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The eMachines EM250 first made a huge splash when Walmart offered the netbook for $228 the day after Christmas. That deal is done and gone, but the EM250 is still one of the cheapest mini-laptops around, with a price tag of about $280. A number of Liliputing readers have left feedback about the laptop, and most of it’s been pretty positive.

If you’re looking for a more detailed overview, YouTube member a1mega has posted an 8 minute video showing the netbook running Windows 7 Starter Edition as well as Jolicloud, a custom Linux distribution designed for netbooks.

The laptop has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and a 3 cell battery which should be good for 3-4 hours of run time. The keyboard looks decent, although the touchpad looks pretty small to me.

You can check out the video after the break.

Update: While the eMachines EM250 is no longer in production, there are a number of other mini-laptops available for under $300.

The eMachines brand is a subsidiary of Acer — and that company continues to offer a line of inexpensive netbooks under the Acer Aspire One brand such as the Acer Aspire One D255, Acer Aspire One Happy, and Acer Aspire One D257, which sell for around $240 and up. The new models also have slightly faster processors than the eMachines EM250 and may be available with higher capacity batteries.

If you already own an eMachines EM250 and you’re looking for drivers or other support documentation you can find it at the official support page.

via Netbook Reports

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61 replies on “Closer look at the eMachines EM250 netbook”

  1. i have same problem my emachine battery, it would charge only 78 percent and its not coming fully charge, how can i make my battery make it 100 percent and make it fully charge, please help me ,, send me your answer at my email at [email protected]

  2. The battery on mine used to charge to 100% as well and now like everyday it seems to be reducing. I only have 50% battery when it is charged.

  3. I have the emachine 250-1989 abd needs a video controller driver but can’t find it to download.. can anyone tell me a site to get it ? also been having trouble with the sound, is there a way to fix that for free

  4. I bought this netbook at Radio Shack late last year, I’ve noticed the charger port to the netbook is loose, but it charges fine, and it lasts about 2-3 hours on heavy use. A few keys on the keyboard are starting to be a pain and won’t go in all the way without pressing hard on it, including the space bar, sometimes the work sometimes they don’t. I bought it with Windows XP on it and later put Ubuntu 10.10 on it. I’m getting a new full sized laptop within the next few days.

  5. I have a problem with my emachine notebook which I bought just 2 days ago. I tried to activate the bluetooth device but I accidentally open it with windows media player. Now it messed up lots of my softwares such as Norton, mozilla firefox, YM, etc. When I open those programs, it will automatically open the Windows media player and will not load the right software. Can anyone help me fix this please?

  6. i have this netbook, and i accidentally deleted the volume control, could anyone tell me how to get it back

  7. So, I’ve have an eM250 for about six months now… There’s three main issue’s I have with it. 1. The battery started charging up to 90, then 82, then 70, and now it wont go past 64%. 2. I can’t find the bluetooth software set up. 3. When I install Motorola Phone Tools, it crashes and wont boot up. So its a pain having to Alt f10 it and restore everthing. Any suggestions?

  8. I have the emachine netbook 250 or whatever, it has a sticker on it that says it has blue tooth, but how do I get to the bluetooth? I’ve googled it, looked in the handbook that came with the computer, but I have not yet found the bluetooth on this laptop, can anyone tell me how to get to the bluetooth or bluetooth settings?

  9. I bought my EM250 in January 2010 at Walmart for about $280. It’s a decent little netbook with a few exceptions. The track pad is very small, and kind of touchy, but that’s not really a big deal. I had to replace the hard drive on mine within a few months, the Hitatchi HD that it came with burned up and left me stuck.

    I replaced the HD with a 640GB Seagate and installed Ubuntu Linux Desktop Edition. ii wasn’t a big fan of Windows 7 Starter mostly because it felt like Microsoft left any useful attributes out of the release, like the ability to change backgrounds. Also with Win7 Starter my audio kept cutting out every 10-15 minutes. Ubuntu is way more powerful and customizable, the audio has no problems and plus, it’s free.

    So, the EM250 + new HD + new OS = a great buy!

  10. i have it but when i play games the memory goes full and the comp goes slow like hell its hard to play any games here except fifa 2002 Zz…

  11. I Love my ACER netbook – it rocks. so easy to use, it’s brilliant.

  12. the battery on mine wont charge past 71% and gets lower everyday. its used to charge to 100%. then it wouldnt charge past 79% then 75% and now it wont go past 71%. it freakin sucks and i dont know how to fix it.

      1. I agree. Mine goes up to 100, but I have to use a rubberband to hold in the cord.

        1. after a month of buying, i noticed that the slot where you plug the power chord started to get loose and wobbly. soon enough it stopped charging. had it returned for repair since it was still under warranty. it was returned back to me good as new, power chord now snugs in nice and tight

      2. had mine for about 5-6 months now and it charges upto 100 everytime.

    1. Had same problem but it would only charge to 90%. What I did to correct this was let the battery completely run out and then recharged. I also would take it off the charger and used it until it completely ran out. It took a few times but now it charges to the full 100%.

  13. I bought a 17 inch screen laptop to be able to watch movies and do other things. Then the em 250 came out and I had to have one. I use it for every thing.

  14. any one have a system recovery disk? Ididn’t have a flash drive when I bought my notebook, it has crashed and I need a recovery disk. contact me if u can help by emailing the recovery fileat [email protected]


  16. emachines eM250 very good, I already buy netbook it.
    Is There replacement eMachines eM250 made in China, the difference is, 6 cell battery, is there bluetooth and 160Gb HDD.
    This product is also good.

    1. Hello to Anoko Budi,

      My netbook was crashed and now in neeed of BIOS of the same model,

      Emachine 250.. Please send me bios in ROM or bin file.

      You can extract Bios with the Universal Bios Tool Kit at below link


      It is simple… Just read bios and extract the bios file….. this is not virus..

      Please run the software by right click and then run as adminitrator and finish.
      Please send me the bios of this model to my email

      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Thanking you all suppport and Emachine Family

  17. I bought one of these awsome netbooks on january 18th at walmart in Battle creek mi. it was the display model. i am currently running windows 7 ultimate on it and i upgraded the memory to 2 gigs and it runs a lot better then my 3 gig laptop. i have had no problems with this nice little machine. a+++

  18. i got one a month ago and do about 95 percent of my computing on it i love it. never even owned a laptop before. going on a long trip though and needed one to stay in touch. my son payed 80 dollars more for the acer name, same exact computer. our walmart doesnt even carry them anymore. i got one of the last 2.

  19. WalMart in Georgia is selling them for $200. I just bought one last week for my boys. It is awesome!

  20. I bought one, just found it for $228 at walmart on county liine road in greenwood indiana…don’t know if they have anymore, but this is the best money i have spent on a computer. this thing is perfect other than windows 7 starter kinda sucks, u can’t change backgrounds, unless you know the backdoor to do it. I believe they should give an upgrade to at least windows 7 basic. Other than that, it is pretty much flawless. I love it. Wouldn’t take anything for it. This thing is great!!! The netbook deal was a new thing to me, I didn’t think I would like it at all. I was wrong. It took me going to three stores, then I found it. It was worth the 10 extra in gas I spent looking for it. I would recommend this thing to anyone. Excellent buy.

    1. I bought one and so did y father in-law. Really happy with it. I had 3 problems. 1. sound in the speakers was too low to hear…updated realteck sound driver fixed it, 2. screen size3 is smaller than standard, in some cases software won’t run or you can’t click a button that is off the screen…installed pivot software which gives you a virtual screen and 3. The Canadian version has a keyboard with ‘green characters’…you access these by installing windows keyboard support for french canadian keyboard.

  21. Did you know you can install Windows XP on this Netbook using a recovery disc set from an Acer 10.1 ” Netbook? Before you do this, make sure you make recovery discs for this unit in Windows 7. You also need to download the Atheros Wifi XP Driver from the eMachines support site. You have to wipe out all the partitions and then after that , reboot your computer with disc 1 of the Acer XP recovery, and wait awhile. 30 minutes later you have a netbook running XP. Be sure to install the Wifi driver afterwards. So far WGA has not nailed me for running a non authentic copy of Windows, even when running their tool to find out if you are legit or not.

    1. Karlee, the article above states that the machine is already running Windows 7, albeit the Starter Edition. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that most netbooks, as long as they have at least 1GB RAM will run Windows 7. I have had no problems installing it on the Acer branded version of this netbook.

    1. 1/26/2010 got the display model in the atlanta area! No discount though but in GREAT condition! one of the only ones with all the keys in tact!

  22. The EM250 is just a rebranded Acer Aspire One D250. The case even looks exactly the same as my AOD250. As such, at $228 it was a great bargain. At $280, it is still a good deal for a new unit. My only complaint is the size of the keyboard and the small trackpad. Folks with small hands will probably not have the same problem.

    1. I currently use the Acer D250 and I have pretty large hands and I never had a problem with the keyboard. Although its small its 89% of a full size keyboard and you really cant tell the difference once you get use to it as far as the track pad goes I use a wireless mouse so I never really have any issues there. The eMachine branded netbook should be just as durable as the Acer and a great buy for that price.

    2. You’d really buy one of these for $279? For that much you could get a 1005HA, or if you want to spend an extra $20 you could get a Acer 532h for $299.

      1. If I didn’t own a netbook I would probably consider this low cost unit. Most netbooks have identical specs so I look at netbooks like buying wine; its just a matter of taste and preference.

        1. Just bought one from WalMart a few days ago. Love it…first netbook and it’s perfect for what I want to use it for (travel surfing, email, video chat to family) Which leads me to one big problem I hope someone can help me with… Gmail video chat…terrible quality on this netbook and I’m not sure how to fix it. Any thoughts?

          1. If I recall the device has 0.3 megapixel webcam designed to optimize in low light. My Acer D250 has the same camera and I find myself having to use a lot of natural light to help with the quality. You can also tweak the settings a little as well.

          2. Thanks for your comments lccurtis1! Hate to ask you further…my daughter (that I was trying to video chat with) says that the picture looks fine, it is just the sound that is all choppy, garbled, and just basically unintelligible. You think the audio settings need tweaked, and if so, where/how do I do that? 🙂

          3. Its possible, they may need tweaked or you may have to download the latest drivers I believe all the hardware is the same as the Acer Aspire D250(97% sure) so you can go to this website and download the latest drivers for your audio just make sure you check your device manager prior to updating your driver. also you can (right) click on the speaker at the bottom right of your screen and go through the options listed. https://support.acer.com/

  23. This actually doesn’t have anything to do with the story…(BTW thanks for the linkage). I was wondering if you thought it would ever be possible for me to sell my blog and write for liliputing? I want to start doing how-to’s and upgrades like swapping out my SATA for a SSD and would rather do all that work on a bigger platform. I realize a blog comment isn’t the way to propose these kinds of things, but I know you read them and wanted to put it out there.

      1. If someone offered me $3,500 for the site I’d walk away from it right now. I guess after the months I’ve been writing there I’m not under the assumption that I have to sell it for millions.

        1. I know the feeling well.

          Did a similar report on my own site,
          was thrilled to learn I was making $0.47USD a day.

          Move over B.G. here I come! 😉

          1. Chance the How to Geek website had a posting for a part time tech writer. The site specialize in how to tutorials and sounds like something you may be interested in. Here’s the link you may have to search through there articles from a few days ago. https://www.howtogeek.com/

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