly by 2012) and with a pricetag of about $700.

    And how often does a CEO post the first “inside-look” of a consumer product?

    Personally, I would have preferred to see the prototype from CES (one year ago) taken apart.

    But I must say that I would have really wanted the Adam to do well if it shipped with only the Pixel Qi screen — but they’ve pulled a switcherooney on us more than once and I’m not buying the bait. The fact they this profit-based company is the only one out there that seems to be willing to ship with a Pixel Qi screen is downright scarey for all of Mary’s (and her team’s) great work.

    Pixel Qi can do better than this.

    1. you are wrong about not using pixel qi. it is clearly mentioned in the specifications and also in recent blog posts.

      That being said, being skeptical until the release. But the product has everything. Awesome hardware specs and diligent focus on software and UI. I would rather have the product arrive late than with buggy software where early adopters play the role of beta testers. I think notion ink cannot afford to do that.

    2. Realize your comment makes no sense at all whatsoever.

      1) Adam will have the tegra 2 chip
      2) Adam will have the Qi

      It is clearly stated in the specs, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from.

    3. You’ve got major issues dude. As for me, I’ll be pre-ordering in Dec, while you wait for the next gadget, hoping that it won’t “break your heart” as the Adam has.

    4. It has been clearly announced that the fully loaded model (PixelQi + 3G radio) will cost 499 USD.

    5. Instead of reading between the lines, it might be better to try reading the lines themselves. Notion Ink says that pre-orders will start early Dec., with shipping late Dec/early Jan, depending on how long it takes to get FCC certification. They’ve announced a price, which you don’t believe; the most expensive model will be $498 or $499, I forget, with a Pixel Qi screen, which you don’t believe they will have.

      If you don’t believe what the lines say, then you’re going to get stuck in between them, but it’s not Notion Ink’s responsibility to pry you out.

      1. you my friend are funny, you put that guy in its place while been respectful ,witty and extremely funny.

      2. Gecko… Notion Ink has said a lot of things. You seem fairly adept at pretending that this has not been the case. Maybe your memory is selective? Or maybe you are just very forgiving?

        I’m convinced that it is a bit too early to describe this doomed tablet as “one of the first to ship with Tegra 2” when the device, in fact, has not shipped and has no guaranteed release date. And if it misses its amorphous release date again (for the umpteenth time) by even a month, I’d be reluctant to call it a first. But I’m sure you won’t! : )

        And, mind you, I do see a difference between this tablet shipping as a Pixel Qi device (its original selling point) and between it shipping with Pixel Qi as merely an option.

        But you guys seem to be diehard fans of a product that doesn’t even exist on the market yet. And, unfortunately, there exists only about 500 or so of you out there to take the bait which is not enough! This product will need Jesus to be successful.

        1. You can whine all you want. Prospects are never fixed, it’s normal that what they said 6 months ago is not what will happen in practice. People will be patient as long as there is no tablet that cuts it and believe me they aren’t right now, even the ‘almighty’ (lol) iPad.

  8. Will you be able to dual boot with Ubuntu for ARM with this unit? What about using Meego on this too?

  9. I like how device this is shaping up, I’m 95% sure I’ll get a pre-order when that becomes possible in December.

    It is great to hear Notion is making some custom widgets and apps. That is exactly what needs to happen on all devices, each maker needs to make the effort to craft a few application that suit exactly what they have made. Sure some things can just be standard Android apps, but in order for a device to take off there need to be a few application on the device that are specifically ‘tuned’ for the device. That tuning might be for the display or for chips on the board, it might be for a special camera or sensor, but it can be that it just fits the UI better or provides some brand identity.

    We will see what the final device is like soon enough, but as of yet I have not heard of an idea or a direction that Notion Ink is taking that seems poorly though out. It might flop… But, if it does it doesn’t seem like it will from a lack of forethought or a lack of ambition.

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