While Lenovo customers continue to wait for their IdeaPad S10 units to ship, folks who placed early orders for a Dell Inspiron Mini are starting to get their shipments. This despite the fact that Lenovo announced the IdeaPad S10 about a month before Dell announced the Mini.

0xyg3n got his Dell Mini yesterday afternoon. So far he seems happy with the build quality although he has confirmed that there’s no internal connector for a 3G modem. He says the Dell Mini is almost as fast as his desktop PC which has a 2GB Pentium chip 2GHz Pentium M chip.

If you’ve ordered and/or received a Dell Mini, let us know about your experiences in the comments. Has it shipped yet? If you have any photos or thoughts you’d like to share you can shoot me an email.

via Eee PC News.de

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17 replies on “Dell Inspiron Mini 9 now shipping”

  1. Sorry but its NOT shipping with Linus so its another fail for the Mini 9.

    They missed the back to school window, they had Acer beat them to the punch by lowering their price just before the Dell release and now the Linux versions are nowhere to be seen at launch date.

    They had a year to do some cosmetic work and they blew it.
    No mention of Linux anywhere on Dell sites on the planet except for the for the US where its only in pre-order mode and their support says they HOPE to see it late october or later.

    I want something that my niece wont have to come to see me to get her virus, malware, trojan problem fixed like she does wth her windows box. Since she doenst have the money to buy a Mac, she will get the Acer One that her friends got this summer (Acer sold 2 million One’s since mid-july) with Linux onboard instead of running an 8 year old OS.
    I wouldnt run OS9 if my life depended on it,I dont see why she has to settle for old software when there is better and safer.

    I gave Dell a chance, actually lots of chances and they kept blowing it.

  2. Got my mini 9 yesterday.

    First impressions weren’t good, XP takes ages to setup.

    The trackpad buttons are nasty (they rattle).

    The LCD has a narrow viewing angle horizontally, you get a negative effect on dark colours if you move slightly from the optimal angle (more noticeable on video).

    Writing to the SDD is slow and according to someone on the JKKmobile sight it’s because Dell had the bright idea to use disk compression on the installed partition.

    The keyboard takes some getting used too and there is no way to know if the battery is fully charged without booting up the computer. The battery indicator only flashes when the battery is low, it does not indicate when the battery is charging or when it’s been fully charged.

    1. I ordered the Windows version on Sep. 14 and they estimated a Sep 29 delivery date. It’s been knocked back 3 times now to Oct. 20. Dell makes me sad.

  3. Dude…first they need to friggin’ add that 3g antenna. 2nd – i’m waiting for a us carrier to offer it with subsidy 3rd i wonder if it would be compatible with sprint’s ev-do revA

    1. I just did a little poking around on Dell’s site, and they “build in” EV-DO rev A for Sprint or Verizon, as well as HSDPA for AT&T, on XPS and a few other laptops, but some are available with broadband for, eg, Verizon only. (Built-in performs much better than the USB modems all the providers are pushing.)

      So in those cases you can sign a contract with the provider and then order from Dell. But, with the mini 9, I think it’s more likely that Dell will follow the precedent in Europe and supply providers with units to subsidize as you implied.

      In other words, I think you’re right with your 2nd choice above, and we’re in for a long wait.

  4. > Can I just buy a 2GB off the shelf DDR2 533 laptop module and plug it in?

    yes, it does use DDR2, however “will it accept 2GB modules” is still unanswered at this point. (and is what i’m waiting to hear on before i make my purchase)

      1. You’ve probably already noticed this too, but Dell.com does not allow a 2GB RAM entry with their “Build Yours” tool, just 512K and 1G.

        Also, they were offering up to $65 discounts on the Windows XP systems, making them cheaper than similarly configured Ubuntu systems. Some of the latter brought up a message that shipping would be delayed when I checked them.

        But check out their nifty TimBuk2 cases, which convert to sleeve, backpack, or shoulder bag. They are designed specially for the mini 9 and seem trimmer and better fitting than the other bags I’ve looked at.

  5. Simple question I hope- Do the Mini’s have a standard RAM type?

    Can I just buy a 2GB off the shelf DDR2 533 laptop module and plug it in?

  6. The missing 3G connector is a huge disappointment. But, in the US, is there anything one could do with it? Verizon and AT&T seem to sell only external cards, and if we could buy a 3G mini-PCIe modem elsewhere, would they allow us to just bring it in and sign up?

    Certainly not Verizon, with their proprietary EvDo. I don’t have any experience with the other providers. Somebody tell me what I’m overlooking, and I’ll gladly don the dunce cap and go sit in the corner.

    1. It means that I really shouldn’t sit down to write without a cup of coffee
      in my hand. It should have read 2Ghz Pentium M. I’ve updated the post to
      reflect that. Thanks!

      1. Sorry, but it isn’t true. 1.6 GHz Atom’s performance can be more or less compared to 2GHz Pentium 4, but not to Pentium M.
        Asus EEE Atom-powered (1.6 GHz) performance is a bit better than Celeron M-powered (900 Mhz).

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