There’s a new contender for world’s thinnest smartphone. The Coolpad IVVI K1 is a Chinese phone that measures just 4.7mm (0.185 inches) thick.

That makes the phone a tiny bit thinner than another Chinese handset, the 4.75mm Vivo X5 Max which launched a few months ago.


Coolpad’s new phone has a 4.7 inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, an 8MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera. It supports 4G LTE.

While the phone might be one of the world’s thinnest, it’s not exactly a premium device. It’s expected to sell for a little over $200 and it has some entry-level specs to match that price, including just 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, although there is a microSD card slot for up to 32GB of removable storage.

The phone also has a relatively small 1800mAh battery: it’s not like there was a lot of room in the case for a bigger battery.

via GizmoChina, GizChina, and

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21 replies on “Coolpad IVVI K1 mini smartphone is just 4.7mm thick”

  1. At least they added a full-sized 3.5 mm headphone jack this time!

  2. They should try to make the footprint smaller instead. Meaning let’s get rid of the top and bottom bezels as much as possible. I don’t need my phone to be 5mm thin, it can easily be 1cm, but a smaller footprint? Now, that’s something I’d really like.

    But I guess it’s a lot harder to do.

  3. These phones are going in a nice direction – except for the fact that you can not swap batteries when they run out – and the thin batteries WILL run out on you. But we will never see phones with user swappable batteries again. That defeats the planned obsolescence model.

  4. The thinness war is retarded. When your battery won’t last a whole day (or can’t be swapped out) you’ll be pissed – guaranteed! All over your perceived need to have a thin phone. Yes you can get a power bank to charge on the go, but you can’t really use the phone that well when it’s charging with all the dangling bits. Why bother subject yourself to this kind of stupidity? It baffles my mind. The only way this is tolerable is with the super charging phones that are out that charge to 60% in like 15 minutes. Otherwise, it’s just self torture – especially on an 1800mAh battery in a non-removable chassis.

    1. You are extremely close minded. Also, that is an inappropriate use of “retarded”. People can have their own qualifications when buying a phone. Although I agree with you that an extremely thin phone loses functionality, those who choose a thin phone are awake of the tradeoffs and have logically made a conclusion that they would rather have a thin phone than a larger one.

      1. “those who choose a thin phone are awake of the tradeoffs and have logically made a conclusion that they would rather have a thin phone than a larger one.”

        I can assure you as one that has many friends in the phone selling and servicing industry, that this is not the case. Not a strong one at least. Give the ones who chose thin phones about a week and 2 powerbanks later mark my word that more than half of them will start to bang the door. By your logic Apple should have just stuck w/ a sub 2000mAh batt for iPhone 6 just because they can but they didn’t.

        There’s nothing “open minded” about bowing down to artificially created market pressure.

        1. It isn’t market pressure, there are simply different focuses. There will always be “super” smartphones which take specs first and have better specs before form, or phones that take it the other way and take form first. That’s not to say all super smartphones are ugly, they look great actually. That is also not to say style smartphones are useless. They are lower spec’ed, but that equates to a slightly outdated super smartphone.

          Apple chose a larger battery because they knew more people care about the specs of a phone.

          That isn’t to say buying a thin phone is a dumb choice, there is nothing wrong with power banks either. Everyone has their reasons to buy something.

          In the same light, we can say do you REALLY need 2.7 ghz of processing power and 4GB of RAM on your phone? Do you REALLY need a 2k display or even a 1080p one? No, you don’t, but some people may want/need it in their phone. They prioritize certain features and ignore others and that is alright. That is their freedom of choice.

  5. NO NO NO , it is not 4.7mm thick.
    It’s 4.7mm at the edge but the back is curved so it’s actually plenty thicker.
    And the screen is just 540p so not exactly appealing.
    full gallery and article

    Further more when it went through TENAA they measured it at 7.9 mm thickness

    1. Ha! Technically my phone is 0.0000000001mm thick at the very edge. Yeah, there is an atom sticking out, I measured it as the thinnest point. Problem? 😀

      1. Technically everything is 0mm thick at some point, or at least anything that has an end.
        And you better have that sticking atom checked by a doc lol.

        1. I’m gonna pretend you did not make that last comment and we can still be friends, okay? 😉

    1. No, it’s interesting, and there’s enough people who visit the site would like hearing about these devices (even if they’re sometimes overestimate the appetite for buying such devices from China, and all the potential hassles and risks that involves).

    2. You can buy phones from China easily and many do, you lack support but not everybody is afraid to get a little bit dirty.
      In PC the US was the center of the world and PC enthusiasts around the world knew Newegg prices for PC parts. In phones, China is the king , biggest market and crazy competition while the US market has been killed by carriers and it’s 2 thirds Apple and Samsung with very few other devices ,while prices are so much higher.
      Most US sites are clueless because they don’t cover the actual smartphone market ,just the US and it’s difficult for them to understand the market and know what is out there. They need time to adapt since it’s something entirely new for them. The few that don’t just ignore the global market should keep doing so.
      China is almost 30% of smartphone sales, India will surpass the US in units soon, it’s a big world out there, the biggest phone makers are more and more from elsewhere and sooner or later they’ll officially enter the US market too.

      1. You can buy a China market easily… but that does not mean it will have the proper WCMA band (let alone 4G bands) to work on a US network. Only a small fraction have WCMDA 850 and 1900, and even less have 4G bands that work on any US carrier. And to make things worse, the specs you see for the radio bands are not always accurate or consistent across online retailers. So you need to be careful, or you will get a phone that only has 2G data.

        1. The transition to 4G in China has just started so things are getting better on the supported bands side. Yes it is true that supporting US bands makes little sense to most China phone makers since they can sell more by supporting EU bands for example. Obviosly no matter where you are and where you buy from you need to make sure the device supports the bands you need.

  6. This trend should stop. This craziness is becoming a limiting factor and a weakens for these phones. What is the difference between a 7-8mm phone and a 4.7mm one? The battery life, that is!

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