Asus Eee Box gets dissected

Asus is preparing to ship the desktop version of the Eee PC in July. AnandTech got a chance to check out a prototype Eee Box (formerly rumored to be known as the EBOX), and like any good tech site, one of the first things they did was dissect the unit and take a look at […]

Acer Aspire One images hit the web

Now that you know what Dell’s low-cost mini-laptop looks like, say hello to Acer’s entry, which will reportedly be called the Acer Aspire One. A couple of allegedly leaked photos of this laptop are making the rounds. And 3fire reports that the computer will feature: CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Atom RAM: 512MB RAM Storage: 4GB SSD […]

Dell releases press photos of its mini laptop

Dell still hasn’t released any details about it’s upcoming mini laptop. We don’t know how much it will cost, what OS it will run, what kind of processor it will use, or what the screen resolution will be. We don’t even know if it will be available in the US and Europe. But shortly after […]

First pictures of the upcoming Dell mini-laptop

Gizmodo’s Brian Lam managed to convince Michael Dell to let him snap a few photos of a prototype mini-laptop. We’ve known for a while that Dell plans to launch an Eee PC/HP Mini-Note competitor. But there’s been no real word on what the PC would look like, what kind of specs it would have, how […]

Meet Jisus’ younger brother: Van Der Led’s Jisus 2

The 299 Euro Jisus laptop from Van Der Led has only been available for a few days, and already the company has introduced its successor: the Jisus 2. Like the original Jisus, the new computer is a low-cost ultraportable. But it replaces the 1GHz Loongson CPU with a 1.6GHZ VIA C7 chip, packs a larger […]

Red Fox Wizbook800: Underpowered Eee PC competitor

You’ll notice this headline says the Wizbook800 is an Eee PC competitor, not a killer. That’s because this little computer from Red Fox Technologies may come in a small, lightweight case and feature a nice roomy(ish) 20Gb hard drive. But it packs a sluggish AMD LX700 400MHz which is going to have a tough time […]