Medion Akoya Mini: A Mini-Note killer?

Medion is the latest company to announces a low-cost ultraportable that will take on the Eee PC. But looking at the Medion Akoya Mini‘s sleek casing, it’s hard not to compare this computer with the more professional looking HP Mini-Note. The computer will feature a 10 inch screen, an Intel Atom CPU running at 1.6 […]

Dell releases more details about low-cost subnotebook (I think)

A few weeks ago, Dell CEO Michael Dell indicated that the company would be entering the low-cost ultraportable market sometime soonish. But there weren’t many details available regarding the actual device Dell would be putting out. That hasn’t really changed today. There still aren’t many details. But there may be a few. Dell has announced […]

What does the future hold for the HP Mini-Note?

Right now you can pick up an HP Mini-Note in one of 5 configurations. But pretty soon the company will let you mix and match components. Want a 4GB SSD and 2GB of RAM, or a 120GB hard drive and 512MB of RAM? Well, then you’re probably a bit crazy, but you’ll be able to […]

Today’s ultraportables are killing yesterday’s ultraportables

The San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article looking at the OQO and how this handheld computer is faring against ultraportables like the Eee PC. When the OQO first hit the market, there wasn’t really anything like it. The computer is barely bigger than a PDA, but it packs a full version of Windows XP […]

Asus considers battery upgrades for early adopters

Being an early adopter is tough. On the one hand, you get cool new gadgets before anyone else. On the other hand, you also get them before the bugs are worked out and sometimes before you even really know what you’re getting. When customers lined up in Hong Kong to pick up the new Eee […]

Report: Windows XP runs (almost) perfectly on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

Good news for anyone who was planning on buying a Linux version of the HP 2133 Mini-Note and installing their own operating system instead of paying a few extra bucks to get a Windows Vista version. Notebook Review forum member jckaylis says he was able to install Windows XP and almost everything worked right away. […]