Poll results: Which features are most important to you?

A few weeks ago I decided to start running the occasional poll on this site. I completely forgot to save the results of the first poll, which asked which upcoming low-cost ultraportable you were most interested in. If memory serves, the top answers were the MSI Wind and the Asus Eee PC 901. Both of […]

FIC CW0A1: Another generic liliputer coming tomorrow?

Contract PC maker FIC will be introducing a subnotebook at Computex that looks a lot like a VIA Nanobook or OpenBook, but which will sport an Intel Atom CPU. Odds are you won’t see this computer hitting store shelves with the FIC name anytime soon. FIC makes computers which are then sold by major computer […]

Gigabyte M912 low-cost tablet PC

It looks like Gigabyte is getting ready to launch its first low-cost ultraportable. And the company is setting itself apart from the crowd by making its entry into the field a tablet PC. Engadget got a little hands-on time with the Gigabyte M912 this morning. And we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of the […]

Elonex to launch 4 new notebooks at Computex

Low cost laptop maker Elonex is preparing to introduce 4 new laptops at Computex. The Elonex One is already available in the UK for £99 or just about $200. There’s not a ton of information about the new Elonex notebooks, but UMPC Portal found some nice pictures on the Computex new products page. They’ll apparently […]

Asus Eee Box specs revealed

It looks like Hot Hardware got their hands on the official specs for the Eee PC-branded desktop. The Eee Box B202 shares many features with the upcoming Eee PC 901 laptop, like 802.11n and Bluetooth, but the Eee Box comes in desktop form, which allows the company to give the computer more storage space and […]