The Entourage Edge is a strange little machine. It’s about the size and shape of a netbook. But instead of a screen and keyboard, it has two screens: 1 9.7 inch e_ink display and a second 10.1 inch color LCD. Both screens are touch sensitive, and the Edge runs Google Android, which means it can run a number of third party apps.

But first and foremost it’s an eBook reader — even if, at 3 pounds, it happens to weigh about 5 times more than your typical dedicated eBook reader.

Laptop Magazine’s KT Bradford has published the first detailed review of the Entourage Edge. While she was impressed at the ambitious effort to create a multipurpose device that makes the Amazon Kindle look boring, she found it a bit bulky. She was also disappointed with the available software.

That said, unlike a dedicated eBook reader, the Edge can play music and video. And it can run some third party apps, including the Dolphin Web browser, an RSS reader, and Facebook and Twitter apps.

I was also a tiny bit surprised to see that the hinge lets you fold either screen over the other for use in tablet mode. So you can treat the Edge as if it were simply a black and white eBook reader or an Android tablet. I hadn’t seen any photos of the edge in this configuration before. But again, 3 pounds is pretty heavy for a tablet.

Hit up Laptop Magazine’s complete review for more details.

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10 replies on “Entourage Edge dual screen eBook reader reviewed”

  1. Do you know if the ereader only reconizes books from entourage library or can you use ebooks from barnes and noble for instance? I have a sony ereader, B&N and audiobooks can’t be used. Books either have to bought from their library or google. I have ordered this entourage and can’t wait. Your comments have been very helpful thank u

  2. It would be a high end ebook reader with other abilities; IMO. It probably won’t be cheap but one gets more than just an ebook reader. If it is not too much in price, I think it will do great for those who want more than just an ebook reader.

  3. My Sony PRS-505, which is 2.5 years old, can play music just fine… No video, no other apps, but it can do music. I really want to like this nifty hybrid, but 3lbs is kind of crazy, and even though it has both screens I haven’t heard anything about apps that use them both so it feels to me like a toaster with a built in blender — they’re both for cooking, so of course it makes sense to combine them, right?

    1. The two screens do work together for one specific purpose: sending gray scale photos/images/graphs/tables from an e book or pdf (or e textbook as the case may be) to the LCD side for better viewing in colour (provided the image was created in colour to begin with).

      But otherwise, it’s not one single app using both screens that I’m excited about. It’s the fact that the library menu is on one side while the actual thing you’re reading is on the other. The android apps are on one side while your book is on the other. So, I can have the web, email or chat open WHILE I’m reading the book and not have to send my reading material to the background to check on something else. If I want to look up some thing related to the book, the web search happens on the other screen, not interrupting my reading screen. (And in fact, I believe there is the functionality to highlight something on the e reader side then copy that into a browser as a link or a search term.) That’s what makes the dual screens exciting for multitaskers.

      When I read (non-fiction, often research) I have a pen in hand and a separate notebook, plus my computer for having access to more information. This device combines all those functions.

        1. The product is already for sale (pre-orders have shipped, and any units ordered now will ship at the end of March) at a price of $499 (+$40 for anything other than the default colour choice).

    2. Both sides do work together. The ToC, and typed input for notes are on the LCD side. Images can be viewed on the LCD for color, searching words in the book’s text is done on the LCD side as well. PDF/Epub files open on the e-ink side even if browsed for using the LCD. PDFs can also be opened on the LCD side by opening it from within a pdf reader. Just because a 3rd party app doesn’t use the e-ink side doesn’t mean the built in functionality is a bad idea. It’s more like a toaster with a built in oven and the ability to bolt on the blender, mixer, Forman’s grill, and kitchen sink…

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