In January Asus promised to deliver a $249 tablet with a 7 inch display, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and Android 4.0 this year. So when rumors started making the rounds that Asus would build an inexpensive “Nexus Tablet” for Google, I figured it was more likely the two companies would just slap some Nexus branding on the Eee Pad MeMo 370T.

Asus Eee Pad MeMo 370T

After all, the last two Nexus phones are the Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Notice the Samung branding? It’s front and center, which tells you that while Google may have played a role, Samsung designed the phones and is responsible for distributing them.

So I didn’t really find the idea of Asus calling its tablet a Nexus instead of a MeMo all that interesting.

But now Android And Me reports there could be more to the story.

According to the Android news blog’s sources, Asus may actually be scrapping the original MeMo design and building a cheaper model which could retail for between $149 and $199.

In order to meet the new price, it seems that Asus might not use a Tegra 3 quad-core chip. While there’s no word on what processor would be used instead, when I first saw the MeMo tablet at CES in January, Asus officials couldn’t say whether it would have a Tegra 3 chip or a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor (which is why I was a bit surprised a few hours later when an Asus executive announced the $249 price tag and Tegra 3 processor during an Intel press conference).

In other words… I have a feeling that the final specifications for the Eee Pad MeMo 370T weren’t exactly set in stone when the product was introduced in January so it’s certainly possible that Android and Me’s information could be correct and that Asus could be working to cut costs and offer an Android tablet that will sell for even less than an Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet while offering a full Google experience.

Here’s a video of a MeMo prototype from January:

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16 replies on “Could the $149 Asus Nexus tablet replace the $249 Asus MeMo?”

  1. I am sad and confused by this move. They can take the lack luster cheapie tablet and let it collect dust. I was saving for a quality 7inch quad core tablet. Nothing less. I hope this tablet collects dust. If this is true its a real shame. Guess I will continue to wait.

  2. I want the original specs. I have not purchased a tablet because I was waiting for this specific one. I want a real android tablet, but if they are going to jack up the features just to get the price down $50, iPad here I come.

  3. im tired of hearing about all these many cheaper tablets coming soon,,,but never show up,,dont talk about them until they are actually “for sale”

  4. Unfortunately for those of who want a higher end tablet, it almost forces them to Apple. I have the original Transformer and love it but was looking for smaller and faster, not cheapest. Is this a move to compete with Amazon only?

    1. Google doesn’t get any of the revenue from the Kindle Fire. Google is trying to undercut Amazon and release a tablet that competes directly with it and indirectly with the iPad. 

      Let’s be honest, most consumers are more aware of Google as a brand than they are of both Amazon and Apple. When most people want to find something on the internet, they “google” it. Market the tablet as the “Google Tablet” and instantly sell millions. They could have a brilliant strategy here.

      Personally, I’d still prefer the $250 Tegra 3  ASUS MeMo 370T. 

  5. Brad I respect your writing and choice of articles. Quite frankly though, this is complete rubbish. The source of this rumor, if on print, would end up on the bottom of my bird cage. A $149 tablet? Give me a break. If I could get “insiders” and have people cover my “leaks” boy I could really cash in on banner ad clicks.

    Sorry to rant, but this is complete crap. At times the tech web bugs me. This is one of those instances. Why don’t you just start your own rumors? Could be a good payoff if enough people link to the rumor news story.

    (sorry to overstate my opinion)

  6. A lesser memory version would be ok for some who plain flat are not willing to spend the extra $50. But I am QUITE willing to spend the $249 for the 16 Gig Tegra 3 model as announced at CES. I really hope they do not cheapen the models original specifications.

  7. Hope the rumors are false. Like Scott said, I’d rather get an awesome middle price ranged device vs a so so dirt cheap device.

  8. We don’t need another sort-of-good tablet for < $200… we need a GOOD tablet for < $300.  

    We have lots of cheap but compromised tablets. We need a well done, quality tablet to at a reasonable price to actually challenge the Apple monopoly.  


    1.  Depends. If it comes with 1GB memory, SD card slot, and a dual-core processor, and maybe a camera, all for $149, that’s something I would buy.

      I bought a refurbished Nook for $139, and don’t regret the purchase, but its 512MB memory does make it struggle somewhat, even after overclocking to 1.2GHz.

    2. I’m also struck by the way this middle ground is avoided by the major brands. They’re probably just trying to avoid cutting into sales of their own top tablets, which may have more inflated profits.

    3. I have to agree with you…I was really looking forward to the 370T as the specs that were released…anything less will just end up being another nook tablet or fire but without the backing of amazon or B&N.  The 370T (as originally specced) would have really lit the tablet market on fire.  IF the 370T is released as it was originally stated then I’ll be in line the first day to get one.

  9. I would be interested in a 7″ tablet from ASUS with midrange price and performance. If it runs Android 4 then I would be very interested…

  10. Good.  I’m not that huge a fan of Tegra3 anyway.  Although what I wish they’d do is use a higher performance Krait S4 from qualcomm.  Then again that might be hard to do in these price points.

    1. An equal or better CPU would be fine. If they could stick the Krait S4 in there for $249 great. But like you say for the $249 price range the Tegra 3 is an excellent choice.

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