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How to sideload apps on the NOOK Tablet (Amazon Appstore, GO Launcher EX)

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet ships with a couple of great apps pre-loaded including Pandora, Netflix, a decent email app, and an excellent eBook reader. There’s also an app section of the B&N Shop where you can browse for additional apps for the tablet — but the selection is pretty limited. Fortunately it’s pretty […]

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A possible fix for HP TouchPad Android “sleep of death” problem

It’s been almost a month since the CyanogenMod team released a public build of Google Android for the HP TouchPad tablet. And while  a second alpha was released a few weeks ago to fix some bugs, Android on the TouchPad is still a work in progress. One of the biggest problems is the so-called “sleep […]

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HP TouchPad Android fix for missing apps in the Android Market

Now that the CyanogenMod team has released the first public build of Google Android for the HP TouchPad tablet you might think the developers would be sitting back and relaxing. They’re not. They’re continuing to squash bugs and improve features. While the version of Android which was released yesterday allows you to install the Google […]

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How to install Google Android on the HP TouchPad (with CyanogenMod7)

The CyanogenMod team has released the first public build of Google Android for the HP TouchPad tablet. Right now the software is still in the alpha phase, which means that not everything works as it should. There are still bugs with the Bluetooth, camera, and other functions, for instance. But for the most part, the […]

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Google Cr-48 Chromebook can run Windows 8… with a little tweaking

The Google Cr-48 is the first notebook that was designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system. It never actually went on sale in the US, but Google distributed thousands of the laptops starting late last year as part of a pilot project before Samsung and Acer brought commercial Chromebooks to market in 2011. While the […]

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How to enable Windows 8 Metro style apps on an older netbook

Update: The guide below was written for Windows 8 Developer Preview and will not work with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview released on February 29th, 2012. But you can still enable Metro style apps on Windows 8 Consumer Preview — you just need to download a graphics driver that lets you adjust your screen resolution […]

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How to install nearly any Linux distro using a USB flash drive and UNetbootin

Some operating systems can be a pain in the rear to install if you don’t happen to have an optical disc drive for your computer. But if you’re trying to install most Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Mandriva, it’s actually pretty easy to load the operating system on most modern computers using […]

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DIY Eee PC BIOS Resurrection

Most of the time when someone says they’re trying to update or downgrade the BIOS on their computer, they simply mean they want to change the software running on the BIOS. But sometimes that’s not so easy to do without physically modifying the BIOS chips — and that’s exactly what Eee User forum member naviathan […]