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The Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC with a Ryzen Z1 Extreme Processor is on sale for $100 off when you use the coupon code NC100, making it the same price as the entry-level model with a Z1 chip (and cheaper than a top-of-the-line Steam Deck).

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something a bit bigger, there are deals on Acer and Lenovo laptops with discrete graphics today. And if you’re in the market for something cheaper and less mobile, we’ve got a few mini PC sales too.

Here are some of the day’s best deals.

Handhelds & mini-laptops


Mini PCs

Smartphones and Tablets



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  1. The early 90’s internet was command line…only.

    I should know…I was there.

    I support Liliputing.

    Steven(Liquid Cool)

  2. Nothing against you, Brad. But I don’t use affiliate links. I work hard to find the original… it’s just like, I refuse to wear clothing that has any advertisements/mentions of the manufacturer. Nike is a really great example of that. I refuse, after I bought a product, to give a company free advertising, I wont wear clothing with their names plastered all over it…. I’m from the early 90’s internet. Ye old internet before it all went to crap with advertising. I don’t cooperate with advertising or affiliate links at all.

    I do understand you need to make money to keep this site going, but I don’t cooperatate with affiliate links. Sorry. Don’t be mad at me.

    I will research that lower price for the Asus Rog. But I will find it on my own…

    1. Modern advertising ruined the internet. Google ruined the internet. I refuse to let anyone make money off me (aka. digital brokers). The old internet was about collaberation and actually trying to help the community. These days it’s all about making money at our own expense.

      We buy a piece of clothing. Insert name of your favorite clothing company. They have it plastered on the clothing you wear, so you are an advertisement for them. You work for them for free, they take advantage of you, and you pay for the privilege.

      It’s the same with any modern advertising on the internet. And is why I’m so opposed to it. I wont let any company make money off me.

      you know what? I was attending college classes at my college last year, they had a news group their doing a news story, promoting some new program we had at the school. And I told the camera man, if you want to capture me on camera, sorry, that’s $5,000 dollars to use my likeness, cause I don’t give you permission to use my likeness without my permission or compensating me.

      Advertising on the internet these days is along the same lines. You have no choice, they make money off your “identity” whether you like it or not.

      Guess what? You can’t find me. I have a burner phone, my utilities are included with my apartment rent. I promise you, (I’ve searched), you can’t find me. It’s like I don’t exist.

      I wont let anyone take advantage of me. The old internet was about helping others and the community. I refuse to give someone a portion of my money because they helped me find a good deal on a product I want (affiliate sales), or be a be a product that other companies can market… I refuse.

      The old internet is dead. It was by far the best we ever had. People took advantage of the trust of the early internet and made BILLIONS off it (google being one of them). Can you understand why I despise big tech now?

      Liliputing is small fries compared to them, but I wont allow myself to be taken advantage of at my own expense by ANYONE. I’m still of the old internet. BBS’s, and websites that could be trusted. That no longer exists…. So you understand now (people who read my post) why I get so upset at things like this? The internet these days are absolute garbage. The old internet was by far the best, and we will never have that again.

      1. Sorry, so I forgot to finish the story. So, I approached the camera man at my school, and I said, you don’t have permission to capture me on camera or use me in your story. If you want to do that, I charge $5,000 dollars.

        The camera man got strangely quiet, and I noticed how he avoided me while he was taping other students in the hallways and our cafeteria and my class floor. I meant it though, I would have taken them to court because I expressed they don’t have my permission to use my likeness in any fashion without compensating me.

        It’s the same with affiliate links. If you want to make money off my purchases, the least you can do is give me a cut of your profits from my purchase. Otherwise, you’re just using me, and that doesn’t fly with me, sorry.

          1. You’re going to be waiting awhile. I have to get through college first. lol.

        1. Trust me, building traffic ain’t easy, building engagement ain’t easy and that is what influence is all about. If Brad verbally says Brand X is better than Brand Y anyday (even though we had the opposite impression), then maybe we might at least consider Brand X if not adopt it immediately. Affliate links are the manifestation of that respect (which took time and effort to earn). That said, there should be another more private way to go about it, including generic commission and final commission. I was in fact wondering about how Amazon works and came up with the most controversial setup: Let us say that a tablet costs $100. Now let’s say it’s on sale for $80 and we catch. Now Amazon gives us an option to buy but not ship. Because we have paid for it, it is reserved. Now when the price go higher, we have an option to sell it back to Amazon. So Amazon simply piles it along with its own stock (it actually never left that stock). When the sale is complete, Amazon pays us the Sale price (say $110 minus the commission). And it can get far more complicated than that.

        2. As much as you’re not obligated to support other people’s revenue, Brad is equally not obligated to host this pile of drivel on his website.

          1. Agreed. I was, well, drinking, when I made those posts. Take it for what you will…

          1. You are not correct. It depends on where you are. Where I am, we have strict privacy laws. All I have to say is I don’t agree to being recorded, and if they do it any way, they are committing a crime.

        3. I want to apologize to everyone and to Brad for these crap posts I made while I was intoxicated. I do value this site very much. Of course I don’t want to post “drivel” or garbage. I apologize to all of you.

    1. Looks like Amazon sells these pre-charged batteries on Woot when they have been sitting on the shelf for too long (maybe 1 year). I charged the batteries when they arrived, and they were pretty depleted. I like the discount as I charge batteries when they arrive anyways.

  3. I would totally buy that Chuwi N100 model if Walmart was selling it here in my country, but unfortunately Walmart Canada isn’t selling it. That’s a good price, and buying it from a store with a good return policy is what I want.

    The only thing stopping me from buying one of those is that I don’t like dealing with vendors in China for things that expensive. Get a dead pixel, bad RAM, etc, and the vendor is going to force you to pay to ship it back, if they even want to help you at all.