Red Fox Wizbook800: Underpowered Eee PC competitor

You’ll notice this headline says the Wizbook800 is an Eee PC competitor, not a killer. That’s because this little computer from Red Fox Technologies may come in a small, lightweight case and feature a nice roomy(ish) 20Gb hard drive. But it packs a sluggish AMD LX700 400MHz which is going to have a tough time […]

Putting the MSI Wind through the paces

MSI Wind.Net forum member Doody has managed to get his hands on a MSI Wind prototype, and he’s been testing it out and running benchmarks for a few days. One of the main advantages the Wind has over current Netbooks like the Asus Eee PC and HP Mini-Note is the power-saving Intel Atom processor. So […]

VIA OpenBook reference design: Meet the new nanobook

Chip maker VIA has introduced the new OpenBook reference design for low cost, light weight ultraportable laptops. The company’s earlier Nanobook reference design was the basis for a number of ultraportables, the most recognizable probably being the Everex Cloudbook. So it’s not that surprising to see that the previously announced Cloudbook Max (due out in […]

Rumor: Asus to launch EBOX, the Eee PC desktop

Word on the street, (and by Street, I mean The Inquirer) is that Asus is set to officially unveil its first desktop computer to get the Eee PC-branding treatment at Computex next week. The new PC will reportedly be called the EBOX, and like it’s Eee PC laptop cousins, it will be rather tiny. Like, […]

EMTEC EM-PC launch delayed, price denied

Remember how I told you the EMTEC gdium EM-PC would be available in Australia this July for $449 AUD? Yeah, apparently EMTEC isn’t so sure about that. The company tells Australian tech news site Current that the low-cost ultraportable laptop will be available in September, not July. It’s also possible that the $449 price tag […]

Ubuntu Netbook Remix coming soon

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth says next week the company will be announcing a custom version of its popular Ubuntu Linux distribution for low-cost ultraportable, also known as Netbooks. All we know at this point is that it will be known as the Netbook Remix and it will be optimized for computers like the Eee PC, […]

Walmart drops Cloudbook price to $349

Walmart has dropped the price of the Everex Cloudbook CE1200V to $349. The laptop was $399 at launch, and according to the product page, Walmart was most recently selling the computer for $388. Does the new price point have anything to do with the news that Everex is selling a Cloudbook with Windows XP in […]