Loongson launches 3A5000 processor, the first with LoongArch architecture

Chinese chip maker Loongson has been making processors based on MIPS architecture for more than a decade, but earlier this year the company announced plans to begin producing chips using its own LoongArch instruction set architecture (ISA). Now the first LoongArch chip has arrived. The Loongson 3A5000 is a 64-bit, quad-core chip with support for […]

Playdate pre-orders begin July 29th, ships in late 2021 (handheld gaming with a hand-crank)

It’s 2021 and some handheld gaming devices have OLED displays. Others are basically full-fledged PCs running Windows or Linux. And others… have a black and white display and a hand crank. The Playdate is an unusual gaming device first unveiled in 2019, and finally going up for pre-order July 29th, 2021 at 10:00AM Pacific (1:00PM […]

Review roundup: Framework’s modular, upgradeable, repairable laptop

Laptop computers have gotten thinner, lighter, and more powerful over the years. They’ve also gotten harder to upgrade or repair, as most PC makers have sacrificed user-accessible components to get those thin and light designs. The Framework Laptop is something different. It’s reasonably compact for a notebook with a 13.5 inch display, but it’s designed to […]

Intel Beast Canyon NUC available for pre-order with up to Core i9-11900KB

Intel’s Beast Canyon NUC is the latest in the company’s line of compact desktop computers designed for gaming or workstation-class computing. With an 8L chassis, it’s larger than most other members of the Intel NUC lineup, but it’s smaller than most gaming desktops – and it’s also the first Intel NUC to support full-length graphics cards. […]

ARM’s PlasticARM is a flexible microprocessor made from plastic rather than silicon

Most microprocessors are made using silicon. And most are rigid, which means that if you want to put them in flexible devices like folding phones or wearables, they’ll need to be placed in a section that doesn’t bend. ARM has just unveiled a new PlasticARM chip that bucks both trends. It’s a natively flexible processor made […]