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While there aren’t a lot of top-tier smartphones with microSD card slots these days, Samsung has kept the feature around for at least another year by including a card reader in the new Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9. And plenty of mid-range and entry-level phones have card slots that you can use for music, videos, photos, and other content to free up space on your phone’s built-in storage.

And today’s as good a day as any to pick up some extra storage for your phone (or tablet, or laptop, or camera), because Amazon’s running a bunch of sales.

You can pick up a Samsung 64GB microSD card for $20, a PNY 128GB model for $38, or a SanDisk 200GB card for $63.

Here are some of the day’s best deals.


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Audio and video

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20 replies on “Deals of the Day (3-12-2018)”

  1. The the bottom line is, some of us need all the space we can get and some of us don’t. I pesonally can use all the space I can get.

  2. I haven’t bought a new SD card in years. I have one in my Kindle Fire tablet, but I only use it on transatlantic flights.

  3. Apparently, people around here don’t read books.
    Music, movies, audiobooks (ever heard of them?),
    ebooks (haven’t seen this one mentioned).
    My Kindle Fire 2016 has a max capacity of 200 GB
    microSDXC, so I put one in. It’s about 80% full.
    The 2017 Fires have a max capacity of 256 GB
    microSDXC. Newer Motorola phones have a
    2 TB microSDXC capacity, as do some Windows
    10 handhelds.

    1. Used to download podcasts with Juice (which
      no longer works properly with the recent Windows
      versions), and put them on a 40 GB Archos hard
      disk media player, except had to keep replacing
      the Archos as it kept on breaking.

      If anyone knows of a podcast downloader as
      easy to use as Juice, I’d appreciate knowing.

    2. You don’t need 200GB for audio. I had enough space on my 32GB phone (after apps) to store enough podcasts and radio shows for a 36 hour driver from Texas to Florida and back. Most people have some kind of streaming service these days anyway, and for more and more plans they don’t even count against the data cap.

      1. I dunno about you, but I don’t plan out my playlists for transpacific flights or even long drives. I just keep a list of podcasts I might listen to, along with a healthy collection of music. In my usage, I could easily use more than 200 GB. Also, I don’t have any sort of streaming service, which is moot anyway when on a plane.

  4. What are people storing on SD cards in a phone anyway? Far too many apps can’t be installed/moved to an SD card and typically little or nothing from the bundled and native apps can be moved there. So unless you like to walk around with a vast library of pirated video or you vlog on the run or something… I just don’t see the point.

    1. Easy answer. My sister’s smartphone died a couple of months ago. She had not backed it up for a few months (have you backed up your phone recently?). We were unable to revive her phone so she lost some of her information. If she had a microSD card slot and kept her files on the card she could have just popped out the card, put it in her new phone and been back in business.

      1. Well sure, but she’d be hard-pressed to fill up a 32GB card for that. I’m not saying a slot doesn’t make sense, but who needs a giant card in it? Just get a cheap 8GB, 16GB card, or even 64GB card if you have one lying around. No need to run out and buy more just for bragging rights.

        1. I realize I am not the average user, but I have a 128 GB card in my phone and it is 2/3 full. I do have a few movies on it for when I travel and thousands of photos, thousands of MP3s too. It is amazing how fast you can fill up a memory card.

    2. I had my entire MP3 collection in my phone on a 64GB microSD card back when I had an SGS3 and would go around playing bluetooth dj at parties and what not, but when that phone died the device I replaced it with had no microSD slot so the card is now relegated to a slot in my laptop and almost never gets accessed.

    3. I bought a cheap ($150.00) , lightweight Windows laptop a few years ago and it only has a 32 gb SSD in it. I keep a 64 gb micro sd card in it and I keep all of my data on it. Only the OS and a few applications are on the internal SSD. I could use more space, so the 200 gb card will do the trick.

    4. With an LG V10 I keep a 64GB SD Card. It has a lot of music on it, and is configured to be the camera’s storage. I could also keep a few DVD-quality movies in a corner of it.

      On a laptop, keeping on in a flush-installed SD card slot along with Robocopy or Rsync run daily means that you can back up the important parts of your drive.

    5. I have my entire music and photo collections. Open Street maps for the areas of the country I go walking, and the Maps for my sat nav etc. Filling 160GB is surprisingly easy.

    6. Music and photos. When you switch phones it makes it easy to transfer that data.

    7. I can think of many uses for a nice big microSD. Personally speaking, I have an Android and iPhone. I have to depend purely upon the cloud for my iPhone so all my music, videos etc. are from subs like Pandora, Netflix. My iPhone is my daily driver because of the fluidity imho of the OS. It’s ‘quicker’ with a lot of things so I switched a year + ago. On my Android phone, however, I have a 128GB card and on that I have tons of music that I own and probably every pic I’ve ever taken digitally. I also have a couple movies on there (legally owned, promise!) just in case I encounter that super rare situation where I lose LTE access or travel on a place, as well as almost all of “My List”, or rather whatever on it I CAN download on there. Suffice it to say, on a plane ride the Android becomes my main device and iPhone is stored away.

      It’s really just what you make of it. My iPhone has lots of apps and thank goodness for that cloud thingy where it offloads apps automatically but I can put them right back because it’s constantly running out of space (32GB) even though I pay for icloud. My next iPhone will definitely have to be either 128 or 256GB for me to be comfortable running it because there are definite pluses to just using your own music vs. depending on subs, being able to have all your pictures at your fingertips regardless of having a data connection or not and plain having a chunk of space vs. not.

      Also, there was a time that I thought 32GB was “enough” but given time I’ve proven that wrong. It’s also not about greed or anything. We consume data way, way differently than we used to. Just a few years ago we were satisfied with SD, now we want HD. A year or 2 ago, 720p was ok enough for HD, now we want 1080p FHD. Pictures taken back then were static, now they come with ‘movement’ and higher quality, making them larger – so just your every day silly pic costs you a chunk until you decide you want it or not. The luxury to leave it there depends on your storage memory.

      You can always technically live with what you have, ie: 8, 16 and 32GB albeit with compromise. I can’t imagine using an iPhone with 8 or 16GB just because with 32GB I have so many apps offloading due to space issues, but if I HAD to, I would. If you don’t want to compromise, you shoot for higher. If you want to see what you can do with 128GB of extra space, try it out, you may surprise yourself and will see the point then.

    8. My coworkers root their phones so you can install apps to removable storage. Personally, I use it like a portable hard drive with various tools I need for messing with clients’ computers. It’s nice to have basically everything I need on my phone, without having to worry about extra removable media.

  5. Speaking of microSD cards, the GPD Pocket
    does not have one. Too bad as the device
    would have been an otherwise ok one. The
    GPS Win 2, now in crowdfunding, points at
    next year’s version of the GPD Pocket, with
    both a microSD slot, and a removable half
    length m.2 SSD (2242 format).

  6. Wow, 200 GB for my GPD Win 1 for that price, it’s good!

    Now wait a second, let’s check my local store.

    Damn, same card for $10 cheaper, that I can pick up, and the warranty is valid locally without need to send it to anywhere if it fails? When did 200GB cards become this cheap?

    1. I got this card for $40 years ago.. these SD cards seem to be in a real state of arrested development or price fixing

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