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As expected, Dell has begun offering customization options for the Inspiron 11z thin and light laptop. For a starting price of $399 you get:

  • Color: black
  • CPU: 1.3GHz Intel Celeron 743 (single core)
  • OS: Windows Vista Home Basic
  • RAM: 2GB
  • HDD: 160GB
  • Battery: 3 cell, 28WHr
  • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g
  • Bluetooth: none

There are a number of configuration options, but here’s how I would configure my (nearly) ideal system for $564:

  • Color: black
  • CPU: 1.3GHz Pentium SU4100 (dual core)
  • OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (with free upgrade to Windows 7)
  • RAM: 2GB (You can upgrade to 4GB for $120, but I’d rather pick up some third party memory for cheaper)
  • HDD: 250GB
  • Battery: 6 cell, 56WHr
  • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g (For $25 more you can get 802.11n)
  • Bluetooth: none (You can get an internal Bluetooth module for $20)

While $564 isn’t quite in the same ballpark as $399, you should get noticably better performance out of the dual core processor and better battery life out of the higher capacity battery. I suppose the 250GB hard drive isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s only a $25 upgrade over the standard 160GB hard drive.

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11 replies on “Dell Inspiron 11z now available with dual core CPU, other options”

  1. Wow, someone there has got a gerbil up where it doesn’t belong… all I’m saying is that cpmpanies like Dell and HP and Sony charge more for comparable products than compaines like Asus or Acer or MSI. And, quite frankly, people who go out and buy a product simply because of the name stamped on it needs to do a little more research. Dell nickels and dimes you for every little upgrade until you are paying more than the product is actually worth. At least your not buying a Sony Vaio for $1000- then you’d truly be retarded. I mean, dude, $40 extra for a different color. The only idiots who spend that type of money on a color are college douche bags- I should know, my brother did, and he is, in fact, a college douchbag. And congratulations for being the “tech guy”, whatever that means. I’ve probably been working on computers since you were in diapers. And Dell certainly does not Rock, unless rocking means flushing money down the toilet. If you actually believe that Dell makes superior machines to Acer and Asus because they are Dell, then I got a lucky penny to sell to you for $500. Carry it around and you’ll never be run over by a car. I swear. And commenting anonymously is what the weak do. Be a man and attach a name to it. And its Dr. Moron to you. Hope you and all of your friends enjoy your Dell laptops. Wonder what you could have done with the extra $150 or so you would have saved buying an Acer. But alas, we will never know. “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!”

  2. Not to sound like a broken record… this is why I HATE companies like Dell, trying to charge an extra $100 for a netbook because it has “Dell” stenciled across the front. $125 more for the dual core over an Acer 1410 with the same config otherwise? Ridiculous! What idiot in hsi right mind would spend taht much when simialr options are much cheaper? I’ll tell you who- anyone who buys Sony anything just because of the name. And $40 for a different color? Are- you- kidding- me?! Granted the Acer1410 only comes in 3 colors, but it doens’t cost more to get the blue or red. Dell is a disgusting company praying on people who don’t know better. Acer, Asus, these are the guys getting my cash

    1. You’re a moron, Bconvis. Just because YOU don’t see a need for this notebook doesn’t mean others don’t. I’ve been looking for ages for this kind of a laptop and I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. Hate to say this, but most of my friends will be getting this notebook as well since I’m the “tech guy” in our group. Dell rocks!

    2. Acer has a poor support. I have since may 2008 an Aspire 5315 and have replace by myself the failing lcd screen, also DVD writer was bad since i buy the machine, and with the time don’t reads/write DVD, other component change… You may save $125, but the spare parts because the warranty of Acer is shit costs more than $125. I don’t recommend Acer to anyone that not is an expert of hardware PC.

  3. Agree with Jayay on this one, the only thing that this has over the Acer is the dual-core option. (Acer 1810tz has dual-core, and the US version is out soon.) But, having this start at $399 should bring the price of the 1410 down to compete.

    After reading your 1410 review I am set on getting a 1410. I’m just waiting until the price gets to $399. Amazon keeps dropping the price, so it’s getting there.

    1. Given the dearth of dual-core options in 11″ models, I can imagine someone paying a significant premium for the dual-core version.

      My real concern is what the dual-core CPU will do to the battery life. IIRC, the 11z doesn’t have the best battery life anyway.

  4. And where do you find a stick of 4GB DDR2-800 ram for cheaper? I can’t anywhere. This thing is way overpriced compared to an Acer 1410/1810.

    1. 2GB are included in the base price. The question is where you can find
      *another* 2GB for under $120, and the answer is a lot of places.

      1. It has 1 ram slot. So that means that 2GB is already soldiered on?

        1. Actually I’m not sure. But 2GB is included in the price. So saying that you can’t find 4GB for that price is besides the point. If a 4GB stick of RAM costs $120, that’s one thing. But if Dell is already providing you with 2GB and is charging you full price for the component to upgrade to the next level that’s silly. Either way, Dell is asking you to pay $120 for 2GB of additional memory.

          1. But if the ram slot is filled with the 2GB and you have to remove it to put in a 4GB DIMM, then you *have* to pay for another 4, mitigated only by the fact that you now have a spare 2GB DIMM to do with as you will.

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