Chinese PC maker Chuwi’s latest computer is a 2-in-1 tablet with an 11.6 inch full HD display, a built-in, U-shaped kickstand, an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor, and 8GB of RAM.

It’s called the Chuwi Ubook and it goes up for pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign set to begin on January 31st.

There are two things that stand out about the Ubook: the starting price will be less than $400… at least during the crowdfunding campaign. And while the entry-level model will have a 128GB SSD, Chuwi will also offer a higher-priced model with a 1TB SSD.

That makes the Chuwi Ubook one of the only budget Windows tablets that will be available with that much solid-state storage.

That said, this is still very much a budget device: it may have an Intel Core processor rather than a lower-performance Celeron or Pentium Chip, but the Ubook will ship with a Core m3 processor that’s two generations and more than three years old.

Still, with a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and at least 128GB of storage, you could probably do worse for $400.

The tablet also has a micro HDMI port, a headset jack, a USB Type-C port, two USB Type-A ports, stereo speakers, and a microSD card reader. It’s powered by a 30.4 Wh battery.

The detachable keyboard features backlit keys and a spill-resistant coating.

Update: The pen and keyboard are included in the price… And speaking of the price, the entry level model will sell for around $400, but early backers of the Kickstarter campaign with be able to save $50.

Meanwhile, if you want to opt for the 1TB model, you can expect to pay a premium. It’s expected to cost several hundred dollars more than the 128GB version of the tablet.

Update 2: The crowdfunding campaign for the tablet is now live.

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25 replies on “Chuwi Ubook 2-in-1 tablet coming soon for $400 and up (with up to 1TB SSD)”

  1. I was scared that I would have to pay for the Pen and Keyboard separately as some companies not sell such included. But knowing I will get all the accessories included has made the choice to buy this a lot easier. For $400 it is definitely on my to-buy list.I have checked Amazon and ebay for something of similar specs but usually the pen and keyboard are not included and the price is just a lot higher. So here i am patiently waiting for this to come on sale.

  2. I just want something that works, no issues, no problems, no crashes down the line just simply works. And, to do that there must be a decent processor, decent about of ram and good battery life. This promises to have those and gives me the option of decent storage. The Intel M3-6Y30 processor is power efficient in the mobile scape from past experiences. Don’t think I will be using the keyboard though as I am more of a Pen person.

  3. I think I just found the tablet to get to my girls that won’t make me broke overnight… lol. The specs are very nice for the price point which I am sure you can imagine is the keep issue for me. After all I have 4 near-teen girls and I can’t share the tv enough without breaking up fights. The launch is just around the corner so I guess I can wait

  4. I want to get a Microsoft Surface Pro, but that’s just way out side of my price range at the moment so been looking for something within my $350-$500 range. So, this is looking very nice to me especially the 1Tb version. Plus, just thinking that a small company like this keeps moving forward making decent products, makes me want to see more from them. After all they are satisfying the midrange price bracket very well

  5. Usually, when you see a tablet like this, you will think, GREAT, now where did they cheap out on the cost. But I was really surprised to see an 8GB LPDDR3 Ram and the Intel m3 processor. Not so much concerned for the storage as I run a home media server, could just get the 1TB variant if needed. But Watching Netflix on this should be sweet. Plus, it should be decent enough to do minor workloads on the go. Not sure about the rest of you but I am willing to give this a try.

  6. 400 bucks in my hand now, looking for a reliable budget laptop or 2-in-1 tablet, any recommendation?

    I posted for this several days ago. Thank you guys so much for giving me advices. I was almost about to order that F7 Plus from Teclast…


    Today CHUWI just drop a bomb on Kickstarter… A 2-in-1 windows tablet called Ubook, with Core M processor, 8GB ram, and 128GB solid state drive, at the price tag of only $349.99(only for the top500 tho)! They finally get rid of the 4GB ram and crappy eMMC storage and released a device that has almost everything I want at this price. Plus, the storage can be expanded to 1 terabyte, which can be very useful for me to put all my CAD drawing and psd files in it.

    So, guys, what should I do? Buy the F7 Plus right now, or wait for another month to get the Ubook from Kickstarter??

  7. I’m typing this comment on a Chewy Hi13, a budget Windows 10 tablet with a 13.5-inch 3000 by 2000 IPS display. Great display, but marginal memory (4GB), marginal storage (64GB), a sluggish processor (i5), and dismal battery life–about 2.5 hours of reading. I have literally taped a 96 watt-hour external battery to its back panel so I can eke out 5 hours between charges. My next large Windows tablet will likely be a used ThinkPad X1 Gen. 2 (not 3) tablet with modular snap-on battery pack or a new Voyo VBook with 8GB of RAM, a 128G SSD, and a 12.6-inch 3K IPS display.

    1. The Voyo seems like an interesting, may I say odd choice after trying the Chuwi. Do you see it as a stronger Chinese brand with better quality? Either way, good luck with it!

      1. I don’t know anything about Voyo. But i want a Windows tablet with a lot of glass and a lot of resolution. I suppose I should give the regular Surface a look. But I’m cheap. I’ll keep the Chuwi until it dies. I’d switch back to Android if my browser of choice–Firefox–would let me display the bookmarks bar in the Android version.

    2. yeah the battery worries me too.. only 30wh…. this is not going to last more that 3-4 hours, what’s more Chinese manufacturers often do not add overcharge protection so batteries tend to die very early… this happened with my GPD pocket 1…

    1. In what sense do you find the N5000 better than the Core M? The latter is at least supposed to be better in single core performance – which is a common scenario for most potential buyers.

    2. Teclast F5 and EZBook X1 already are on the market, albeit with N4100 and without full-sized ports.

  8. Wow I have been looking for a 11.6 tablet to watch videos on it. I have several surface tablets and ipads but the ratio isn’t good for videos, that’s why I still use either a surface 2 or a macbook air 11.6, but this is the perfect youtube/netflix/tv machine!
    Having said that wish they offered a 16GB RAM option so that this could become a good all around PC rather than a 1TB SSD which is overkilll for many…

    1. PS I have been looking around the internet for feedback about Chuwi and people report pretty bad experience like batteries dead after a few months, ports that stop working. Too bad. I guess it’s better to be careful or hope for the best….

  9. Based on articles here and lots of their stuff on Amazon over the years (often with poor reviews), I always thought Chuwi was a big deal (in China). They seem to sell worldwide, apparently in business for over a decade and yet… no Wikipedia article. Very little 3rd-party information on the company, number of employees…

    I started to do a brief lookup because it surprised me that a company that I thought was fairly large and entrenched would open up a kickstarter campaign. There’s a blurb on them in Quora but it sounds like a marketing effort. This doesn’t mean I don’t trust them to deliver a product (they’ve proven they’re capable of that) but very surprised that, in this day and age, a company making splash after splash (albeit with generally poor products) can be so invisible.

    1. Even companies as big as Asus have run Kickstarter campaigns. It’s just another sort of marketplace.

      1. I completely agree, JohnW. I’d love to see big companies try to get really innovative and/or experiment for niche audiences via Kickstarter. Too few do. I’d gladly support, for example, a 7″ phone with a 16:10 aspect ratio and security updates for X years… from a company with a good track record.

        It’s just that Chuwi has developed a really bad reputation for quality (based on the various product searches I’ve done over the last few years). They are perhaps slightly better than the RCA tablet/laptop hybrids Walmart carries.

        Now Chuwi is on kickstarter promising a new device and I was curious if something about the company had changed. When I went to look them up… zilch. There was nothing useful I could find.

        It’s disconcerting to me that if I were to buy their wares, they would know more about me in a few days (tracking, data-harvesting: like everyone else) than I have been able to find about them from an objective source. As a consumer, this rubs me the wrong way: especially in the age of unethical corporate behavior.

        1. But since the company have brought products to the market before it should be noted that it’s not a ghost company like some I have come across and seem to be improving on their offerings

    2. Wikipedia is block in China so what’s the point of having a wiki page for them. I own several Chuwi and Teclast tablets over the year. They are good for what you get. The main issue with Chinese tablet in over the year always has been software because there’s almost zero updates after launch. Shouldn’t be an issue with Windows 10 tho.

    3. George, I am aware of at least two previous Kickstarter campaigns by Chuwi. They generate a lot of buzz and presell computers.

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