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Apple’s iPhone SE is available for purchase starting today. With a starting price of $399, it’s the most affordable phone in Apple’s current lineup, but it’s also a surprisingly powerful phone that features the same Apple A13 processor as the company’s iPhone 11 series devices and what Apple says is the best single-camera system used in any iPhone to date.

But the iPhone SE isn’t the only good phone with mid-range price tag these days. Google temporarily knocked $300 off the starting price for its Pixel 4 smartphones recently, which means you can pick one up for $499 and up. And Woot is running a sale on refurbished iPhones — you can pick up an iPhone 8 for $210 or an iPhone 7 for as little as $120.

Here are some of the day’s best deals.


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7 replies on “Daily Deals (4-24-2020)”

  1. I was expecting something similar to what Google is doing (discounting their phones to match the value of the iPhone SE).

    I’m really excited for this iPhone SE, because I’m hopeful that Samsung will respond with a similar sized phone. I don’t want a 6″ A-series phone. I want something around 5 inches

    Samsung’s flagship phones have become absurdly expensive, and their A-series lineup is very lacking in North America right now.

    I would be very happy to see them make a trimmed-down version of the S10e for $399. Give us a lower screen resolution, remove the extra camera, etc.

    Or make a beefed up version of the A10e.

    I want a 5-inch Android phone, and I hate bezel-less phones. This is the first time in the past 11 years that I’ve considered buying an iPhone, and I just might buy one.

    1. Why are you comparing the new SE with a $150 phone? Samsung’s A41 is its mid-range phone with a $320 price and is much more than a souped up A10e.

      It’s longer than the SE, but the same width and slightly thinner. Remember the big bezels on the SE add to its overall size considerably. The A41 has a much more modern design, a higher res super AMOLED screen, a headphone jack, expandable storage, dual cameras, etc. so spec-wise it’s a very capable device.

      Note: If the SE came with a full body screen, its screen size would be at least 5.6 inches, depending on the bezel thickness. So the A41 isn’t that much bigger.

      Sure, it doesn’t have the raw speed of the new SE, and that is Apple’s biggest selling point for sure, but Samsung’s mid-range phones are a lot better than most people realize, and have improved a lot over the last couple of years.

      There certainly are options, if you want an Android. You just have to look for them.

      1. I didn’t compare the SE to the A10e. I said it would be nice if Samsung would offer something in response to the SE, and a beefed-up A10e would be a good way to do it (well actually a toned-down S10e would be preferable).

        I don’t think the Samsung A41 is going to compete with the iPhone SE in the slightest. It has the price and physical size, but has a Mediatek CPU. I don’t think it’s going to get any attention. I think most people will compare the SE to the Pixel 3A and 4A (when it launches). This is a faux-flagship phone for developing markets.

        I disagree that there are Android options out there to compete with the SE in all ways. All Android offerings are hugely compromised in at least one way. Size/Price/Performance – pick two.

        Small Size + Performance = Samsung S10e, BUT its almost twice the price of the SE @ $750 USD

        Small Size + Price = Samsung A10e, BUT its very low performance

        Price + Performance = Pixel 3A is the only phone I can think of, BUT it doesn’t have the smaller dimensions of the iPhone SE, and it doesn’t even really have enough performance to compare to the iPhone SE.

        Apple’s strategy to build their own SOCs, and recycle older generation designs has finally won. Very few Android makers are in a position to compete with the iPhone SE. Snapdragon tray prices are not low enough to build something cheap enough.

        Samsung is probably the only company in a position to compete with all the ways that the iPhone SE appeals. The best move for Samsung would be to bring back the old Galaxy S7 body, and put the new Exynos 990 SOC into it. I would buy that phone in a heartbeat.

        1. Well, of course, you choose to leave out screen, design and features, three very important aspects of a phone design, especially when it comes to comparing flagships, so your comparison is skewed in favor of the SE right off the bat. Clearly that’s what’s important to you, which is fine, but it doesn’t invalidate the fact that Samsung’s mid-range phones do compete with the SE when you look at the overall package.

          For many people, the modern look and the quality of the screen on the Samsung phones is more than enough to offset the raw speed of the SE. I have friends who use these phones and they love them. Speed simply isn’t an issue when it comes to their daily usage.

          I have no real skin in this game, since I would much rather buy an 18 month old refurbished flagship for $300 than a new midrange Samsung, but that’s just me. I’m willing to take that chance of ending up with a lemon. But claiming that Samsung has nothing to offer at the SE price point is simply untrue. They’re going to continue selling a boatload of A41 and A51 phones.

          1. My current phone was a 18 month old flagship for $300 (LG G5), but I am with Grant on this one. They are selling 128GB models for $50 more ($450). I would have to give up a USB C port, audio jack and my favorite apps, but in return I get great looking photos and a more durable phone. I use my phone very sparingly these days so I could make that work.
            I will seriously look at Apple if my current phone we’re to break.

          2. You’re right that my comparison is skewed in favour of the SE, because it’s simply the better value. I’ve been consistently an Android user since the HTC Dream (after using an iPhone 3G for a few months). Having said that, I would consider moving to iPhone for the SE if I was in the need for a new phone right now. I’m not saying that I will, but I would consider it.

            These other factors that you bring up are important, but they are going to be down to the preferences of each user. I’m just outlining the points that appeal to ME. Screen resolution is hardly important to me on my phone, and I’m willing to compromise on that.

            And you’re misquoting me. I never said that Samsung doesn’t have anything to offer at the SE price point. I’m fully aware of the prices of the A-series phones.

            What I said was that no Android phone makers have any products that will compete with the iPhone SE on the 3 points of appeal that I can see in the iPhone SE. I’ll stand by my statement that there is NO Android phone out there right now that offers the physical size, price, and performance of the iPhone SE. If the A41 appeals to you, then you probably aren’t interested in the SE to begin with, so it isn’t worth discussing.

  2. Walmart still lists the iPhone SE as $200 (Upgrade only, AT&T or Verizon, partial upfront) but has been out of stock.

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