All of Samsung’s new laptops feature Intel Atom N450 Pine Trail processors, multit-touch touchpads, matte screens, and a new island-style keyboard design. And the Samsung N210 and N220 are no different. What sets these netbooks apart from Samsung’s other offerings is a 6 cell, 5600mAh battery which Samsung says can power the laptops for up to 12 hours.

The N210 and N220 also have a 3D textured pattern on the lid and ship with the Phoenix HyperSpace quick boot environment.

All of the press materials I’ve seen for the N210 and N220 so far pretty much group the two netbooks together as if they were identical. And in most respects they are. But the Samsung N220 is destined for Europe, while the N210 will be available in the US as early as this week.

The primary physical difference between the two laptops is the keyboard. The Samsung N220 has an extra large enter key that takes up more space than the enter key on the N210, while the N210 has a wider shift button on the right side of the keyboard. There are a few other minor differences in the keyboard, but as far as I can tell, the hardware specs for both models are pretty much identical.

Samsung NB210 keyboard
Samsung N220 keyboard

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23 replies on “Closer look at the Samsung N210 and N220”

  1. I have the samsung N210 and I am disappointed with the battery performance….. 12 hours, Ja! this is not real. 

  2. Card reader slot on the 220 is enhanced for one difference. There may be other differences when actually comparing the listed specifications side by side. Dissapointed that this review was more about cosmetics and not and actual hands on review

  3. I have the samsung N210 and was working on it on Saturday night. It was on mains and charging as I worked. I uploaded AVG free edition and it seemed to update without any problems however, the next morning it appeared to have died. I am shocked as I only bought it 5 months ago off amazon and have not really used it that much. The recovery 4 hasn’t worked and all I am getting is a blank screen. If anyone has any ideas how to try and fix this I would be most obliged.

    1. Set all of your BIOS setting to default. I had the same problem and this worked. For some reason when Windows is restored it doesn’t read the BIOS.

  4. Can the problems with Windows 7 be a reason why even N210 gets so relatively short batterytime?

  5. I just got the N210 from Best Buy. The battery included is a 4400mAh not the 5600mAh described in the specs above. Other than that I like it, just not sure if I will keep it because of the shortened battery life.

    1. That is strange. I’m in the UK and I just got my N210 and it has a 5900mAH battery!

    2. As Im sure the BB employee poster will attest above, frequently the BB version of anything will have features removed, different batteries, etc. My first netbook was an eeePC and not purchased at BB. I researched heavily and BB stock did not match what the manufacturer was putting out for spec on the asus (battery or ram) I’m having a hard time now figuring out whether this darn thing has BT or not. Samsung website says yes, BB site says No. Just left a store and the unit there had NO indicator or label for BT but it did have software.
      Anyone else know?

  6. Got some charge in my N210, Windows 7 Experience Index is showing:

    Processor 2.3
    Memory 4.5
    Graphics 3.0
    Gaming Graphics 3.0
    Primary hard disk 5.9

    Base Score 2.3

  7. Just received my black N210 from (actually it’s Micro Anvika doing the selling). It’s UK spec, has a UK keyboard with the £ sign on the 3 key and the same sized Enter key as the N220 pictured above. Have yet to get the power charger attached to it.

  8. I work at Best Buy and recently purchased the n210 class Samsung. Almost all of the bundled software did little to nothing with helping the performance. The battery was the biggest disappointment from this entire ordeal, only 5 1/2 hours. I understand that most battery ratings aren’t completely accurate because they fail to account for actual use, but seriously from 12 to maybe 6. I do have to say I quite enjoyed the new frame with the crome trim around the edges, the netbook felt like it had a solid build. Not worth $380 in my opinion, just my two cents.

    1. That’s disappointing. Are you sure you don’t have the 3 cell battery? If the 6 cell is suppose to give 12 hours I imagine the 3 cell would give about 6 (which you’re getting). Also are you running it in Balanced power mode?

      1. I most certainly had the 6-cell battery and I was running it with the Samsung optimized power mode software (can’t remember the specific title) I actually went into the power saving setting and dimmed the screen almost to the lowest setting. I ended up exchanging it for a new 1005PEB series Asus and I have been very happy with the purchase thus far.

        1. Ah, then sounds like you made the right decision. Very odd that the battery life fell so short of the claim. Was this just under regular browsing or watching video? Did you give it a long charge before using the netbook? Samsung is usually comes through in the battery life department so I can’t believe it comes up that short.

        2. I’ve noticed that you are working in BB, so I have a question:
          Is this the same model as the 1005PE offered in other shops? If not, what are the differences?

  9. The black one (N220) is probably just a UK-spec model as it has a UK keyboard and not a USA one, hence the differences. All UK keyboards have a tall enter key, plus observe the locations of @ ” and the presence of £.

  10. I was so looking forward to the N210, but I am disappointed it has such a small right shift key. Everything else sounds good about the N210. It is completely lost on me why Samsung would only bring the N220 to Europe, and why it has such arbitrary differences with the US model, which nevertheless make it much less attractive. Well, the devil is in the detail as the saying goes, and some netbook manufacturers seem keen to prove time and time again with this kind of nonsensical geographical product differentiation.

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