There’s a new build of CyanogenMod 9 available for the HP TouchPad. The latest version includes a handful of bug fixes and a few new features for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HP’s discontinued tablet.

Update: There’s another new build. You can install Alpha 0.6 the same way you installed Alpha 0.5 by following the steps below.

Update 2: Nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 Alpha for the HP TouchPad are now available. You can find the latest nightlies by following @CM-Tenderloin on Twitter.

Update 3: Official nightly builds are now available from the CyanogenMod website.

CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0.5

This is still unofficial software which is not supported by HP, and it’s still an alpha release — which means that there are still a number of bugs. For instance the camera doesn’t work and there’s no hardware video acceleration.

But here’s what’s new in CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0.5 for the TouchPad:

  • The kernel should crash less often (which means you won’t see as many random reboots).
  • A graphics bug that had been affecting some games has been fixed.
  • There are touchscreen improvements which should allow you to tap rapidly on the screen.
  • The tablet should now charge more quickly.
  • You can use the web browser in incognito mode.
  • CMStats is now included.

If you’ve already installed CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 on the HP TouchPad, upgrading to Alpha 0.5 takes just a few minutes.

  1. Download the latest build from the links at the RootzWiki forum to your TouchPad.
  2. Press and hold the power button to shut down your tablet.
  3. Start it up again by pressing the power button again.
  4. From the Moboot menu, select the “boot ClockworkMod” option. (Use the volume keys to scroll up and down, and the home button to select).
  5. In ClockworkMod select “install zip from sdcard.”
  6. On the following screen select “choose zip from sdcard.”
  7. Navigate to the folder where you’ve placed and select it.
  8. Select “Yes.”
  9. Once the install is complete, reboot your device and this time choose CyanogenMod from the boot menu.

When that’s done you should be running the latest build of Android 4.0 based on CyanogenMod 9 for the HP TouchPad.

If you haven’t already installed an earlier build of CM9, you can follow our step-by-step instructions — but use the new Alpha 0.5 instead of Alpha 0.


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60 replies on “CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0.5 (bug fix) for the HP TouchPad”

  1. I upgraded from CM7 to CM9, and it seems to have gone well, but now it needs an unlock pattern, and I never had one! I can’t unlock my touchpad! Help! Is there a default unlock pattern? Did I goof something up?

  2. No problems here, only with can no longer can access my touchpad with my computer. It wont connect with the cable. It give’s a installation error.

  3. Wireless has suddenly stopped working. Detects OK and tries to connect but doesn’t. Reboot to WebOS and works a treat. Downloaded and installed official nightly release 30th April. Did not help.

  4. hey guys i need some help. I have cyanogenmod 9 on my HP touchpad and the battery died on it. (I didnt have a charger where I was at) And the thing is when I went home to charge it, it never charged. It only shows the plug into charger or dead battery logo. ( it looks like a battery with a question mark in it.) I have tried different methods to get it to at least pop up moboot and nothing works. plz help Ive had this problem for about two months now and need to get it fixed. email me at [email protected] Thanks.

  5. ok. I put alpha 6 update file “update-cm-9.0.0-tenderloin-20120306-1428-signed” under cmInstall folder and tried to install from SD card from ClockgenMod. However, the file wasn’t there in the navigation. Pls. let me know if i’m doing anything wrong. Do we just copy updates to root touchpad folder  or any specific folder?

  6. Hi guys, anyone know where gtalk is? I can’t find the app anywhere! Otherwise it is working GREAT. I love it.

  7. Just installed both Alpha .5 and .6 updates on my touchpad and my apps keep flashing on and off on the screen.  Anyone else have this problem or any idea on how o fix it?  Before this issue, I had already installed cyanogenmod 9 alpha 0 and have had no problems.  I’d appreciate any assistance.

  8. I have just installed the A.06 and all was fine but now the gallery function cntinues to shut down whenever I triy and view photos.  it tries to open but then it says “unfortunately, Gallery has stopped working”  anyone have a fix for this problem?

    1.  same problem, just upgraded to alpha 1 and it started happening

  9. Thanks! Installed easily, Everything works like charm. But my Online Videos are not working. It only works on You tube app. Not on the webpage.So can watch only youtube but not other stuff. And same issue that Camera is also not working, neither in Camera app nor on skpe.
    Can somebody help me with this.

    1. Sorry to mention above, i installed CM9.
      and Video and camera problem.

  10. Does anyone have the free versions of Go Launcher or ADW Launcher using CM9? The market is saying mine isn’t compatible. Yet with CM7 they were. Neither is the app Minimalistic Text. Reason i’m asking is because I want to make mine look like Hubs For Honeycomb. Check it out. Makes the Touchpad look amazing.

  11. Worked great. Thanks Brad. Can’t wait for Alpha 1. Hopefully it’ll play Youtube then!

  12. I would really appreciate if someone can assist and help me to fix the issue. My tablet is keep restarting (not a certain reason). I did fix permission while booting using CMW. but still issue is there. When I am trying to run “Fix permission” from GUI (from Android APK), its just crashing each time after processing 2-3 files. I re-installed everything, cleaned touchpad by erasing data and application, but no successes. Please let me know if there is any way to log the issue or monitoring the processes if something is creating problem. This condition is just after installing CM9 0,5. I have not even installed any application from myside. After few tries, I was able to get Terminal. I ran ‘su’ and then i changed all apks permissions to 777 but still its crashing.I am noobie for touchpad, please help me to fix this issue. I am not able to even continuously use it for 20 minutes

  13. Is this already rooted?  When I tried to modify the build.prop to increase the DPI, it won’t save, and I think it’s because I don’t have root access.

  14. since i installed ICS i now cannot connect usb back to the computer so I cannot reoal gapps or anything. It just comes up drivers did not load on the pc. Any ideas?

  15. Games life Lets Gold 3 HD and GT is not working… Any fixes or work around ?

  16. Any idea why games like Lets Golf HD is not working ? I have CM9 Alpha0.5 

    1. My guess would be because there is no hardware acceleration. Wait a few weeks and that should be added. Just a guess though.

    2. have you changed your build prop? Gameloft games won’t play unless that is changed.

  17. Many thanks to all who have worked on this and who continue to work on.  Following your directions the installation was flawless.  Any estimates as to when Netflix/video will work with ICS?

    1. When hardware acceleration is added, likely not more than a few weeks, but as always with cyanogenmod there is no ETA.

  18. If, like me, you were still waiting and wondering about any type of Android on the Touchpad, wait no longer!  Honestly I cannot see a reason not to go for it with 0.5, it works soo much better than I ever thought it would and you can re-boot into webos at anytime and it is exactly how you left it…….why wouldnt you??????????????

    1. Hi, I’ve never done this kind of thing before but like the sound of being able to switch between webos and android at any time.  How doe you “re-boot into webos” and back again?

      1.  There is a boot screen that defaults to cyanogen mod on startup, but you can use the volume keys to cycle through your options.

  19. After installing alpha 0.5, I have two duplicates of the Gallery app. Does anyone know how I can remove one?

  20. thanks for the great instructions.  got everything up and running but I couldn’t access the marketplace.  I tried the gapps install using clowkworkmod but after doing so my tablet will no longer connect to WiFi.  It recognizes the available networks but when it goes to connect the signal drops to zero and then it just sits there like I didn’t even ask it to connect.  Any ideas?

    1. try turning on and off airplane mode.  Then reconnect the wifi.  I think there are wifi issues in the alpha 0.5 version still.

  21. Hey guys… Need some serious help. They may be a noob questions but I installed the CM9 and everything went smoothly BUT now that i have android open it is asking for the Android screen lock code. How on earth did this get on my touchpad? 

    Please HELP…

    1. same problem here. I know HOW it got on our touchpads, we selected the wrong boot choice, but how to fix it, THAT’S the real question. I re-installed 0.6 from the zip file thru ClockWorkMod, but that doesn’t change the boot options. Anybody?

      1. Okay, fixed. Did a wipe data from ClockWorkMod, re-installed the .zip file from the same, and when I re-booted, it started asking for my preferences. Back in business! It doesn’t jack with WebOS, which is good! 

  22. Looking forward to the next update! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Did the camera ever work on cm7?

      1. Thanks for the info brad. Did you see my comments on the original android on touchpad alpha 0 post? I think adding some of the instructions and corrections might help out some beginners installing android on the to for the first time.

  23. agree with some of the other comments, if you haven’t switched from CM7 3.5 to CM9 don’t wait any longer.  I have yet to run into a problem that wasn’t already a problem on CM7.  In other words, works fine for basic day-to-day use surfing the web, reading emails, playing some games, etc.

  24. If I upgrade from cm9 alpha 0 alpha 0.5 will my touchpad be refreshed to original android state or will applications/ settings remain the way they were before?

  25. And this is an Alpha?? ICS runs better than CM7 for the most part! The touch controls really make a difference. And although no graphics accel… for the most part, even YouTube works well!
    I stopped at a staples, and not only does this Alpha look better than all the new tablets on the shelf, it ran faster… with one processor! 3 employees were surfing eBay when I left for their own HP…
    HP, if your reading this, you need to wise up and restart production. If they seriously worked on and used ICS from day one, this would be the hot tablet to get. (Well, if listed at $350… and with an open source OS they could)

    1. youtube(nonhd) only works using the app for me. It doesn’t work on the stock or dolphin browsers for some odd reason.

  26. Nice but waiting for hardware acceleration so I will stick with CM7 for now.  Can’t loose my netflix…

  27. ICS on my Touchpad is the bomb and it’s still in Alpha mode.  Thank you Cyanogenmod

  28. Thanks Brad-
    I have updated from 7 to 9 with little trouble thanks to your instructions.

    BUT the marketplace does not work for me – I try to open the app and it crashes right away.  Any ideas?  I did use the updated Gapps link provided in the link.  Perhaps I updated it when I did not need to?


    UPDATE – I fixed my own problem 🙂
    1) download the latest Gapps for ICS
    2) reboot to webos to get USB mode back – unless you can do it without. I think there is an app for that ….
    3) copy the gapps zip file to a folder where you can find it on the TP
    4) reboot into moboot and select the ClockworkMod Recovery option. NOTE: use the volume +/- to navigate and the home button to select
    5) select install from zip file on SD card
    6) navigate to the folder
    7) install the gapps file and reboot!

    from there it asked me to sign in and all was good – hope this helps.

      1. If you clear your cache before the update you should be fine, if not the re-install seems to work.

  29. SO easy. These guys are geniuses !!! Love ICS. TP is a proper tablet, and could well have been a condender in the market….. Oh well, im satisfied !!

  30. I was sceptical about installing CM9 A0, thought it would be really buggie, almost unusable, but I was pleasently surprised, ICS is amazing in the TP, I’d hate to admit it but I’m almost tempted to use more then webos! (this is only because of the apps, to be productive and get stuff done, webos is the way to go, to play ICS is great)  Can’t wait to get CM0 A0.5 on board, thanks guys for all your hard work 🙂

    1. I’ve been using CM7, just installed CM9 last night and couldn’t disagree with you more. I’m glad you’re having a positive experience, however I cannot get Email to function – neither the native or Gmail – and my attempt to flash the Gapp’s ICS version has not been successful. In fact, I just got a pop up stating the NFC failed to launch. I’m going to have to flash back to CM7 and wait this one out a bit. 

      1. make sure you’re using the right gapps. There are several. the one I used was I haven’t had any email problems with ICS on the touchpad, everything works perfectly.

  31. Great! Thanks for the straightforward instructions. Hope you’re feeling better.

  32. thanks! I had no idea how to install cyanogenmod but your guidelines are so simple that any dummy could figure it out

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