Classmate PC gets the Atom treatment

If you thought it was just consumer-oriented computers like the Eee PC, MSI Wind and ECS G10IL that were getting the new Intel Atom processor, think again. CNET Asia found a Classmate PC hanging out that the Intel Atom booth at Computex. The Classmate PC is built using an Intel reference design, and is basically […]

Inventec V10 Netbook to retail for just $230

It looks like we’re finally getting closer to the mythical $200 ultraportable laptop. Inventec is preparing to launch the $230 Inventec V10, which won’t win any performance awards, but might win a few blue ribbons for price. 10.1 inch display (no resolution specified) 1GHz VIA C3 CPU 128MB RAM 20GB HDD Ethernet (but no mention […]

Eee PC 900 available for preorder at Amazon

Asus is set to release the Eee PC 900 in the US tomorrow. But if you can’t wait to get your order in, Amazon has launched pre-order pages for both the Linux and Windows XP models. The Windows model sports 12GB of flash memory while the Linux version has 20GB. Otherwise, the two machines are […]