Companies including Dropbox, Box, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have been offering users anywhere from 2GB to 25GB of free cloud storage for the past few years. You can use that space to store your music, movies, documents, or other files and access them on any PC or mobile device — and if you happen to need more storage space, most of those companies are happy to offer it… for a price.

But a group of Chinese companies are taking things to a new level, offering from 1TB to 10TB of free space. That’s not a typo — we’re talking about terabytes, not gigabytes.

tencent 10tb

Search giant Baidu is offering users 1TB of cloud storage, as is Qihoo 360. Meanwhile, Tencent is offering a whopping 10 terabytes.

Users only get 1TB when they sign up for Tencent, but as you start to approach the limit, the company promises to incrementally increase your storage space until you go all the way up to 10TB… if you ever get all the way up to 10TB.

I don’t know about you, but all the hard drives in my house don’t even come close to adding up to 10TB, so it’d take me a while to find that many files I’d want to store online.

While Tencent isn’t exactly a household name in the West, the company offers a range of internet services including an internet portal site, web games, social networking, and chat software. It’s kind of a big deal in China.

Whether you want to trust your data to the site… or if you can even navigate the company’s website or mobile apps without speaking Chinese is another question.

via TNW

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33 replies on “Chinese companies offer up to 10TB of free cloud storage, laugh at Dropbox, Google Drive”

  1. Why worry about privacy? if you are needing to store terabytes of data it’s most likely copyrighted content you got from torrents or download sites. Most hypocrites here won’t admit that but anyway.

  2. This is just another marketing hype, and it will fail completely for two reasons:

    (1) Nobody cares about 10TB as nobody can possibly upload 10TB of data – it would take probably many years to upload 10TB of data using a regular ADSL / Cable Modem connection.

    (2) The company is based in China. Whether you trust it is one problem, but the upload / download speed will be a nightmare.

    I work for DriveHQ based in Silicon Valley. DriveHQ is the first Cloud IT Solution Provider. It offers enterprise cloud IT service, which includes many more business features than just cloud storage. For business cloud storage services, many tech editors failed to mention two very important facts: (1) Enterprise features; (2) Enterprise service pricing vs. consumer service pricing.

    It is surprising as many keen tech editors have ignored the fact that the user license price is the main cost instead of the storage cost. Most cloud storage providers charge a much higher price for business than for consumers. For example, Google Drive’s storage price for business is twice more expensive than the consumer service price. Moreover, Google Charges $50-100/user/year. Compared with the user license cost, the storage price is really nothing. Dropbox for business is even more expensive at $125/user/year. The user license price is ludicrous, esp. when you compare with DriveHQ’s price of only $6/user/year! For a detailed price comparison, please visit:

  3. you ppl worry too much about nothing. KGB, CIA, Chinese not Chinese – all governments act the same way. Nowadays you cannot trust the guy who looks at you in the mirror when you go to take sh!t or give in the morning. Hush, hush…..

  4. China is more reliable than USA have no history of interception in your privacy.

  5. I got my 10 TB. Google translate and a lil bit of IQ rules! Was excited, for 20 sec. Then I tried to upload a one 5GB file – a movie, not even porn 😉
    And guess what… couldn’t upload anything bigger than 300MB.
    Tried something small to check the speed of transfer, a picture, 34KB. 3 minutes and it was still uploading…
    I got 30Mb down and 1.5 Mb up.
    Looks good on a paper or a screen – I still got a screenshot of the capacity 😀 but in effect useless.

  6. hi! IS it possible to use ftp protocol or webdav in baidu, tencent, or qihoo 360 if is ok how can i do ( the adress )
    thabnk you for you help

  7. If Americans think they can’t trust the NSA, they should try China.
    Like a saying goes, “you never know how blessed you are until your neighbors tell you their own travail”

  8. I would trust ’em with my media…why not?
    If they want to listen to my copy of “Workingman’s Dead” hell I say let ’em!

    Nothing else though.

  9. My usage of cloud resources are limited to small amounts of data that I feel I would need with me on the go. Internet access speeds are not fast enough for me to entrust more than 10GB to the cloud at any given moment.

  10. you ever wonder why they want you to store all your personal stuff on their storage facilities?….just a question?

      1. someone got me some stuff, and stuff matters!…Language is a funny way to communicate…

  11. only 10tb…my local storage in my house is at 24TB…with only 0.75 left free eeek….

    Ok USA and UK and NATO….NO NO NO and NO again….short term cost savings but BAD SECURITY !!!

    1. You speak about bitcoin account stolen on google securized services ? Or thousands of accounts closed without any chance to get it back like on Megaupload ?

  12. I’ll take my chances with the NSA. At least I can go through the courts and make a stink in the media. In China, you may never hear from me again.

    1. is it your data or you that goes to China ??? US secret service destroyed hard drives at the guardian in the uk because of prism stolen hard drive from megaupload in New Zealand, and there as lot of things like that in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, coming from US SS. China, never done this in Europe for very controversial subject spoke (false or true) in western media about China…

      1. Don’t underestimate the reach of China. They are responsible for the hacking of western web sites. They have agents all over the world and can get you and your family where you live. They have gone after people for reasons a lot less critical than what it takes for the US govt to go after Americans.

        1. Cables say that was an habit for US for long time, probably before China (code name GENIE after Washingtonpost), at least since 2011. So after US invaded China in XIX century, pay lot of money for China destabilisation, that’s not a surprise they try to defend themselves.

          China has probably agents in most countries, like… any countries, but they don’t kill oversea, like US actually does a lot. Beside I would just suggest you that kill a guy in a foreign country just because he act against US invasion is the most critical thing I can imagine.

          Do you know that US kills lot of people using chemical mass destruction weapons (“phosphore bombs”, “agent orange” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, (+ napalm) Vietnam), and long time civilian killing, “cluster munitions” and “depleted uranium weapons” (in the same countries) ?

          1. It appears you are not a US citizen. My view is that of an American answering the question of where I would feel most comfortable domiciling my personal data.

            I really sympathize with non-Americans the US has targeted whether intentionally or as collateral damage in the pursuit of its global policy. But the US is a democracy, and if we don’t like what’s going on, a majority of us vote out who we don’t like, and have a peaceful transition of government.

            This is not the case in many countries, and certainly not in China, Russia, and many other places around the world, including the countries you mention, who kill their own citizens at a rate unimaginable in the US.

            The US is far from perfect, and as a citizen, I am doing my best to make it better. Perhaps the best indicator of which country is doing the best job is which country has the most in-migration. People choose where to live with their feet, and I don’t see long lines trying to get into the countries you mention.

            Another indicator is the annual list of most corrupt countries, published by Transparency International, a respected organization. The least corrupt ones are usually Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and the like. But these countries are too small to be a cop. Again, several of the countries you mention are towards or at the bottom of your list..

          2. I’m an european citizen, so I know what democracy in Europe (except suitzeland and Iceland that are true democracies) and US is. Only an artificial two parties election. They all does the same are full corrupted and work with the same industry mafia. That’s called an oligarchy not a democracy. False debats at TV that the same people own, is not a proof of democracy. I already gone to China several time, and I didn’t noticed worst situation than in our countries. Far less homeless, and today if people strike, they can close some industrial projects, no more the case in Europe or US. Try it you will want to try it a second time. The fact that the US gvt kill lot of people around the world and you don’t care about, but you care only your propre country people is already a problem, perhaps US citizen are not humans, or the others ?

            People from colonized and then ruined contries come to your home where all the money from their ressources come to eat, what a good proof of fine interest !! Europe like US colonized lot of countries and the situation is about the same. Now, Africa is happy to meet chinese that give money, help to build infrastructure and ask for reward, only when the countries will be in better state. Instead, europe and us come with weapons thief most of ressources, flood local markets with unsold food and destroy local economies, That’s the great « Democracy » ! So now that there is no more economy peoples goes where there is money to help their families, at their thief countries…

            There are lot of people that actually leave US-invaded countries, like Iraq or Afghanistan and go to … Pakistan, Syria, Iran, or China as refugees, far lot more than US (look at UNO UNHCR states), Pakistan (near ten times the US), Iran (4 times the US) and Syria (4 times the US) are the top hosting countries, Now US and France want to bomb Syria, people want to go to another destination, probably more in China and Iran. So that’s probably better to leave there than in US…

          3. I didn’t see, but most refugees in China comes from the …. US invasion of Vietnam. they seems to be well integrated in China.

            For the UN stats (that is not one of the numerous CIA backed “humanitarian organisation” (via “National Endowment for Democracy”), that never criticize Europe or US, but only poorest countries, most if they have lot of natural resources), the pdf about general stats of UNHCR :

  13. Store my data with the Chinese? Are you kidding? That is exactly what they want us to do.

    1. China is more reliable than USA they have no history of interception in your privacy while US govt not trust even its own citizens

      1. In a world where the National Security Agency allegedly monitored the phones of several world leaders and broke into data centers of Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO), it is easy to forget the more mundane ways consumer privacy is at risk.Like via your iron or kettle.

        According to a report on state-owned TV in Russia (via the BBC), ensuring crisp creases has apparently become a new way for cyber criminals to attack computers. Some irons imported from China allegedly showed evidence of including wireless spy chips that could connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks and spread viruses. And tech blog The Register notes that reportedly chips were also found in kettles.

        BEIJING — For almost two years, hackers based in Shanghai went after one foreign defense contractor after another, at least 20 in all. Their target, according to an American cybersecurity company that monitored the attacks, was the technology behind the United States’ clear lead in military drones.

        “I believe this is the largest campaign we’ve seen that has been focused on drone technology,” said Darien Kindlund, manager of threat intelligence at the company, FireEye, based in California. “It seems to align pretty well with the focus of the Chinese government to build up their own drone technology capabilities.”

    1. That’s the exact reason why i came here, 800+ Gb of Lost in Full HD is kinda large for my last 150Gbs XD

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